Demi Lovato – Confident


Demi Lovato – Confident 

So she is a big fan, or she thinks Demi is hot so she had to download the latest album. 

Together we listened to the album and this is what we think:

Track by Track:

  1. Confident – [She] I like the video – [He] It’s okay, nothing special, favorite bit is the intro.
  2. Cool for the Summer – [She] ‘I can’t help but think that it’s Demi saying “OK I had sex with Ruby Rose and I now have to make an excuse for what I did’ [He] Sounds like a slow Katy Perry song
  3. Old Ways [She] I think she is taking Colors from Halsey and Chandelier from Sia and mashing them together. [He] I Want to be Sia- or I want as many downloads as her!
  4. For You – [She] Gay Anthem – full blast at G.A.Y {He] It works the most off the album, it builds and grows to more of an them than anything else.
  5. Stone Cold – [She] The lyrics are just really, really easy and I expected more complexity from her. [He] It sounds like so many other album song, mostly from X factor winner winners.
  6. Kingdom Come – [She and He] More Chandelier
  7. Waiting for You – [She] Meh, it’s flat and it’s just really just too simple lyric wise. [He] *Sigh*
  8. Wildfire – [She] Its okay I guess… [He] Ditto.
  9. Lionheart – [She] To be honest this will be a song I skip at any given chance. [He] I won’t even hear it.
  10. Yes – [She] Demi has been listening to Nick Jonas’ recent album way too much so you can see the influences if I wanted that I would just listen to him. [Him] Now she said it I can hear it, I can also see her squinting and doing the constipated face!
  11. Father- [She] We did this last album!!!! [Him] Oh gosh its going to be a song about how her father left her and now wants her money.
  12. Stars [She] Its ok, again its sort of background sound. [He] Lets take ‘Shake it off’ Taylor Swift and ‘Chandelier’ Sia and give it to Pete Wentz to badly remix.
  13. Mr Hughes – [She] Meh I don’t have anything positive to say.. [He] Amy Winehouse is aliveeeeeee! (thats not a good thing)


[She] I honestly think that this is too rushed. The lyrics are too basic and the melodies are not put together as well as they could be. Im just disappointed to be honest.

[He] I like Demi but I’m yet to be enthralled by anything that she does, this just adds to the wrong side of the scale.

Star Review (Out 0f 5):

She: ***

He: **

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