Scream Tv Show

Scream The TV Series

20 Years after the film that exposed the way a horror film plays out, by pointing out and analyzing the standard plot line, MTV have returned to the idea and made a new TV series.

Scream the TV Show takes place 20 years after the serial killer Brendon James ravaged the small town of Lakewood. When the mean girl Nina (Bela Thorne) is murdered in the typical opening scene the scene is set for a series of bloody murders over the 10 episodes. Culminating in a big show down and reveal of the killer/killers.

Here is what did we think?

The cast of Scream the TV series

Her: [Spoiler Alert] I am so glad Bella Thorne died in the first show! There are so many questions. Like – Why isn’t Jake more under suspicion? Why didn’t anyone question that there were two people involved? Why did Audrey have a picture of Brendan? And why was her DNA found inside the mask they found in the hospital? Why is Bex so pretty? But all through the series we questioned whodunnit and after each episode another person was added to the ‘It could be them’ pile. So that is good writing and acting. So people should watch it, it was good and that’s my review!

Him: Having loved the original film, but no so much the sequels, I wasn’t so sure about a TV series and a TV horror series that didn’t sound too convincing either. But I was wrong, it was enticing from the start and had us talking about each show the moment it ended and of course cute people in their underwear( or corsets for her!) helped too. It kept us guessing right up to the end and now beyond. So we await the 2nd season filled with questions. So I guess that worked then! Oh just to ask, what was that under Kieran’s nose, it certainly wasn’t a mustache so what was it?

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