Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll [TV Series]


Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll is a 10 part TV series following the lives of Johnny Rock (Denis Leary) former lead singer of The Heathens when he discovers the existence of a daughter, Gigi (Elizabeth Gillies) and then follow them as they work on making her into the next big thing by reuniting the Heathens and reform as the Assassins.

The Heathens


So what did we think?

Him: I like Denis Leary, when he used to do Stand up his rants about people were always so true and in the first couple of episodes of the series he got to do just this, the rant about The Rolling Stones, versus The Beatles was pure magic. But as the show progressed these became less and less. The whole show became weaker through the middle of the series, growing stronger towards the end with more rants and more new ideas, parodies and and general piss takes of the music scene today. It needed more music too, it was meant to be about a band rehearsing and performing the first gigs, trying to make a name for themselves and become ‘the next big thing’, yet there wasn’t enough songs in full. I guess giving up 5 minutes to Liz Gillies singing in a 25minute show is a big ask but it worked so well when it was allowed to do just that. Overall it is well worth a watch and more Leary Rants and more new songs if there is to be a second series, please.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll – (l-r) John Corbett as Flash, Liz Gillies as Gigi, Denis Leary as Johnny, Robert Kelly as Bam Bam, Elaine Hendrix as Ava, John Ales as Rehab. CR. Danny Clinch

Her: Ok so I’m not sure I got most of the references or jokes, mostly from Johnny Rock. However it was amusing and he liked it. I was hoping that there would be more songs or performances and maybe a bit more of a story line to carry through.

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