Loafing Victoria Park

Occasionally we leave North/Central London and visit the East – well Victoria Park – and while there we frequent ‘The Village’, that strange and awfully posh enclave of bikes with boxes on the front filled with 10 year children too lazy to walk, organic shops that sell apples for £2.50 each and Hairdressers salons that looks more like a photography gallery, all alongside a Jewish Cemetery and a over-price pharmacy.  All nestled between the end of the park itself and the roundabout of Lauristun Rd.

But for all this, there is a little slice of coffee heaven, named Loafing. A petite corner shop turned into a bakery and café, with pleasant staff, eclectic furniture, lemon water on tap and a fine selection of sandwiches.

Whenever we are in the area we make a detour for the Focaccia with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil and either Goat’s Cheese or Mozzarella Toasties, along with Hot Chocolates and Mochas, all served with a smile from the pretty French girl, or  frown from the owner.

They also sell cakes and fresh bread which they cut up for your sandwiches, but the cakes are about £50 each!

So it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it is a welcome stop off if you happen to be in the are. So pop in have a snack and relax for a while.

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