My Christmas Present By Her from Him

The holidays are now over and we can reflect on all the good times that were had, the money we spent, the presents that we both gave and received and anything/everything else that the season meant to you.

Well in my house a lot of presents were given and a lot were received so why not take the opportunity to review some of those products?


This hoodie may just seem like any other hoodie to most people but, not to any Teen Wolf viewer (The MTV hit show). I have been watching Teen Wolf since it started in 2011 and am still watching it now. After years and years of trying to get Him to watch it and him finding reasons not to, there was a new character introduced Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) and I knew he would give it a go.

So within the show obviously everyone has different characters that they like, ships they ship and all that jazz.. You know how fandoms work.

Well my favorite is Stiles Stilinski as I think everyone knows and if they didn’t now they do 🙂 Because my present from Him was the characters Lacrosse Hoodie.

Complete with number and last name…

Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brian) playing Lacrosse

Ok so I think I’m rambling but as an actual product its awesome! It’s not at all gimmicky like so many fandom products are (badly made, slightly wrong or falling apart after one use). This is made of this soft, warm, WARM, warm cotton material which matches the team colors, incredibly comfy, breathable, soft and not bulky. You know I can’t actually think of anything wrong with it apart from not wanting to take it off its sooooo warrrmmmm!

It was such a well thought out gift! Thank you

Although I get a fair few comments like “But you don’t play lacrosse”. I can walk along knowing who watches the show from the looks on their face as they try and work out the name that will be on the back. I can now walk along and high five the girl I go past on my bike from time to time!  (She has the same one).

If you like the look of it, or want to be warm or just want to support your favorite characters, there is the whole range of the hoodies available on


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