Review – Blackstar by David Bowie


Just a few days before his death David Bowie released Blackstar his twenty-fifth album. Knowing he was terminally ill and with just a number of days left the album came out on his 69th birthday, being that He is a fan (as you probably gathered) we figured we would review the album, but we have given it a couple of weeks to let it sink in, to let the hype settle and time to get to know the album. Here is what we think…

1 Blackstar At 9:57
Her: It’s grating, his voice is off key, it’s flat and has no set melody, it seems like a student’s experimental piece.
Him:  This is a gloomy song that is honestly rather boring and at nearly 10 minutes long is just painful. A Drum and Bass/Jazz remix could be interesting, but the melancholy wailing is too hard to take for too long, it’s like one of those tracks that accompany an Avant-Garde dance performance where a single figure stands on a stage waving a finger for 20 minutes. No I can’t take it any longer…
2 ’Tis a Pity She Was a Whore 4:53
Her: Oh my god, another one. The, it, just, I don’t err I don’t know it’s just wrong. Normally I’d say something witty about the lyrics but I can’t understand what he’s saying.
Him: I don’t mind this so much, but the chorus is wrong for the rest of the song, it should be upbeat and funny.

3 Lazarus 6:22

Her:This is listenable, I can understand what he is saying and for me that is essential. It has a listenable, pleasing melody, which is the first track on the album to have one.
Him: First off in the video has anyone else seen the man under the bed? Or am I just seeing things? This is much more Bowie-esque, it’s still sombre and downcast but it builds up becoming more enjoyable, it is his swan song and it is cleverly written. If only the rest were up to this standard.

4 Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) 4:40

Her: Nope! It’s just the same as tracks 1 and 2
Him: And we are back to the whining again. The melody is upbeat and quicker but he is wailing again.
5 Girl Loves Me 4:52
Her: Playing misheard lyrics is the best part of this song.
Him: “Gina’s so sad, sound’s so tinny up malecheck say, malecheck say, Party up moose, vena set wound  on Tuesday, Veal dat dizzy snack, making all the armies mad, Thursday, Pop a blind to the holly in the holeback – Friday.  Where the fuck did Monday Go. I’m going to the Pink and Black show…” Well we can keep going with these great lyrics, We a l know that he wrote songs, then cut up the lyrics and rearranged them, but seriously what? It’s err, well, yeah it’s different isn’t it?
6 Dollar Days 4:45
Her: I like the intro – then it’s ruined.
Him: It’s good to start then it goes warped like a over played old cassette tape. His voice is strained and awkward. Another bad song.
7 I Can’t Give Everything Away 5:47
Her: One of the better tracks on the album, it sounds like the end credits of a film.
Him: Ahh classic Bowie! Well almost. Still with the whining but it sounds more like an album track from China Girl or something similar.
Overall –
Her: Ok I’m going to say this and I don’t mean it in a horrible way, There is a lack of oomph or strength in this album, it’s almost as if in knowing he was dying he figured he had a ‘get out of jail free’ card, because no one will say anything bad about it because he died.
Him: I get what She says and can agree, there are moments of the old brilliance, but not many. I like Lazarus and a couple others, but like most of his albums throughout his career, a lot of the tracks are total throw aways and I probably will delete them in time.
It’s not the great final curtain we would want from the Thin White Duke, but at least he got up and went out in full performance mode.

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