Review – Death of Bachelor – Panic at the Disco!


Panic at the Disco Brendon Urie is back with a new album – Death of a Bachelor. With no Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith or John Walker it’s all down to Mr. Urie to try to keep the P!ATD (Exclamation mark reinstated) boat afloat.

She was a MASSIVE Fan and He didn’t mind them, so here is what we think of the new delivery…

  1.  Victorious

Her: It’s catchy and it’s I can see how it will appeal to radio audiences and people who don’t know the band from years ago.

Him: Ooo It’s Victoria Justice, yay, Oh no! OK start with a big bang, or not in this case, it’s ‘alright’ well it’s Panic, or it’s old panic really and trying to regain the old magic, so nothing new really.

2.  Don’t threaten me with a good time

Her: It sounds like ‘These tables are labelled honey’. This sounds like Brendon has given up on trying to make P!ATD all electronic and mainstream pop, this sounds much more like the Panic! of old and that can’t be a bad thing.

Him: Still trying this old Panic vibe, nothing new still. This is more catchy than the last, but the unpredictable breaks are too predictable.

3.  Hallelujah

Her: Mhh! It doesn’t sound any different to so many other songs around at the moment and that’s the problem when Brendon tried to do his own sound, he just doesn’t have ‘his own sound’, he just does what other people do.

Him: What’s with the random sound clips? This one is a boxing match commentator. I don’t know it should be a singalong track but it’s just too ordinary.

4. Emperor’s new clothes  

Her: Sounds like Skrillex doing a remix. I prefer this to Hallelujah, but it’s just missing that special something.

Him: Oh this again, Brendan shouting and then stopping and then the marching beat vocals, too predictable.

5.  Death of a Bachelor

Her: I don’t like this one, I have to agree with Him it sounds too whinny and this is his attempt to be the next Sinatra

Him: No, no no. I’m not the biggest fan of Brendan Urie’s voice I always preferred Ryan’s and this is too much like a Matt Munro cover (who knows what I’m on about?) 

6.  Crazy = Genius

Her: I like this song, but mainly because it sounds like really old panic!

Him: This is the stand out track of the album, it’s the cleverest track by far and has the comic element so missing in all the rest. Bryan Wilson?

7.  L.A. Devotee

Her: Another good song for the charts, but if you’re an old panic fan then nothing to see here.

Him: This is like Death of a Bachelor but just faster, it’s too like he’s trying to tick the right boxes in order to get a hit record.

8.  Golden Days

Her: This song annoys me, it’s really bland and the only standout part is “She has Farah Fawcett hair’ and that’s really irritating too.

Him:  Hmm, more old panic, but that album track that no one ever remembers. 

9.  The good, the bad and the dirty

Her: The only reason to like this song is because it sounds like Fall out boy! and that’s not a good thing, because a good thing would be Pete Wentz guest featuring. Honestly it just sounds like My songs know what you did in the dark.

Him: Ooo it’s Fall out Boy! Oh no it’s still Brendon Urie, damn for a moment I thought it was going to be something. But no and more sound bites.

10.  House of memories

Her: Im not really sure what to say about this, I like the lyrics however the melody is lacking and its way to predictable. I said a little while ago Brendon Urie has a habit of doing the same spread in his songs.

Him: Its like someone has gone to the future and when all music has been deleted they have tried to redo original Panic! but not getting it quite right.

11.  Impossible Year

Her: Another boring Sinatra type song. He is trying to be more, I’m just not sure that he should be as cocky as he seems to be.

Him: When Sid Vicious sang My Way he sang it with a irony and hashed it up. Brendon seems to be trying to do something but its far too errrrrrrggggggkkkkkk!!!! Its cheesy but not in a good way.


Her: Well in some tracks it was nice to hear some of the Panic that I used to know. The last album save for two tracks was awful, Brendon seemed to have butchered the whole Panic Brand. However with two songs or so on this album its nice to see some of the roots the whole thing came from. My main complaint is why call yourself Panic anymore? Why not just release the album under you own name?

Him:  Overall I’m not going to be playing it again or even kept, save for maybe Crazy = Genius but if I hadn’t downloaded it I wouldn’t have missed it.

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