Legend UK DVD Release


With the release of Legend staring Tom Hardy, Emily Browning and Tom Hardy! on DVD this week we thought we would tell you what we thought about it.

The Movie follows the life of east end crime bosses Ronnie and Reggie Kray and gives a true depiction of the infamous twins throughout their reign.

Her: I had never heard of the Krays before, but I had heard of Tom hardy and it was the first of Hardy’s movies that He didn’t put up a big fuss about watching. I don’t know much of the backstory or about London in the 60’s, like the slang, but after a while I got the hang of it or I think I did anyway! From this film I can’t really tell why they were so, so evil, because they weren’t depicted as such, although there was some violence, it didn’t seem so undeserved. In the end I found myself liking Ronnie much more than Reg, because he was more concerned about Frances and seemed to ‘do’ more whereas Reg talked a lot more. With all the hype that followed the film’s release, they bragged about Ronnie’s sexuality and how open they were in revealing it, but in watching the film I found that it was still coy. the ‘boyfriends’ that were always with Ron, seemed less like his lovers and more like his minions. I think the CGI still screwed up on occasions and you could see the overlap of Hardy playing up against himself, but you could ignore that given his acting. He managed to look completely different in the two roles, including mannerisms and looks alike, I guess that is why they promoted it as a showcase for Hardy’s talents. Overall it was ok!

Tom Hardy (left), Tom Hardy (Right).

Him: Having grown up in a house where the Krays were more than  just a story and I can honestly link family ties to the notorious pair. I was skeptical that any depiction would be accurate in the telling of the events that got the men arrested and convicted to life in prison. Unlike the 1989 film (The Krays) Starring the Kemp brothers, this version was more like the stories that I had been told. I am not a big fan of Tom Hardy but almost immediately upon seeing the differences between Ron and Reg, I forgot that It was him and I could understand what they were saying (Unlike her) He wasn’t doing the gravelly Bane voice. The script and the ‘patter’ was accurate, in keeping with the east end of the 60’s. The real love story between Frances Shea and Reggie is portrayed well, the sexual tension in the first meeting of the pair sharing a sherbet sweet was one of the highlights of the film. I don’t know how accurate Ronnie’s openness about his sexuality was but it was always known that he was ‘gay’ however in the film he is blatant in admitting it (which I’m unsure about as it was still not something talked about in the 60’s) Overall it explained a lot and gave an insight to the pair which the media had tried for so long to put down and make them seem pure evil when they were just a pair of gentlemen as well as tyrannical gangsters.

8.5/10 (for both of us)boulder-clipart-toonvectors-81325-140

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