Review – Rachel Platten – Wildfire

A few months back Taylor Swift posted a list of new music suggestions and on it was one name neither of us knew. Rachel Platten had an EP and we downloaded it and liked it – a lot. So when the knew album came out we had to get it. Here is what we think…

Stand By You

Her: This is a strong song, Its also catchy however for some reason we just didn’t write anything about it.

Him: Some how when we first reviewed this we missed it. I think because we started listening to this song which grows and grows to this big number that we sat and just appreciated it without writing anything. This makes for a good start.

Hey Hey Hallelujah (feat. Andy Grammer)

Her: This just sounds like Joss Stone and there is a weird guy at the end that doesn’t need to be there.

Him: This isn’t her sound, this is the record company making her add more commercial tunes and though she doesn’t sound bad it’s not what people will buy the album for.


Her: The club track that every new album has to have these days. It’s not bad, it’s just ordinary, but it’ll be the commercial sound that will get her into the charts. But it gets stronger at the end.

Him: It’s clearly an attempt to get a movie soundtrack deal, it’s the song at the end of a film you half listen to as the credits role and you put on your coat to leave and end up humming on the bus home.

Beating Me Up

Her: I like this song, this is a little more the sounds we first knew from her, but that’s because it was on the EP!

Him: Oh is this a Demi Lovato cover? But it’s still a stronger track then those that came before.

Fight Song

Her: I heard this once or twice and that was it the song was stuck in my head for weeks. It’s a real Gung-ho, Oomphy song!

Him: The song of the album, Really catchy and a real sing-a-long power anthem.

Better Place

Her: It’s too namby-pamby, too teeny bopper and will definitely be a montage track on The Vampire Diaries

Him: It’s a little too childish and again a soundtrack tune. But it’s ok.

7  Lone Ranger

Her: By the time the song comes round I’m usually thinking this album would be good for a girl’s road trip, I quite like the lyrics, especially the 2nd verse which resonated with me.

Him: Shakirrrrrrraaaaaaa! 

You Don’t Know My Heart

Her: It’s a let down, it doesn’t build like some of the other tracks, it just stay on an ok, never becoming showing its full potential.

Him: This is the forgetful track on the album.

9 Angels In Chelsea

Her: The most annoying track on the album, plus I can’t understand what the F*** she is saying in the verses.

Him: Is this the title song for Made in Chelsea? It could and probably should be, the start is like some strange art performance piece and doesn’t link to the song. This is not her sound again.

10 Astronauts

Her: Again another childish songs. Doesn’t do anything for me.

Him: This sounds like something she wrote as a teenager and really, really wanted to include it on the album, even though in her heart she knew it was a weak track, but it’s still better than ‘You don’t know my Heart’.

11 Congratulations

Her: I think this is the best song on the whole album for me, it has a raw emotion feel to it. I can see me listening to this if I broke up with someone.

Him: Shakira is back again! But this time it works, it’s almost like a duet, it’s full of mood and ambience.

12 Superman

Her: Mhh! Highly forgettable, it literally leaves no impression on me what so ever.

Him: We listened to this whole album through once, then replayed it to review it and this song played and as it started again I found myself thinking ‘Oh hold on, I’ve never heard this song before’. 


Her: With the combination of her original EP tracks and the new tracks for the album, you can see a mis-match of genres and themes that feels like she knew what she was with the EP, but with this album she’s trying to cover all the bases in one album in case it’s her only chance. It’s not a bad album, well worth a listen, but in time I will delete some tracks, probably leaving me with the EP tracks once more.

Him: It does feel like she’s been given money and she’s tried to create sounds of other artists that she wishes to emulate. But there is also the heavy hand of a record company exec pushing her to produce commercial tracks that can be placed in upcoming films and TV commercials, as well as hitting big on the pop charts. A second album will hopefully see her return to the original sounds we heard in the EP a few months ago. 


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