Review – Purpose – Justin Bieber


Given we are reviewing Bowie’s last album, which is His choice, we have chosen to review Justin Bieber‘s latest album Purpose too.

Him: Before we begin, this is under protest, but she did listen to Blackstar but I really don’t like his voice, but I did have and play the Ariana Grandé album, until I came to my senses and realised that R&B is shit!

1 Mark My Words 2:14

Her: As far as intro’s go, yes  it is an intro…

Him: What is this? It’s just noise! (Yes I have turned into my father!)
2 I’ll Show You 3:19
Her: I really like the lyrics to this (an apology for all the times he is a douche).

Him: Sing god damn it, don’t just whisper. I don’t hear the lyrics She hears
3 What Do You Mean? 3:25
Her: I like it! I can listen to this over and over and over. I could dance to it, quite happily in a club, it may not be one of the most heartfelt on the album but it’s a ‘feel good’ track

Him: This one I’ve heard (it’s the single) and it sounds like one of those montage tracks for a film where the main characters go to Ibiza and spend the day on scooters and having fun, then end up in a mega club dancing to the track at the end of the night. So it’s OK, but is he doing that thing where he can’t hear the girl because his hearing has gone in the club and she is trying to tell him something and all he keeps saying is ‘What do you mean? You think I’m an arsehole!’

4 Sorry 3:20
Her:  It’s a ‘I’m sorry’ track but at least you can dance to it. I like it which is a good thing because Dad plays it over and over and over again at full blast – yes my Dad!

Him: This same sound again, that ‘woo-hoo-huu-woo’ and the fake trumpet are on every track. This sounds like the last track but faster and with the whispy singing again.
5 Love Yourself 3:53
Her: Yes I like the melody, but the lyrics are really good, there are so many people this song could be directed at.

Him: The same song again, oh no it’s the odd lyrics song – “I didn’t want to write a song, because I don’t want anyone thinking I care a dong’. But ‘My mother doesn’t like you and she like everyone is so something I could say about one or two people!

6 Company 3:28
Her: I’m neither here nor there about this track. I like the video though.

Him: This is what I think of as R&B, it’s a cheesy pick up song/grind song, it lacks any oomph!
7 No Pressure 4:46
Her: This is a ‘nothing track’ easily skippable and easily forgettable.

Him: Track 24, really we’ve only played 7? It’s more of the same whiny R&B (Yes I invented that term and this is a perfect example).
8 No Sense 4:35
Her: Mmmhhh! Who is this random person singing?

9 The Feeling 4:04
Her: I like this song, one of the best songs of the album.

Him: Oh no! when she wrote that review before the track even started I thought maybe it was going to be something good, but no it’s more of that crap R&B stuff. What is she listening to that I’m not? 
10 Life Is Worth Living 3:54
Her: Really annoying song. I know he’s trying to say something meaningful, but it’s really badly presented.

Him: Oh just shoot me now, I beg you. 
11 Where Are Ü Now 4:03
Her: I like Skrillex so this is like that and so it’s good. I’d like to hear it more in clubs so I can dance to it.

Him: Why is there a Ü ? Lyric “You broke down and you diddly it” What? OK finally a alto Sax bit that is danceable so long as he shuts up.


12 Children 3:43
Her: I don’t like the moral of the song, but I like the tune. Im sure that at some point this was supposed to be a heartfelt really meaningful song but it kind of failed however it is dancey though.

Him: It’s nearly over, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… NOOO It’s an oncoming train! Yes this is awful, a song about giving it to the Children. YAY he stopped singing and the weird sax/trumpet, desert music is playing. It’s still too slow to dance to, but it’s better than this guy singing.
No he’s singing about Children again. SHUT UP. 


Her: To be honest it’s not the strongest album I’ve ever heard, but it’ far from the worst either. I get that he is trying to break out and apologize for all the crap he has done in the past and in a fun way too, which does come across, however there are some tracks which are really weak and like he is trying too hard. I will still root for him, because he acted out and rebelled when he was a teenager and he had all that money, so his rebellion was that much bigger, now he has grown up I can see some responsibility kicking in and who doesn’t deserve a second chance.



Him: OK I listened to it and I gave my opinion and in case I wasn’t clear enough… If you have no individual thought or are willing to think for yourself, you’ll love this because ‘They’ told you to love it. If you like actual music, with people playing instruments and not whining over synth tracks then STAY AWAY or you will shoot yourself – Fine Love yourself is the only reason the album got any rating at all.


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