Sia – This is Acting Album Review

After the phenomenal success of ‘1000 Forms of Fear’. Sia is back with a new album ‘ This is Acting’

This is what we thought of it….

1. Bird Set Free

Her:  What the frick is she saying? It sounds like Chandelier.

Him: Having listened to this once through, this is the second time. This seems like a progression from the last album, it doesn’t sound that different.

2. Alive

Her: You know that halloween Backstreet Boys song? Well it kind of sounds like an updated version of that. Its a pretty decent song though if you can ignore the misheard lyrics.

Him: Its almost like two songs mashed together, the verses being one and the bridge and chorus being another. I think that it would be a good song to cover, It sounds like the lyrics could be really meaningful but I cant really understand some of them.

3. One Million Bullets

Her: The problem that I have with Sia and with her slow songs is that I cant understand her most of the time. Its like I have to really think what the lyrics are. So when a slow song comes on with primarily vocal (at least at the verses) It just is like someone talking gibberish to a beat.

Him: This is what I had a problem with the last album.. This strange sort of Jamaican accent at the beginning, then towards the chorus it disappears and becomes normal again. They do sound quite a lot alike.

4. Move Your Body

Her: This is kinda Enrique style (last album) Again This will probably be a huge hit in clubs and I can certainly understand why.

Him: This is a bit more like it! Old school Sia, the sort of stuff you can hear Lady Gaga’s taken influence from. She should try and stick with this style.

5. Unstoppable

Her: This sounds like One million Bullets. It is the same layout every single time! To predictable.

Him: I could repeat the same critique with every single slow song. 

6. Cheap Thrills

Her: There is a real Latin american/ Dub influence on this album. But this is just another nothing track for me.

Him: Is this the cheeky girls? or Venga boys?

You can see a video of a beach side shack with people doing a dance routine.

7. Reaper

Her: What the fuck is she saying? Still same layout… Meh

Him: She seems to have spent the royalties and the last 18 months on holiday in the Caribbean. There is some progression from the last album and the first track to this point, but so far it is not dramatic enough.

8. House on Fire

Her: Sounds like every other song of hers. You know it just gets to samey samey and in doing so it becomes boring and just noise.

Him: “I don’t want twet twa long” What does this mean? I want some! or at least to know what it is. Do you know what twet twa long means? Oh and her ass is on fire! Misheard Lyrics!

9. Footprints

Her: Did the song change or is this the same track?

Him: Oh yeah this is still playing, I thought we just played the first 4 tracks again.

10. Sweet Design

Her: That thong song! I like this sound a bit more though, It doesn’t sound like her though apart from the random mumbling gibberish.

Him: It sounds like Jpop and Michael Jackson mashed together in a bootleg.

11. Broken Glass

Her: Chinese influence. Oh no never mind its another slow boring song look above.

Him: Meh its just Meh and doesn’t do anything

12. Space Between

Her: Oh god meh! Another slow slow slow song but this time is a few more beats slower. Nope Im bored!

Him: She said she was to tired and obviously is its noticeable.


Her: To be honest this album is just to samey samey, I think just like the last album. Ill end up with about 2 or 3 tracks kept and will probably only listen to it every now and then in the background.


Him: 1000 forms of fear, grew on me. I liked it enough to go back and listen to the old stuff and to see the progression. So when I saw This is Acting was realized. I was eager to see how she had pushed boundaries again. I was mighty disappointed in all, Its far to much like the last album with the reggae influence which isn’t new. 


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