The Last Witch Hunter UK DVD Release

Vin Diesel is back this time not driving a car, or lifting one up with a single hand, but as The Last Witch Hunter. Its out on DVD this week and co-stars Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie and Michael Cane. Here is what we thought of it…

Spoiler Alert

Him: Ok, This is what happened in this film or what I remember of it anyway…

Vin Diesel was a Viking with hair! Did he die? or didn’t he? I think he got cursed by a witch and then he was on a aeroplane. He pinched some stones off of a girl in a leather jacket, these were some magic stones! Then went to a bar met Rose Leslie and the bar burnt down. Big explosion and Rose Leslie beat up a bunch of people whilst spurting profanity in a very very posh accent. Then it goes a bit blurry from here and I wasn’t drinking – much. There was some bloke at the begging who sold Butterflies to people making cupcakes, Well he turned into a witch. Who spent the rest of the film trying to kill Vin Diesel. Michael Cane was a priest and he worked out how to kill the witch but coincidentally fell into a deep sleep/coma before he could tell anyone. Elijah Wood took over as Vin Diesels advisor but was suspicious and creepy so you knew something was up there. Vin Diesel worked out how to kill the witch in some overly convoluted plot line and In the end Michael Cane woke up. 

There is a lot more to this film I’m sure, I just cant remember it.

I’m not even sure if that was the whole storyline or if I have just pieced pieces together in a random way. I like Vin Diesel and I like Rose Leslie (especially her very very posh accent) Im a big fan of Michael Cane, So really I should have loved this film! However it just blurred into 2 hours of I don’t even know what. 


Her: I have seen this film twice and I still can’t remember what it’s about (well fully that is). I only really watched it for one reason and she was only in it for a minute in the first 10 minutes of the film (The leather jacket witch on the plane!)

It could have and should have been so much more and I can’t say what makes it so forgettable.

What I did retain from the film was this;

I didn’t realise Rose Leslie was SO posh!

I still can’t understand what Vin Diesel says (what He terms the Tom Hardy Gravelly voice).

There didn’t need to be a love story in this script (if that was what it was!), yet like every Hollywood film these days this film went there. Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie Really?

I thought there would be more witches in it, you would think there would be, if he was ‘The Last Witch Hunter’, as well as more magic.

Also, how did the main evil witch get in touch the evil henchmen? And why did they resurrect her after all that time? None of this is explained. There are more holes in this script than swiss cheese yet they have left it open for a sequel when it really doesn’t need to be hashed up again.

All in all it was ok, but highly forgettable, maybe there was magic in it after all and it was that you forgot everything the moment it ended, thus allowing you to watch it afresh every time. We will never know!


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