Covet Fashion Game Review


Covet is the online Fashion styling game.

Since its launch in 2012 Covet has grown to have a massive following over the years and for a game with no moving graphics and a 2D display what is it that keeps people playing?

The concept is simple.
Enter a challenge that has a simple premise and dress a model appropriately with some requirements specific to that task, weather its a runaway bride or an invading intergalactic space pirate.
Every day there is a daily challenge as well as a plenty of other missions, So you will never get bored.

So you read the blurb and it will tell you the premise and sometimes the requirements that are needed to complete the challenge (as seen above) Once entered you normally get a cash reward (which REALLY helps!)

Click enter and start styling you look. Sometimes you already own the items you require, or you have to buy them in the shop (or borrow them from friends, if you have any!) Some challenges have no set requirements and you can style whatever you want so long as the model is covered appropriately.
Occasionally though what you think would be appropriate doesn’t fit the requirements, for example, the Princess running away through the sewers – must wear a formal ball gown and heels – was a personal favo(u)rite of ours.

Your closet can get pretty full and with prize items and bought items there are no limit to the combinations of outfits possible.

Once you are happy with your look you enter and await the voting process and the result.

 In order to enter each challenge you require ticket (either 15 for the daily, or 25 for all others), but you only get allocated 20 a day, so you can either buy your way in by substituting tickets with diamonds, which you win from challenges, or are allocated 100 each day. Or you can buy them (see below), the diamond price is always slightly higher than the ticket or you vote on the entered looks for the challenges – 5 votes at a times earn you 2 tickets and you can earn a maximum of 75 tickets at anyone time.

If you are willing to part with real money though you can have an unlimited amount of diamonds and thus buy lots of fabulous goodies to dress your models in. Otherwise you just do as we do and struggle on through.

Real Designers to choose from
In addition to the time sensitive missions, you can also enter the Jet Set, which are constant challenges that you can enter over and again, in the hope of increasing your score and thus level up to the next series.

Should you like an outfit or an item in the game, Covet is linked to all the designers websites and online shops so you can buy the real things and even get discounts or free diamonds for the game (or both if you are lucky).

Once the voting is over you are sent an in game email and informed of how well you did out of 5 stars.

To make every look different, you have multiple hair styles and makeup as well as various skin tones, and as you level up you are given more and more choices

I think that about sums the game up but what did we think?

Him: Being the one more into fashion, I probably enjoy this more than she does 🙂 she has threatened to quit a fair few times. Where as I am Addicted!  There is no shortage of missions (sometimes 20 at a time) With some great and well known designers like Max Mara or Calvin Klein amongst many more and a real diversity in possible styles or looks. However there are some issues, Namely the ball gown for every occasion. There are times when you want to dress the model in a riding outfit to go riding (however a dress is required.) Or you want a flapper dress for a gangsters mole but you are required to wear a maxi skirt with a floral pattern (which is totally out of style for the era). You end up playing guess what the winner dress will be, rather than style the look you want to, in order to win. Also ‘blonde rules!’, give the model red or dare you try blue hair and expect to only get 2 stars, because only blonde models win.
The Flashback challenge are all far too expensive, I tallied one the other day and to enter you would have required about 2.500 diamonds to buy the set outfit (that works out at about $8 in real money).
There is also this new thing of the celebrity endorsements which seem convoluted and its ok if you like whomever it is – but it sucks if you don’t. Recently there has been a bachelor series and I thought ‘Great! We can do mens wear!’ However the moment you got into the style it was dress a woman for a date with a bachelor (wear a ball gown)    

One of my favourite looks but worse scores…             My highest score (a typical Disney princess)

Her: I don’t pay any attention to fashion! Literally I like what I like and that is that. I do however like a good makeover and I guess that is what this game does for me. I do end up styling a look that either I would wear or what I would like to see on my type of woman.  Every now and then there is a challenge that makes me think ‘Oo I can do this’ and ‘Oh that works on her maybe I could wear that’. Or more often than not just simply ‘Oo she so pwetty!’
There are more than a few things I dislike about the app- First off it’s so girly-girl, like style a ballgown and 15 pink items challenge. The impracticality of ‘you’re in the jungle’, so wear heels and of course a full length dress. Then everyone will style the same dress that is on the title picture of the challenge, so you style something clever and creative, but because you didn’t copy the pink tulle (WTF is Tulle?) wedding dress the stock image the used, you are not going to win or get any likes (Example below).

Do you see what I mean? 100 different users the same outfit/dress.

And why can’t a girl have short hair? Or why can’t the ‘Prom Date’ challenge allow you to style a girl in a tux for once, there was a challenge where it was clearly a lesbian date (going by the picture and title) however it turned out to be ‘go for lunch with your BFF’. There is no representation of LGBTQ or even tom-boys in the recent ‘Going to a Soccer game’ mission, or the ‘Climb a tree’ challenges it was once more dresses and pink frills only. Most of the interesting challenges are in the Flashbacks which are just too ridiculously expensive to enter.
I agree with Him, I’d like to occasionally style a guy and have more variation in the challenges, because it goes on an infinite cycle of about 10 themes i.e. mermaid, princess on the run, evil queen, winter ice palace (AKA Frozen), floral fairy, etc.

I Loved this look!
7/10 </di

In conclusion we do like this game and we plan to continue playing and we really recommend it to you too. Lets just hope that somewhere in the future there is a new surge of LGBTQ challenges and maybe some menswear challenges too.
So download the App (for link click the title picture at the top) and come join the party (Ballgown must be worn!)

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