The Chesterfield Coffee Shop Roman Road

It’s not often that we return to the same coffee shop again and again, so when wrote our most recent coffee shop review post we left out one notable exception, so that we could tell you about it in it’s own post.

So here is what we think of the Chesterfield in Roman Road, E3.

After a long, hard climb at The Mile End Climbing Wall, we need coffee or in HIS case usually a Hot Chocolate.

We used to walk through Victoria Park up to Loafing but then we discovered The Chesterfield at the top end of Roman Road – a lot closer and with some interesting alternatives to our other post climb re-fuelment station.

The Chesterfield is run by a mum and two daughters and is a large space, with a baby area at the back, if you frequent at any time of day you are likely to share your coffee with a munchkin or two topping up their caffeine levels. So if you are a baby lover it’s great, if you are not (like us) it’s large enough to avoid the little buggers.

For Him (and occasionally Her) the highlight of The Chesterfield is the Hot Chocolate, with a choice of four different levels of chocolatyness – Regular, White, Darker (50%) or Darkest (70%) chocolate, to choose from it’s worth the return just to try the variations.

The interior is an eclectic mix of random tables, chairs, big chunky leather ‘Chesterfields’ sofas (that give the place its name), bookcases and enough High chairs to seat a ‘small’ army.

There is even a downstairs, though we have never dared to adventure into the lower realms and do not know what lies beneath. Dare to enter at your own risk, it may be a play pen or worse! 

As for the food, She is usually the one to savour the food in the coffee shops, but after all our hard work climbing, He will also indulge in the flatbread toasties because they are better than most – Although we would recommend that you get Laura (one of the daughters) to make it, as the mum doesn’t seem to make it with any love or care, she just shoves in in the grill for a minute and then stuffs it in a bag, where are the elder daughter adds extra panache and serves it in a little box!

The portions are good, it is rare to get a large drink in North London, they tend towards shot glass size beakers, whereas the East End alternative is generous and better value for money, the same can be said for the food.

So what are you waiting for, go, go, go, order a yummy Hot Chocolate and indulge in a bit of cake, chill out in the comfy chair and start a conversation about the best 3-wheel buggies to buy, with the local

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