Sweet Thursday Coffee – Guest Review

Since we have started our coffee shop reviews, we have tried to go to as many small independent shops as possible. There are just too many for two people to go to though and only so much coffee we can drink ( Her: Yeaaahhh sureeee)
Bruffin offered to review Sweet Thursday as their first critique as we have seen children (you know how we feel about them).
Without any further ado we hand it over to Bruffin.

I visited Sweet Thursday on a Monday afternoon (4pm ish) With a friend to have tea.
I was led to believe that it would be really busy filled with the school run rush of nannys and children but it was actually really quiet.
There were a few people with children in push chairs and a few people working on their laptops.
We were told by the waitress to sit where ever we would like, so found a table mid way along the long narrow interior.
It was quite tidy and spacious, the light breaking through made it feel airy.
It was fairly utilitarian as far the decor goes with a well displayed wine cellar behind the counter.
There was a big clay oven being stoked for the impending evening menu, when it turns from a coffee shop into more of a restaurant.
The menu options were limited and the only cake we could order for tea was apple cake.
Although the apple cake was a good sized serving with miniature spoonful of ice cream, the dish turned out to be dry and not terribly appetizing and at £5.50 was over priced!
To drink I chose a latte and my friend chose chamomile tea, they arrived promptly in big cups and were surprisingly hot!
The underworked waitress didn’t bother us too much but when we wanted a second cup she was attentive.
All in all the total cost was about £13 which was surprisingly cheap for double beverages considering the cake was not!
I didn’t stay for the evening menu but would go back there to try the pizza’s.
All images were taken from Sweet Thursdays Website.

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