MTV Movie Awards 2016 Red Carpet

On Saturday Night, the great and the good assembled once more for more award giving and another chance to show off who understands what style is and for a lot more to show they think it mean looking stupid or a mess, here are our best and a few of our worst choices on the Red Carpet


Renee Bargh
Her: I think she looks really smart.
Him: It’s okkkaaayyy…


Chloe Bridges
Her: Meh I don’t see it.
Him: I liked this, She didn’t, it was cute and good colour for Chloe and though you can’t see it, the back was even better 


Vanessa Marano

Her: Very smart, she looks cute and smart.
Him: I really like this, I think its very cute and very well coordinated. 


Kendall Jenner
Her: I liked this outfit it was really nice, wish it was on someone else.
Him:What She means is she doesn’t like Kendall – I however love this outfit on KJ and am rather in favour of her too, so she looks gorgeous


Salt n’ Pepa
Her: I like Pepa’s frilly jacket
Him: I was not impressed!


Katie Stevens
Her:This was pretty, it’s a Dreamcatcher see?
Him: I didn’t like this, it made her look a funny shape
Megan Rienks
Her: This is a cute little number, she looks cute.
Him: Not very dressed up but it works and she’s pretty enough to pull it off
Michael J Willett
Her: I like his daringness! I’m not sure many men have the guts to stand out like this, but he did and he looks good.
Him: I have this jacket! (kind of) So I liked it, It does take someone who can wear it, because it would look a mess on most people but he pulls it off!
Cara Delevingne
Her: I’m not sure about the makeup but I like the outfit. Then again it is her so I am biased.
Him: Yeah it was okay in this shot it looks good but when she moved the sheer stuff wrinkled and it didn’t look as good.
Lizzy Caplin
Her: I really like this! I’m not sure many people can pull it off but she looks really good!
Him: It was alright but I don’t really like what she wears. It always is too much or too meh.
Molly Tarlov
Her: She has got nice legs as he pointed out. Its fresh and its simple.
Him: She is cute, she always seems to wear cute things and wow those legs!
Brittany Snow
Her: Pretty, I like the red on her.
Him: I’m not too sure about the sleeves but other than that its cute.
Ed Skrein
Her: He looks very smart and its not blue!
Him: A man who made an effort! It does’t happen very often so when it does it must be applauded.

And those who have no idea

Tyler Posey and Baddie Winkle
 Her: Righhhhtttt….. I guess it was a joke (well I hope) but why?
Him: Ohhhh dearrrr! Ohhhh deeearrrr. Oh deaaaaarrrrr (rolls eyes)
Keltie Knight
 Her: Why? How? What person let her out of the house in that? Why has she got such hideous fashion sense.
Him: Seriously someone just shoot her, this woman cannot wear anything! She finds the worst possible outfit then adds more to it to make it even worse!
Stef Dawson
Her: This is just a mess, I want to say more but I cannot think of anything nice to say.
Him: I didn’t mind this. She didn’t like it so its on the worst. Everything matches its just a bit too loud.

So thats what we thought, what did you guys think? Do you agree? Did we miss anyone out?

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