White House Correspondents Association Dinner 2016 Arrivals


White House Correspondents Association Dinner 2016 Arrivals

The White House Correspondent’s Association annual dinner, begun in 1920 and was until JFK’s presidency an all male affair, today has become a Washington tradition and is usually attended by the President and Vice President as well as the great and the good of Hollywood and the world’s press.

Here are a few of the best dressed arrivals (Not in any order)…


AnnaLynne McCord
Her: It was ok, not too loud. Her hair and makeup were good though.
Him: This was cute and full of stars. Not the best outfit, but ok
Candace Bushnell Brue
 Her: Nice shape on her, and a pretty color scheme.
Him: This is pretty and really suits her (whoever she is)
Daniella Lopez
Her: She looks cute, I agree with him, she looks like a princess.
Him: Wow, I think this is my favourite outfit of the night – a real Princess for the night
Kendall Jenner
Her: I think I have said this before, but I can’t really stand the Kardashian’s or anything to do with them so I’m slightly tainted by that. That being said I like the dress, hate the necklace and makeup but yeah.
Him: As usual she looks stunning, but we don’t think the choker was the best choice, it’s too high on her neck
Miles Teller
Her: He looks smart!
Him: A Smartly dressed chap as always, he really can wear a suit
Nina Dobrev
Her: Like the dress, not sure about the hair and makeup though :S
Him: Pretty! Nuff said!
Jaime Alexander
Her: Wow! Pretty! Need I say more?
Him: This is pretty and is a second favourite I think. But the choker was a bad choice, it’s too high on her neck.
Jeff Goldblum and Emelie Livingston
Her: Awww they look happy. He looks smart and thats a good dress choice for her, just wish it had been pulled in at the waist.
Him: This is mostly here because She likes JG but he looks god and EL looks happy
Kelli Rohrback
Her: I’m not sure about this one. I kinda like it but there is something wrong…
Him: Who knew Ms. Rohrback could look this good in a dress and not just in a red swimsuit!
Lais Ribeiro
Her: Not so much, I don’t like the material.
Him: I like the colour and on her it’s lovely.
Priyanka Chopra
Her: Pretty dress! The shape and style really flatters her shape. Yeah she looks good.
Him: This is one of those dresses that on the wrong person would look a state, but not on Priyanka, she looks great.
And Helen Mirren went as Prince
Symbol emblazened on her chest and all!
Her: Well I guess it is a little bit different but still….
Him:I like the purple, but the pattern makes it look like it should be made of polyester and smell of gin and piss (Well maybe it does), but it’s not a good look 
Then there were the bad choices…
Emma Watson
Her: I have never really got her style, I think she does this indecisive lets just wear everything look. She could have worn a white skirt under instead of trousers.
Him: Right I love Emma Watson, most of the time she can’t do anything wrong, but every now and then she does this and this is wrong. Pick one, a dress or trousers, NOT BOTH. I think the dress would have been the better choice.
Damien Lewis
Her: It doesn’t fit and he looks a mess.
Him:This poor English actor is clearly struggling to make a go of it, he can’t even afford to buy matching trousers and jacket, so instead he wore a black DJ and midnight blue trousers.
Michelle Dockery
Her: Oh dear! Yellow is not this womans color! Also lack of a bra does not help her shape.
Him: Yellow looks good on some people, but not of pale Irish skin. No Michelle No!

There you go a little late but worth the wait no!But, what do you think? What did you like?


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