Manus X Machina in an Age of Technology Costume Institute Gala Arrivals 2016

(Massive Post)

The Met Gala, (formally called the Costume Institute Gala and also known as the Met Ball), is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

It marks the grand opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit and each year’s event celebrates the theme of that year’s exhibition. It sets the tone for the formal dress of the night since guests are expected to choose their fashion to match the theme of the exhibit.

For 2016 the theme was Manus X Machina, The Age of Technology and the outfits were to show technology and futurism.

So here we are all the best and worst of the fashion industries greatest excuse to get dressed up…

(Just as a side note we apologise for any odd/overly large/overly small fonts the post is being weird)

The Good

Blake Lively
Her: Pretty, Girly and Fresh she looks really pretty.
Him: A good way to start this showcase of fashion at its best, Blake really went for the glamour, not enough did.
Carmelo and LaLa Anthony
 Her: I liked this dress, the color scheme and the fit.  I don’t think it would work on someone without curves but on Carmelo it seems to work.
Him: I wasn’t a massive fan of this, but it’s dramatic and wow those boobs!
Eddie Campbell and Mario Testino
Her: Of course I am going to like a woman in a suit. Its a nice design and she has the right attitude to pull it off.
Him:  She looks good, I love a trouser suit and I love a jacket with nothing under it. The make-up is pretty cool too – Of course Mario looked good as he always does


Amber Valeltta
 Her: I like this dress, I’m not sure about the hair but thats a minor moan.  I didn’t know it was recycled but that makes it better.
Him: This was a completely recycled outfit, it was made of plastic by H&M
Kylie Jenner
 Her: I’m not sure about this one. I know she has a big bum but it kind of draws attention to it. To me it doesn’t give her a real shape and its lacking something.
Him: I like this, she looks really pretty and the dress is revealing but not at the same time and she is one of the few to do the Sci-Fi/Metropolis kind of look, well done to the designers Balmain.
Miles Teller and Kayleigh Sperry

 Her: Miles looked good! He did wear the same outfit twice in a row but he looks good. I liked Kayleigh’s gothic look as well.

Him:  Miles looked good shame it was the sam outfit he wore on Saturday night to the White House. Kayleigh looked better though.


Kate Hudson
 Her: Wow she looks pretty, had the right amount of jewelry (didn’t ruin it with a choker) and may I add it looks kinda sci fi! Which I think is the first one I have seen.
Him: Pretty and on a good figure, can you imagine this on Kim Kardashian! No thankfully KH got there first. 9Dress by Atelier Versace)
Katie Holmes

 Her: I don’t really like Katie Holmes but I think this is a good look on her.
Him: I think she looks pretty, just wish the make-up was a little brighter, on her dark, sad eyes.

Idris Elba
 Her: Ohh he looks smart! Plus he is British and not in a blue suit!!! He also wears it with confidence and a smile (shock horror!)
Him: He looks good and as one of the Co-chairs of the event he really needed too (also he has tattoos on his hands, I never noticed this before)
Nick Jonas
 Her: He looks good, I wish he would pose less like action man but yeah good look.
Him:  I think he looked good, nice jacket and it’s not too tight for once. well done Nick!

Zoé Saldana

 Her: Pretty! I love that it is so standout and a long train. I think elegant is the right word.
Him: Wow go Zoé dramatic and colourful. 
Michele Monaghan
 Her: I’m not sure about the bust area with the silver bit. Other than that I think she looks good! For once I think the multi layered look worked.
Him: This dress by Rosie Assoulin is made of vegan leather and recycled cans and looks pretty good.


Jourdan Dunn
 Her: Wow! So pretty and actually went for the robot/futuristicy thing! Yes one of the top looks for me.
Him: Another Metropolis inspired robot beauty and another winner, beautiful!
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
 Her: Keith Urban tends to look quite smart (I think) and here there is no exception to that rule. Nicole Kidman’s dress though is so pretty! She looks like a galaxy Princess or Queen!
Him:  I think he looks great, a really smart gent and she looks spacial! A pretty dress that we think should be the dress worn by Queen Lavana in The Cinder Chronicles when it is filmed.
Lui Wen
 Her: I think it was kind of pretty, I like the change in texture and material also it helps she was smiling the whole night.
Him:  This was ok, nothing special for me.
Naomi Watts
 Her: Shiny! She looks like a magpies dream. That being said its pretty good but nothing wow.
Him: This looks like it was made of that insulating foam you put inside fireplaces and the random sploches are where the glue held it in place and ripped when it was pulled out of the chimney. But that said it still works better than a lot of other looks.


Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid
 Her: I wish he had added a bit of robotic limb to his leg or worn a silver boot or something to just finish the look off. That being said YAY two people actually went for the android look!
Him:  I like the arms but as She said, it looks like an after thought, if he had only added plating to a leg, or had a piece on his lapel or something. Gigi looked pretty and kind of android like in her silver and grey Louis Vuitton dress
Jeremy Scott and Nicki Minaj
 Her: I like his suit, it is defiantly different. If a bit OTT I still think it was cool, very day of the dead. As far as Nicki Minaj, I’m not sure… It was ok but not a wow for me.
Him:  This is one of those ‘It shouldn’t work, but it does’ looks. JS is a bit too much for me, but then if you are Nicki Minaj’s date you are going to have to go OTT to even be seen. As for Minaj, well I like it, I don’t even know why I like, I just do. Sure there are BOOBS and belts and it’s OTT but it’s good and fun!


Kendall Jenner

 Her: I don’t get it. What is he seeing that I am not?

Him: WOW! WOW! WOW! Yes Kendall can do no wrong. You know I am going to gush about how pretty she is and this is beautiful, but seriously look at that picture, she looks flawless.

Poppy Delevingne
 Her: I really like the pattern and design of this dress. I don’t think she needed the necklace but other than that very good look!
Him: A roaring flapper look from the other Delevingne, so pretty, so silver and so sexy  it’s So Chanel.
Naomi Campbell
 Her: Not many people could have pulled this look off, but she does. She manages to make it look graceful.
Him: She may be on my ‘Have met and hated’ list but boy can she wear a dress 


Kate Upton
 Her: Pretty! I like the opposite sides being revealed so right arm, left leg, she kind of looks like a star but humanized.
Him:  Pretty and the right colour, nothing more is needed is there?


 Her: Sleek, Elegant and Stylish.
Him: Zendaya took the silver look and went to gold instead and with that hair, she truly nailed the look. (Designer Michael Kors)
Karlie Kloss
 Her: I’m sorry for saying this but she looks like a stripper (the last outfit at least, you can buy similar in any sex store)  However the first look was good and the second one wasn’t that bad but yeah the third no!
Him: The evolution of an outfit, she turned up wearing the long gown, under it was the more revealing outfit and then for the after party designer Brandon Maxwell cut the bottom off the dress to show off those perfect pins.


Wiz Khalifa
 Her: I like this! He stood out in a white suit and looks smart.
Him: OK so we now know Wiz can do smart. This Rag & Bone suit may (apparently) have set a new trend in motion already. Yes finally I can order myself a white suit.


Emma Stone
 Her: Oooo steampunkyness! I like it. She does look pretty and am so glad she’s gone back to reddy brown hair. ( I agree with him kinda looks roman gladiator)
Him: The Pretty Goddess does it again. A kind of warrior princess look.


Irina Shayk
  Her: Its a cute summery dress. It didnt fit the theme but then again not many of these dresses did.
Him: This was interesting, blue Stars and Stripes, It completely missed the mark for the dress code though.


Karolina Kurkova
 Her: Wow so pretty! I can’t think of much else to say.
Him: This was pretty and delicate, again not what was called for in the description, but it’s nice enough.


Alan Sharp
 Her: Yes Quite smart indeed.
Him:  I don’t know who he is, but he was Sharp by name, Sharp by nature. Well done Sir!

Chloe Grace Moritz
 Her: Chloe can wear almost anything and get away with it. Not that I am saying this is bad because it most defiantly isn’t, she looks pretty and cute all in one.
Him: She’s pretty, this isn’t anything spectacular but it’s pretty and effective.


Willow and Jaden Smith
 Her: I like both of their jackets  and liked that Willow wore trousers.
Him: I like his jacket, but I’m not too bothered about these looks


Bee Shaffer
Her: I don’t know why but she looks kinda Tudor.  It’s ok but nothing special.
Him:  Oh it’s the Flamenco dancer entertainment. What she isn’t? Oh sorry thought it was.


Taylor Swift
 Her: I don’t get it. I hate the hair and don’t like the makeup either. The dress is ok and the shoes are ok so if it was on someone else or if she changed her hair back it would probably look good (for me) It doesn’t look futuristicy at all though.
Him: I really like this look – Of course I would – I still don’t like the hair.. See some people got the idea for Machina and Technology/ Robot girl!
But really there was no competition, there was only one dress that was ever going to get the attention of us all.
                                                                  Claire Danes
                                                In normal light and in the dark
Her: Wow! So beautiful, elegant, stylish, stunning, radiant! she is glowing with style. I agree with him, all she needs is the glass slippers.
Him: Zac Posen you are a genius in a really bad suit! This is perfect, man and machine, technology harnessed to create perfection. How beautiful is this, it is Cinderella’s fairy dust dress come to life.
This is emotional.

Then some outfits almost worked – but not quite…

                                                               Katy Perry
Her: Why did she get rid of her eyebrows? I like the idea of this outfit but not the execution.
Him: Wow she certainly made the effort, but just in the wrong direction and did Lily Collins steal her eyebrows again?
                              Kim ‘Waste of air’ Kardashian-West and Kanye ‘I’m an arsehole’ West
 Her: I really don’t like Kim. She hasn’t got a good body! why cant she see this? Kanye, you wore jeans and blue contacts? Why are they invited?
Him: What the hell is wrong with this idiot. Seriously someone shoot him and hide the body. He wore a jacket but then wore a pair of ripped jeans and spent all night skulking, does he actually think that he is being moody and badass, well he’s just being a douchebag.
                                                                     Caitriona Balfe
 Her: It’s ok, she is pretty but the dress is meh.
Him:  Mhh it’s ok but nothing special
                                                                      Margot Robbie

Her: I think Margot is pretty so naturally whatever she wears tends to look good.                        That being said it is rather plain and makes her very square.
                            Him: This makes her look unnaturally wide in the hip.

                                                                            Zoey Deutch
Her: I kind of like it.. It is a bit too loud with the pattern but if had been tamed a bit it would have been a good look.
Him: This was pretty, but too busy and the heart on the chest was too much.
                                                   Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
 Her: It was just very plain.
Him: This may seem to be in the wrong group, but it was just another mhh! outfits, it’s pretty enough but it was lacking something.
 Her: I like his sleeves shame about the rest of it and the fact its him wearing it.
Him:  Is he friends with Kanye? This a perfect example of what this group is. A great jacket and quite smart, then he wore a stupid hat and visor, why? Idiot!
                                                                            Tory Burch
 Her: Erm I liked it from the front but the back? Too much.
Him: This was pretty, but the Oki type Geisha bow didn’t match the dress.
                                                                            Orlando Bloom
 Her: Oooh he doesn’t look a mess! Also not wearing a blue suit! I like it! Orlando is doing something different and for that he should be applauded.
Him: I was looking through the thousands of picture (literally 2,500 images we trolled through) and all the men seem to wear that same suit, you know the blue one they all got given to attend the 2014 BAFTAs and I said ‘if only someone wore a different colour’ well Orlando did, but he just looks like he came straight from his day job as a tour guide on an open top bus!
                                                                            Jessica Hart
 Her: Like the top and skirt. I like that the boots match but they just don’t look right with the rest. Plus the hair looks a bit of a mess.
Him: Boots! who said ‘Boots, definitely the boots’ Well they were wrong.
                                                                      Hailee Steinfeld
 Her: The necklace is really bad, it looks like one of those cheap primark things. The dress also clings to her stomach and makes her look very very bloated.
Him:  This wouldn’t be bad, but the middrift is bulging and the make-up is too dark – plus she looked pissed off most of the night, probably from hanging out with Lorde
                                                                            Rachel McAdams
 Her: I like the bottom of this with the writing swirling around. Kind of pretty but not sure about the neckline or the makeup.
Him:  This was just a nothing for me.
                                                                            Demi Lovato
 Her: I like Demi so naturally I would think she looks pretty. The dress however is meh, its not the worst but its not the best either!
Him:  Now this is in here because we disagree, she loves Demi and I just hate this dress, she looks a mess.
                                                                            Aja King
 Her: Meh its too colorful.
Him: Too much, but the make-up was spot on.
                                                                            Emma Watson
 Her:  I really don’t know what to say about this. I know I don’t like her. I know I tend not to like what she wears. So yet again I don’t like it. If the bust area had been attached it may have looked better but still I’m not sure.
Him: Now if you’ve read the WHCAD post from earlier you will already know I have a problem with Ms. Watson’s insistence on wearing both a dress and trousers at the same time. She did it again on Monday and although the dress is made of more plastic bottles and is cool, it’s just wrong. She looks great just standing there on those steps, but as soon as she moves you see the problem, trousers! That said the trousers would have been good at some point on their own. The train was cool and the top pretty, it just made her look like her stomach was on show and with that it looked odd.
 Her: I like the arm! Again really went for the theme but the rest of the dress is boring.
Him: This is a perfect example of all good but still wrong. Great arm piece, seriously the best interpretation of the Robot/Mechina theme, but that dress needed work.
                                                                            Laura Love
 Her: Why did you put it here? Its a mess!
Him: It’s a mess, but it could have been great – that’s why is is here and not lower down in the next group.
                                                                            Nicku Minaj
Her: I know she is wide but it makes her look wider.
Him: I know she was in the good set, but we saved her here too, I guess it was maybe a little too much?
                                                                            Rami Malek
Her: It’s ok, he looks quite smart but its not stand out.
Him: If you have to wear a blue suit then wear a BLUE SUIT A lillte bold but better bold than boring 

And then – Oh dear! – there were the Bad, Bad, outfits…

                                                   Charles Shaffer and Elizabeth Cordry
Her: Could have been ok. It was nice from a distance but not up close.
Him: This would have been alright if the flowers were part of the textile, not added on and the pink was white.


                                                                            Lea Seydoux
Her: Meh
Him: Dull, just dull.
                                                   Diane Von Furstenberg
Her: Is she on crack?
Him: The best reason for euthanasia I can think of (well apart from the thing at the bottom of this post).
Juno Temple
Her: fluffy, permed person with what looks like plastic popped bubble wrapped in tinsel.
Him: It’s a fluffy thing tied up with some string.
Wendy Dunne Murdoch
Her: Horrible material and pattern with a head hole cut out.
Him: eeerrrggghhh!


Amy Schumer
Her: Wrong shape dress for her shape.
Him: Wrong on so many levels, I just can’t start.
Kate Bosworth
Her: What was she thinking?
Him: Hail Cesar!
Charlotte Casiraghi
Her: Riiiggghhhhhhhhtttttt
Him: Oh that’s where Jackson Pollak’s Wash cloth went. This just proves that you can be disgustingly rich and still have no taste!


Lauren Santo Domingo
Her: Meh, Ditto what he says but I still think it would look bad as it is.
Him: It just needed some shape, or to be shorter or to be on someone else. I don’t know.
The Haim Sisters
Her: Why? Who got the style in that family?
Him:This is like some sort of horror freak show. Scaaaaaarrrrrrryy!
Rose Byrne
Her: Stomach? I hate this material.
Him: This is hideous 
Amber Heard
Her: A silk sheet from her hotel room, does not count as a dress.
Him: Amber didn’t have a dress to wear so she got a satin bed sheet and wrapped it around herself.
Kerry Washington
Her: She looks like she is going to a fancy dress ‘goth’ party.
Him:Is she pregnant? If she isn’t maybe she should claim she is thus given her an excuse at to why she looked such a state!
Alexis Bryan Morgan
Her :Why?
Him: Yuck


Solonge Knowles
Her: It is a bunch of Chinese fans stuck to a condom filled with mustard!
Him: Vomit bucket now, quick, quick!


Elle Bamber
Her: Ditto
Him: Poofy!
Her: I like Halsey she is pretty, this however was ruined by the hideous shoes and short trousers. If you cover up anything but from the waist up it looks good but then gets worse.
Him:What’s with the feet? And the whole outfit is a mess, but those shoes :s
Lady GaGa
Her: At first I didn’t think she had underwear on. I dunno did her and Madonna get ready together?
Him: What the Fuck?


Alexa Chung
Her: If this was trousers or a blazer it would have been fine but not together. It looks like a sparkly onesy (which if you know me , is a really bad thing)
Him: I never like her style, I don’t get it, but this is way too much and horrible.


Selena Gomez
Her: I dont even know where to start. yes it is a mess, but it is also bland and wrong.
Him: I tried to justify liking this, because it’s Selena, but no, it’s a mess


Elizabeth Debicki
Her: She made a dress out of her curtains.
Him: Ergh Green


Jennifer Connelly
Her: Why?
Him: Mess, that’s all I’m saying, it’s a MESS


Her: agree’s with him.
Him:*Slowly shakes his head*


Lily Rose Depp
Her: She looks like a right bitch. The outfit is a nothing though.
Him: We get it, everyone says she has to be pretty with parents like that, but it really has gone to her head and she clearly thinks she ‘It’. the outfit is also wrong.


Her: Oh dear. Grinch hair and all.
Him:What happened Lupita? Did you fire the good stylist?
Her: Right, Well this prooves ‘Queen B’ can do something wrong. I honestly don’t get what the fuss is about this woman but in this dress that feeling is multiplied. I agree with him she looks like a giant condom with pearls.
Him:I am not a fan and do not see what the fuss is about. She isn’t anything special and she looks like a giant condom in this dress.


Julie Macklowe
Her: Could have looked good on someone else but it doesn’t work for her.
Kudos though for following the theme.
Him: Seriously? You really left the house like that?


Mia Wasikowska
Her: No shape and makes her look blocky.
Him: Boring rather than horrible.


Kris Jenner
Her: She looks like a beached whale.
Him: Isn’t black supposed to be slimming?


Miranda Kerr
Her: Too many clashing things! Its too much and whats with the bit at the bottom?
Him: See Miranda got that invite that said the theme was Flamenco not robots. This could have worked, but it went just that little bit too far and fell off the edge of good taste. Thank goddess she’s pretty though!
Her: right a miserable looking cloud (clouds are prettier)
Him:Someone slap her please, she’ll look happier crying. 
So was 2016 a good Met Gala? What did you like, tell us.

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Oh and before you go…

There was also this..

Her: I said this about 8 years ago. Shoot her. Kill her. Just let’s get rid of her from this world. Has no one ever told her ‘growing old gracefully’ is a good thing. She dresses like a tramp and should be ashamed of herself. I actually cannot voice how much I loathe this woman.
Him: Oh my… Please take her out into one of the many fields she owns and shoot her, clearly the old bat has gone completely fucking insane.

Warning there is more if you dare scroll down  – but don’t say we didn’t warn you and you may want to burn out your eyes after seeing it…

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