Continuum Tv Series Review

Continuum is a Canadian TV Show set in Vancouver. Although it’s final episode aired back in October 2015 we only started watching it around then and recently finished the entire series.

Here are our thoughts on the show.

City Protective Services (CPS) law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) lives a quiet, normal life with her husband and son in the year 2077, in Vancouver. Under the control of the corporations of the North American Union.
When a group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters known as “Liber8” escape execution using an unknown device that propels them back in time to the year 2012, Kiera is involuntarily transported with them.
Cameron claims to be a member of an ultra secret department known as ‘Section 6’ and joins the Vancouver Police Department and is paired with Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) and she stumbles across the unlikely help of teen computer genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) when he intercepts her attempts at communication through her internal communication device (in her head). Sadler proves himself very invaluable and a partnership/friendship develops.
Kiera works to track down and thwart Edouard Kagame (Tony Amendola) and his followers in the present day while concealing her identity as a time-traveler from the future.
Kagame and the members of Liber8 plot to alter the events of 2012 and thus change the timeline to avert the rise of the corporate regime. Meanwhile, Kiera knows that Alec Sadler will become the future corporate mogul and head of SadTech (stupid name!), one of the mega-corporations that dominate the world in 2077.
All this drama ensues while Cameron continues to find a way back to her family in 2077. Kiera finds that her presence in 2012 and that of the members of Liber8, may be no accident at all.
That’s it is a nutshell and here is what we thought of it…
Season 1 Main Cast.
Her: I’m not a huge sci-fi fan to be honest but I did get into this show. I never got Kiera’s side though, I thought she was continually selfish and didn’t really have much of a purpose, The show could have continued without her. From the get go I sided with Liber8, He can say what he will (yes I do like Garza (Luvia Petersen), Yes she is pretty) but I liked the story line and the possibilities for the evolution within the characters too. Also those characters weren’t so black and white, they had multitudes of layers where as some of the more ‘good’ characters were just that ‘good’. The concept of going back in time to not be controlled by corporations thus saving humanities freedom, seems like a valid motive.
Obviously the further it went on the more I grew to really like some of Liber8 (or the ones that were left) and wish they had a bit more screen time and more focus as I feel especially with the last season they almost faded into the background and only appeared to further the storyline.
As far as the casting went, Wow! Older Alec and Younger Alec and even Julian, at first I thought it was Erik Knudsen and Richard Harmon in makeup.
There was a bit of confusion later on with the time jumps and who came from where and what, below is a vague view of what we mean.
It would have been nice to know what happened to the remaining characters at the very end as we only really followed Kiera and Kellog
Some of the CGI was questionable but I will leave that rant to him.

Side note, I loved that there were some really kick ass women in this show, who weren’t pushed to the side because of there gender but praised for it.

Entire Timeline Click for Link 
Him: Well it started off all well and good, I do love a time-slip scenario. Kiera starts off great a focussed cop determined to bring the bad guys to justice and finding Alec meant that the tech aspects could really be explored to their fullest. and explained from a novices point of view. 
But it soon became muddled and leaks started to spring up, why did no-one check on her credentials, or where she came from, the only one guy who did was painted as a Internal Affairs bureaucratic arsehole and we were meant to hate him. 
Once the second season started I started to loose interest, it became bogged down and a bit too tired.

This must have been a general consensus because with the start of season three there was a lot more happening, it opened a whole can of time paradoxical worms and a whole new storyline started to unravel. It picked up again and got interesting.
I was more on Cameron side to start with and stayed with her – even though she was selfish for wanting to go home, just to be with her son once more and not for know the future she came from was sustained – but once things started to break down and Liber8 made changes there seemed no reason for her to fight them any longer. Yet she remained stedfast in her opinions and as She said, the characters were painted Black or White and neither could show any Grey streaks, or show sympathy to the other side. Kiera only fluctuated when it became clear Lucas, Travis and Gaza were her best hope of getting back to her son.
Season four’s opening CGI scene – the future soldiers- was abysmal it looked like a school graphics project done on an inferior computer then broadcast on more sophisticated equipment, thankfully when the future soldiers were seen again there were more real and less computer generated.
Also while I’m moaning, I understand Travis was a genetically engineered Super Soldier, but how did he survive that many bullets, stabbings and the like, surely even with speed healing someone had to remove the bullet fragments and other shrapnel from inside him or it would have blocked him up, or ended up in his heart, etc.
In all it wasn’t bad, I wanted more paradoxical moments, more two bodies in the same situation and more what if moments. My favourite character was Jason (Ian Tracey) with his scattered time frazzled brain.
Also what happened to Curtis? We kept loosing sight of him and The Traveller was too vague.

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