CFDA Awards Red Carpet 2016

On Monday the Great and the good gathered for the Council of Fashion Designers of America for the annual Fashion Awards

Here, what they wore and our favourites and our most hated.

Martha Hunt in Diane von Furstenberg

Her: Its kind of cute and a bit different being a romper, there is just something off about it though.
Him: Simple and very pretty and showing off those great legs. How is it that Von Furstenburg can design this and yet be one of the worst dressed people at everyone of these events? 

Lauren Conrad wearing LC Lauren Conrad

 Her: I think the dress was cute on her, but the blazer was a bit OTT but maybe she was cold?
Him: I’m not so sure about this, the blazer wasn’t needed.

Sara Sampaio

 Her: Yeah I ditto what he says plus it always looks good with a smile.
Him: it’s pretty and that’s all that is needed. Well done Sara.

Alexa Chung in Prabal Gurung with the designer

Her: I actually like this in a way, I think it all ties in together which is odd for Alexa Chung. Plus Gurung looks smart.
Him: I’m not a fan of Chung’s style anyway but this looks like the Emma Watson conundrum of ‘Do I wear a dress or trousers’ (except it’s skirt and dress in this case). It looks a mess

Selma Blair in Christian Sirano

Her: Oooooooooo Pretttttyyyyyyyyyy! I love blazers! I love suits on women! I love black! What more could I ask for?
Him:  Whereas Ms. Blair did similar in her Siriano outfit and look works, because it’s more the tails of the asymmetric jacket. Also I love Christian Siriano and the fact he is a Project Runway winner that has gone on to be one of the names to wear in the fashion industry.

Alexander Starsgård in Tom Ford.

Her: He does look smart and I guess classic.
Him: He looks smart as always, I just wish he would mix it up a bit, he ALWAYS wears Tom Ford.

Gabby Karan De Felice and Donna Karan

 Her: Ying and Yang! I like the design and in both colors.
Him: I love this mother and daughter look and two versions of the same suit, it’s inspired.

Calvin Klein in Well who do you think?


Coco Rocha in CO+CO

Her: Im not sure, to me it makes her look broad or like her head is huge in comparison to her body.
Him: Ok a difference of opinion here. I like this is is simple, classic and elegant, what more could you need?

Elsa Hosk in Naeem Khan

Her: Again i’m not sure about this one….
Him: This is busy and loud and almost, ever so nearly OTT but on Super model Elsa it works. 

Dwayne Wade

Her: It is different so kudos for that, plus he looks smart.
Him: It’s a man in a Kimono, I do love kimonos and this is a great, different look for a man. Lets hope Dwayne is a trend setter!

These are in need of a mention, either good or bad, mostly what? Why? How and eh?

Stacey Bendet in Alice + Olivia

 Her: It’s kind of so bad its actually good? If that makes sense. I do think the makeup is a bit OTT but still she pulls it off. Maybe didn’t need the hair net/turban or such big earrings.
Him: Cinderella’s evil side. The make-up is cool, just not with this outfit, why the headband and did you really need those ear-rings? It is just badly accented. It should have been very simple and left at that. Too much, too much.

Ansel Elgort in Thom Browne

Her: WTF? Are his legs real or has he got peg legs? What has happened to his suit? Its like he has borrowed his little brothers trousers and his very tall fathers jacket? WTF?
Him: I am now going to call him Fawn Boy from now on, is he turning into a goat or a Satyr? What happened to his legs? How are they so skinny? And is he expecting a flood? Ansel WTF? 

Christina Ricci

 Her: Muscled legs! Its okay but not dressy enough. I wish she had done something to her hair.
Him: She doesn’t like Ms. Ricci so she won’t say she looks good even if she does. But she looks cute in this (of course she does, she has cute mastered), but it’s more a office function, kind of outfit than a Fashion Council Awards outfit.

Jacquelyn Jablonski in Narciso Rodriguez

Her: Simple, Sleek and Sexy.
Him: This is the same dress Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore, but in white. It looks better on Jacquelyn, but it still makes her boobs droop. 

Then there are those outfits and those people that really should have stayed at home and at this event you would think they would know better…

Betty Johnson

Her: What the hell is this? This is a fashion designer?
Him: I know it’s Betty Johnson and this is her, but really, it’s a god awful mess and someone should tell her so. 

Lena Dunham in Creatures of the Wind

Her: She annoys me! She could go to Stoke Newington and probably be handed a fashion award for this though (thats not a good thing)
Him: What is wrong with this woman? I don’t get it. She may be eccentric but still it’s just grating, how irritating she is, she could be quirky but this and all the other outfits she wears are just annoying. But see I like the bunny slippers, just not here.

Hari Nef in Gucci

Her: errrrrr…… no.
Him: Let me guess you’re a friend of Lena Dunham? Yeees, riiiiight. Serious WTF? Moment here and the hair? And while we are here, Hairy Neff? I think you can get a cream for that!

Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Michael Kors 

Her: This dress makes her boobs look really low and very broad in the hips, it does nothing good.
Him: This as mentioned with Jacqueline Joblinski’s matching outfit, does nothing for the wearer. As she said, Rosie’s boobs seem to have gravitated to her hips and are bulging there. It’s wrong.

Karlie Kloss in Rosie Assoulin

Her: It looks like she was cooking before going out and put on an apron on and never took it off. However she did get some sauce on it so had to cut a hole.
Him: I like Ms. Kloss and think she wears daring things like the Met Gala three in one dress, so it’s got to be bad for me to put her here But yeah this is dull, I like the cutout to show off that toned stomach and it looks better from the back, but in all it just doesn’t work.

Taylor Marie Hill in Thakoon

Her: Too big on her, maybe her and Ansel should have gone together.
Him: Mmmhhhh!!

Beyoncé in Givenchy

Her: Someone has based her style on Pharrell
Him: Yuck, yuck, yuck 

Alessandro Michele

Her: Jesus has no style.
Him: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Well there you go, thats what we think. If you like our posts on this then follow and leave a comment below.

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