The 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards Red Carpet

A bit late but sorry – The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards took last Sunday and we have picked out the best and worst outfits from the Red Carpet

Neve Campbell
Her: I like the little lace detail, she is pretty and it all works well.
Him: Classic fish tail dress (probably Vera Wang!) and perfect outfit for the first awards of the season.
Natasha Lyonnes
Her: It’s pretty good for her, she usually doesn’t look that great.
Him: This is surprising, I didn’t even recognise ‘Nicholls’ at first. It’s quite dramatic still and elegant.
Maisie Williams
Her: It’s not amaaaaazing! But it’s a hell of a lot better than what she usually wears and it’s quite summery and fresh.
Him: Wow this is such an improvement over her usual attire, this is so well co-ordinated and still fun and I love the new hair.
Laverne Cox
Her: She looks like an Emmy Statue – Gold. She got the balance right for once.
Him: Simple, effective and boobs! Usually Laverne’s outfits try too hard.
Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Millie Bobby Brown
Her: I like Gaten’s tie and Waistcoat match, For such youngsters they dressed so well, usually kids on the red carpets tend to be ‘WTF is that’. Caleb’s D.J. is cool and she looks so cute and classic.
Him: We are loving Stranger Things and these guys are great and fun, their outfits are all great too. Gaten’s Waistcoat and Bow Tie are very snazzy, Caleb is just a dandy and Millie is Audrey Hepburn re-incarnated.
Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy
Her: Despite the Kaffuffel over her fake tan, I think she looks good it all ties in together, from the hair, to the bag, earrings and dress.
Him: She has that ‘It’ factor the ability to pick the right outfit, after the Met Gala and that glow in the dark dress she really is on form and here once again she shines.
Kristen Bell
Her: I think it looks very summery and the shape is good on her.
Him: I agree with Her, it is a great shape nad she really can carry it off, the floral pattern could swamp some, but Ms. Bell looks ravishing.
Sophie Turner
Her: It’s black, of course I’m going to like it! But I like the fact it’s sheer with a simple slip under giving it a two-tone effect.
Him: It’s fresh and flowing, I wish she had done more with her hair. That ring though, is is like a cheesy glint! (You can almost hear the ‘ping’)
Then there were the Mhh! looks, the ‘It’s ok but…’
Emilia Clarke
Her: This looks good and is really flattering her shape, I just wish it was a little darker so it didn’t wash her out so much.
Him: I agree, it just needed the different colour, not much, just a little to not blend with the skin tones.
Sarah Hyland
Her: I don’t like it, it looks like she is holding a food tray with a tea towel wrapped around it!
Him: I hate when people can’t decide and so wear a dress and trousers together, technically this is a corset with a train :s But still it is a little bit too weird for me.
Maura Tierney
Her: It’s pretty enough, it’s not amazing or wrong, it’s just in that happy middle ground.
Him: I like the dress and the shoes, but it’s just a little unflattering on her, it makes her look a little bit stumpy, the shoes helped though.
Before we get to the bad’s let’s just talk Yellow.
It can be a lovely, fresh and fun colour, but in the wrong hands it can be dreary and oh so wrong, below are three looks all of which are all yellow.
(and two of which are awful, the third is an example of how it can be good).


Minnie Driver
Her: Wrong color on her, the cut outs don’t help either
Him: This makes her seem grey and scrawny, it doesn’t work.
Angela Bassett
Her: It is a horrible shade of yellow, a few shades either side and it probably wouldn’t have been so bad.
Him: Hmm, first off this is an awful shape, it’s like a bag of rocks and yellow is only making it more noticable, maybe in black it could have worked, But only maybe!
Mandy Moore
Her: To me this looks more on the orangey warmer side of yellow and so makes it look better to me, I think the shape works on her, this tiered effect can make people look fat of stumpy, but she pulls it off.
Him: I think it works, but I’m not a fan of Peplums and this layers effect. But it’s the best yellow dress we saw.
 Then of course there were the, ‘What was she thinking, does she not have any friends, because friends would not let her go out dressed like that’ outfits.


Amy Poehler
Her: She looks like she;s wrapped a comfort blanket around her and then a poncho over the top.
Him: She looks like a mint Baklava!
Anna Chlumsky
Her: Oh god yeah! This it looks like a cake tin warmer!
Him: I don’t know what that is, but I do know that it looks frumpy and makes her look round and stumpy.
Gaby Hoffman
Her: I don’t even know what to say about this – ok I do EYEBROWS!
Him: Wow she made an effort didn’t she? It’s a mess and that’s it. A MESS.
Gwendoline Christie
Her: It’s too lumpy, bumpy and frumpy
Him: Yes I agree those three dwarves that got kicked out of Snow White’s house are definitely in Gwendoline’s dress.
Jane Krakowski
Her: She has a leg! I like that her shoes match so well, but that’s all.
Him: I don’t mind this after some of the thers, it’s just this is all she ever wears and it’s boring and the same old, same old.
Jill Soloway
Her: I think it needed fitting and the trainers don’t go with anything, she could have a least worn black trainers. I don’t like the fact that the pattern on the suit is clashing with the plaid. Dot and Plaid don’t go.
Him: This wouldn’t have been bad if – it was a different material, if it was fitted, if she hadn’t worn dunks, if she had worn a nice shirt and if she had made ANY effort at all.
Emma Joy Kitchener and Jullian Fellows
Her: His outfit is fine it’s just her, what is she meant to be? She looks like she’s going to a colonial fancy dress party.
Him: So yes! Erm well, yes it’s a state, that’s all.


Sarah Paulson
Her: It’s the wrong color on her, the wrong shape, it doesn’t have a shape and she doesn’t have the right shape (i.e the wrong kind of boobs for it).
Him: It’s GREEN. One thing to know about me I hate green and this is a bad green too. No it’s horrible.

So there you go, our choices.

What did you like?

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