Elle’s Women in Hollywood Red Carpet

Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards ceremony was another excuse for the pretty people to dress up and show off their style on Monday night. But many more failed in this than succeeded, see the good and the bad outfits below.

As we said there weren’t too many who managed to look good enough to make it into our list of best dressed, these few did though…
Brittney Snow
Her:   I think it is so clashing that it looks nice.
Him:   I like this all except the bag.
Karen David

Her:   I like the flamenco vibe on the sleeves, plus the accessories match and the colour is great on her.
Him:   Simple and the right colours on her.

Lucy Hale
Her:  Floral suits her, just as much a cute and girly does, so good combination. 
Him: Cute! Is there anything else to say.

Then there were a lot of the ‘ It’s alriiiiiight! except for…’


Ashley Benson

Her:  Because of the lack of shape it just doesn’t do her any favors 
Him:   Perfect example of ‘It’s ok but nothing special’.

Nina Dobrev

Her: It’s stupid! The dress looks like it ran out of material so they pulled down the curtains and used that to finish it off and the make-up is too dark for the dress.
Him:   Another of my favourite stars and I like this, but it’s a little pale for her skin tone, but it’s well co-ordinated.

Vanessa Hudgens

Her: You know those hideous doilies that old grannies have all over their homes, well here they are in dress form. He won’t say anything, if it was on anyone else he would have hated it.
Him:  I like her and I think she has good style SHE hates her and nothing VH wears will ever be good enough to be in the good outfits section, so we compromise with a ‘it’s alright’. That said, maybe this is a little too doily frou-frou, a few layers less it could have been a lot more sexy.

Karla Souza

 Her:   It’s alriiiight! I’m not sure about the length of the legs and the froofy bit on the shoulder.
Him:   I like the sleeve, it’s different, the trousers could have been longer though

Lupita Nyong’o

Her:  Well both colors suit her, I like the texture too and I agree with Him.
Him: I have to be precise in saying this, in case I offend (that is not my intention) 
She looks like one of those really expensive chocolate truffles you get in the little cream box, wrapped in a foil wrapper. She quite literally looks good enough to eat!

Shay Mitchell
Her: Does Shay not own a hair-dryer? The dress does nothing for her, it’s like a bathrobe.
Him: Yeah Shay really needs to get the plumbing sorted in her house, this constant wet look is getting to be a problem now! And the having to show off as much leg is getting old too

Then there were a lot of Bad outfits…
Ashley Brookes Chambers

 Her:   The hair, the shape, the pattern it’s all wrong.
Him:   It a mhh! Wrong shape and bad colours.

Beth Reisgraf

Her:  It’s not horrible, it’s just a nothing, it should have had more shape or better accessories.
Him:   Mrs. Brown, it’s dull and odd

Chelsea Handler

Her: The neckline is wrong, but more than that the pattern is bad.
Him: This is grey and yuck.

Christina Cardona

Her: I can’t think of anything constructive to say.
Him: Oh look a reddish brown yucky mhh!

Dakota Fanning

Her: Who told her that shade works with her skin tone? Because she always wears a pale pallet.
Him: A yellow mhh! that really doesn’t help her skin tone.

Darcey Stanchfield

Her: It’s just too much frill and nothing, but yeah I agree with Him, the boots are nice.
Him: I like the boots, just not with this outfit.

Helen Mirren

Her:  It’s a really bland nothing of a dress.
Him: Lumpy black mess

January Jones

 Her: The wrong shape on her and I don’t think the hair helped.
Him: I don’t like the tail and what’s with the shoulder?

Katie Lowes

Her:  Again the make-up doesn’t match the dress, but the dress is wrong, the material ruins an OK dress design.
Him: Would you have curtains like this? Clearly Katie didn’t like them as curtain so she made a hideous dress!

Kelly Rowland

Her: The hair is awful, the dress is awful and it makes her look really lumpy.
Him: What is with the hair and make-up, the dress could be good if it was on someone else it could be good.

Anna Kendrick

Her:  It could have been a decent dress if it was in a different material and was tweaked here and there.
Him: This is a bad, bad shape and material on Anna.

Michelle Monagan

Her: Hideous color and the material makes it look really cheap.
Him:Badly cut and weird material and bad shoes.

Sasha Lane

Her:  She couldn’t pick one outfit, so she tried to wear them all.
Him: Yes what she said.

Sophia Amorousa

Her:  Something around the neck is really off putting and ruins the look for me. 
Him: I like this dress, but the hair ruins the whole look.

Yara Shahidi

Her:  It looks like a bedtime onesie.
Him: Oh dear lord, what the … This is hideous. Just Hideous.

So there you have it, another awards red carpet (or green in this case) and more of our opinions.
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