Sum41 13 Voices Album Review

It’s been 15 years since we had first heard of the Skate Punk Anthem ‘Fat Lip’ from the emerging Canadian band Sum 41. Now in 2016, they seem to be on a come back, from numerous band member changes to genre changes, it has been a ‘rocky’ road for them but now 13 Voices has been out for about a month and we decided to give it a first play and give it our initial thoughts.

1.  A Murder of Crows.

Her: This somewhat reminds me of Marylin Manson but was a bit of a long intro.
Him: I like the intro, I just wish the strings featured more in the whole song rather than the first 90 seconds. 

2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again

Her: This sets the tone for the whole album, and is probably the song that sounds most like themselves. Although there are elements of other sounds it is predominantly them.

Him: I suddenly remembered what I used to like about Sum 41- The All Filler Album. It’s like you are listening to an older rock band, wicked guitar riffs, a thumping drum beat and a catchy lyrics that you are almost singing along with immediately you hear it. I think this should have been the first track.

3. Fake My Own Death

Her: It sounds like old them but with more purpose, oomph and possibly a little rockier.
Him: I like the chorus, you can imagine seeing that live, the band singing as the audience sings back- call and response style.

4. Breaking The Chain

Her: I hear echoes of Linkin’ Park but with a guitar solo that sounds like Avenge Sevenfold rather than rap.
Him: I hear more of an 80’s sound, big hair stadium rock type of feel. I like the false start, where its melodic, then rocky bit, back to melodic again.

5. There Will Be Blood

Her: Now he said that, I can hear the Minority by Green Day mixed with My Chemical Romance -Black Parade.
Him: Green Day? That was my response after 4 seconds.

6. 13 Voices

Her: Again elements of MCR but Kudos to the Guitarist.
Him: It’s like older Panic At the Disco covered by a metal band but I also have a Surf Nazis Must Die kind of thing. 

7. War

Her: Now I am getting All time Low and Hoobstank in the sound but Blink 182 in the lyrics.

Him: This is my least favorite so far, there is another sounds alike but I can’t quite place it. For some reason who ever that was I didn’t like which is why this song is grating on me.

8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)

Her: I am not sure of this song, it sounded a lot like one of the others.
Him: This sounds different, in so much as I thought it was a different singer for the first verse. I like the megaphone bridge and the guitar solo is once again iconic. 

9.The Fall and The Rise

Her: This sounds like Fat Lip but with Limp Bizkit and Linkin’ Park featuring.
Him: Limp Bizkit that was the band I didn’t like! That was prominent in Track number 7. War. 

10. Twisted by Design

Her: I like the chorus and the loud rocky bit, it stops the song being just a meh oh and I like the lyrics too.

Him: This sounds like a rock version of Coldplay but I don’t want it to sound like I’m comparing all of these songs to other bands. This is quite a big track and deserves more of my attention without comparison.        

 11. Better Days

Her: I thought this was a continuation of the last track.

Him: I thought this was Paramore before he started singing then back to Panic. 

12. Black Eyes

Her: This sounds very +44 then moves on to more Emo maybe Taking back Sunday.

Him: It all sounds different enough per track but they are accumulating more pieces of other bands throughout.

13. War Acoustic 

Her: I am sticking with the whole it sounds like Hoobstank but it at least sounds different from the rest of the album.

Him: Its always good to get an acoustic just to prove that they can strip it down and still 

14. Breaking the Chain Acoustic

 Her: I like the lyrics and actually prefer it this way.

Him: I don’t know why they chose this track to do acoustic because its not dramatically different from the original. They could have done a variation or cover of their own.


Her: It’s a combination of every Emo and Alternative Rock band from the last 20 years, which isn’t a bad thing, because it then appeals to anyone who has ever liked any of those bands. I’m not saying it sounds exactly like them, Sum 41 aren’t a covers band, they just manage to take all the right elements and combine them to make songs that instantly sound like old favorites. My one snipe is that after a few tracks they all sound similar and you loose count of which song is which.

First off I think it’s a good album, the sound is as She says a mixtape of old favourites that merge together to make a whole new sound that is Sum 41. I think the track order is weird at times and the songs merge a bit too much, but if you play individual songs you’re going to come back time and again to this album. In time I’ll probably end up with 2 or 3 favs that will be played a lot more than the others.


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