The 2016 MTV EMA’s Red Carpet

Sunday night saw the music industries first big award ceremony of the season. The European Music Awards in Rotterdam, here are those that showed up in their outfits, the best and most definitely the worst…

                                                                    Bebe Rexa

Her:   I quite like this, I think through out the night she had 13 wardrobe changes but as far as red carpet goes its cute. Im not sure I like the hair but its a minor thing.
Him: Yes a good way to start this, Bebe WOW, I too just wish she had done more with her hair.

                                                                    Bibi Zhou

Her: Aww Panda purse, In an odd way I like this outfit, she made an effort and its different!
Him:  This is cute and fun, I like it, nothing more needed.

                                                                    Green Day

Her:   Well I like Green Day and I think they look smart in comparison to quite a lot of the guys that didn’t bother changing after the pub.
Him: Yes well She would say that, but sure they look ok, but it’s all black, even if they wore a little green it would be something.

                                                                     Jourdan Dunn

Her:   I don’t particularly like this woman, so my opinion is tainted by that. However the first dress is nicer than the short thing.
Him: She looks like a Candle Stick Holder, a Art Deco Object D’art. Both long and short. I’d have them on my Mantle Shelf!

                                                                    Nina Dobrev

Her: She made an effort! It’s pretty enough.
Him: WOW that review by Her translates as “I hate Nina Dobrev, but she looks good and I can’t find anything to bitch about, so fine she looks stunning”.  So yes What she said!

                                                                    Charlotte Dawson
Her:  I like this with the train, and the dress matches her skin tone perfectly. The only problem for me was the hair looked odd from the front but when she turned it actually looked good.
Him: Yes, what She said. But when She said she didn’t like the hair at first I disagreed, I liked this, it was dramatic and classic style, the hair added that quirkiness needed for the occasion.


Her:  Someone liked the Joker. That being said he looks pretty smart, I actually quite like it.
Him:  Yes he didn’t need the green hair, it’s old hat already, but smart, well done sir!

There were a lot of ‘It’s OK, but just OK, nothing more’.

                                                                    Winnie Harlow

 Her:   I like this but she wore it recently on a red carpet.
Him: This is going to be her look, every time she will wear black lace to accentuate her skin tones.

                                                                    Stefanie Giesinger

Her: I don’t mind this, I would have preferred to see the jump suit underneath as that looks really good but the dress is ok to.
Him: I HATE it when women wear trousers and a dress, I’ve said it before even when my favourites like Emma Watson or Taylor Swift wear them,  “Pick one, just one and go with that”. If this had been a tunic or open all the way up the front and over the jumpsuit it would have been cool. But that all said she is pretty, whomever she is.

                                                                    Charlie XCX

Her: OH dear! This girl cannot dress herself! The only positive is that at least she is covering up a bit more than usual.
Him: I kind of like Charlie, but she really needs a good stylist and soon. This is quirky and fun, but just too much.

                                                                 Deepika Padukone

Her: The earrings are too big, the bra and skirt are odd together but its not bad, its ok.
Him: It kind of works, it’s the triangle bralet that is wrong, the ear-rings wouldn’t be too bad, if the top was simpler. 

                                                                    Becca Dudley

Her:  I think this is a little too much, but again it’s not bad it’s just not great.
Him: Yeah Ditto. It’s nice just not WOW!

                                                                    Zara Larsson

Her: I don’t think the shoes go with the dress and she kind of looks like an Elizabethan doll but I guess thats not a bad thing. I like the makeup.
Him: Yeah this is one of those, it almost worked, looks, the shoes are fine, she should have pulled back one side of her hair in a buzzcut kind of look but it’s the waist it is too tight and makes her a funny shape.

                                                 Ania Aleksandrzak and Wojtek Gola

Her: Her outfit is cute and I don’t even mind the shoes but he ruins the picture and the look.
Him:  I like her outfit and she should be up in the Good section, but she was stapled to his side and he is a twat trying to be Simon Cowell.

                                            Mario Goetze and Ann-Kathrin Broemme

Her: Her dress obviously was falling apart so they stapled it together last minute.
Him: Yes I would repeat what She said, as for him, Black Polo-neck, Blue jacket, black trousers and brown shoes and a head too big for his body, at least he can claim the head isn’t his fault!

Then there are those ‘Oh dear’ outfits and there were a lot of them …

                                                                    Douwe Bob

Her: This suit was way to small for him, plus are we really going back to the whole blue suit thing errrrrgggggg!
Him: Men wear blue suits, because business man wears blue suits, it’s supposed to be a subliminal show that they know how to take risks, but all it says is that they have no style and copy each other and have no fricking clue how to dress.


Her: Why? The necklace no! The dress no! Plus the shoes? What was this woman thinking. It doesn’t flatter her shape and not only that the shoes make her legs look big and chunky.
Him:  “ooh, ooh, ooh I’m going to wear this to the EMAs, what do you think?” Anne-Marie said, the simple answer was 

                                                                    IT Girls

Her: For a group of girls called the IT girls ….. No I can’t think of anything nice to say apart from what the frigging hell is wrong with the world?
Him: The IT Girls? Really, who came up with that title for this lot?  More like the Shit girls.  The one on the left is the only one worth noting.

                                                            Monja Van de Veire and Wayne

Her: That necklace with that dress? The bag? His outfit in general?
Him: Less is more is my advise to her, that dress is great, the hair, bag and necklace weren’t needed, or for that matter that twat on her arm.

                                                                    Sonya Esman

Her: As I said above WTF?
Him: It’s always reported that people get ready for these things with loads of stylists, MUA and helpers, clearly Sonya didn’t have any of them to help her, she had her blind Grandmother in the other room telling her she looked lovely.

                                                                    Tallia Storm

Her: He likes this, but I think it is a mess. The Top no, the skirt no the boots are nice though.
Him: OK I do like this, but not all together, I love the boots and the skirt with the boots, the top is pretty, but the flesh coloured strap is a bad idea, she needed a nice lace bra, possibly covered in flowers, but not that top with the bottom. But the hair and make-up is lovely.

                                                                    Chloe Ferry

Her: No! She doesn’t have the body for this. Not only that but why must everyone show off their bum?
Him: It is so typical, another Geordie Shore or TOWIE girl, with no style and the only way to get any attention after the show has ended is to turn up in a state of a dress and look like a dog’s dinner (as my mum would say).

                                                                    Tini Tempah

Her:  Righhhhtttt………..
Him: Seriously what charity is he supporting by wearing that? Comic Relief? 


Her:  She is wearing curtain tassels. I mean what more can I say.
Him:  Supposedly Kenza is the Danish influencer of fashion, this is more like the influenza of Fashion! It looks like those beads you have hanging in doorways to stop flies. It’s nasty.

Eva Simmons

Her: This is a mess! I literally cannot think of what to say other than oh god what a mess!
Him: Hmm, I too am struggling to find words, any words, it’s just erm, yes, bad – but it is fluffy! It’s a Fluffing Mess!

So there you have it, a lot of random outfits.

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