Tove Lo – Lady Wood Album Review


Tove Lo is a Swedish Singer/Songwriter with a new album just out. We thought we would review it for you. So this is what we think…

1. Fairy Dust (Chapter I)

Her:  It’s an interlude, how can you review it?
Him:  Interesting sound shame it’s so short

2. Influence

Her: It sounds a lot like other music that is around at the moment and nothing new, which means it’ll be a huge hit as people seem to like everything the same these days.
Him:  This is the first I’ve heard of Tove Lo (literally listening to this right now) and this isn’t a good start, it’s pretty ordinary and I don’t like the accent.

3. Lady Wood

Her: I mean the lyrics are very childish but it sounds like Selena Gomez’s Revival.
Him: Really? This sounds so standard, oh look that high pitch electro synth sound, it could be any one of a hundred other songs

4. True Disaster

Her: I feel like this should have been the primary track not Lady Wood. Plus trendy statements like ‘zero fucks’ and ‘give me feels’ it will be a hit I’m sure.
Him: There’s a Fox about it? It sounds like a car commercial track.  

5. Cool Girl

Her: I think this is probably the strongest song on the album as it doesn’t quite sound like all the rest but it does sound like she is saying ‘ I am a call girl’
Him:  This is better, much catchier and fun, it’s just when it slows down and she rhymes Roman’ic with panic – :s

6. Vibes (Feat Joe Janiak)

Her:  I wish it had stayed with the acoustic but then it sunk back to the rest of the sound that every single song has.
Him: Oh it’s back to that same sound again, I thought she was breaking away from the obvious sounds with Cool Girl, but no here we are back here again.   

7. Fire Fade (Chapter II)

Her:  Again another Interlude but it seems pointless.
Him: I want this sound, if the album had been all weird sounds and mysterious illuminati stuff then it would have been cool.

8. Don’t Talk About It

Her:  It sounds like Selena Gomez again plus the lyrics?
Him: It sounds like she has mixed lyrics and just gone with it.

9. Imaginary Friend

Her: I didn’t mind the lyrics to this, but did it have to have the same stereotypical sound? Plus her voice does it always have to be synthesized.

Him:  They all start exactly the same. It reminds me of Sia, Halsey, JLO and Selena Gomez if you mashed them all together.  

10. Keep it Simple

Her:  This sound’s like every other song on this album but you can hear a Nick Jonas influence.
Him:  It has more potential or shows that she has more potential to do something big and dramatic but she has gone for the quick buck.

11. Flashes

Her:  It sounds like it has been translated because it is in broken English.
Him:  Dopeoplenotarticulateorseperatetheirwordssoitkindofsoundsclever?

12. WTF Love Is

Her:  To be honest it’s boring.
Him:  It’s the same backing track over and over again in layers of other tracks.


Her:  If you play 10 seconds of each track one after the other it sounds like the same song. There are only 2 songs that really stand out to me, but they sound ‘un-Finnished’ (being as she is Swedish!).  I liked her EP, but since then it feels like someone has told her to get a chart producer and make it commercial.
Him:  I  was skeptical about this album, I wasn’t sure if it could deliver. That said there are a couple of tracks which could be good and a couple that show she could have potential if only she took the time to make a bigger, more daring album. But for now this is pretty dull and just another of the same thing. It’ll probably be massive with the sheep that buy what the PR companies tell them to buy, but for me it’s not a hit.

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