Glamour Awards and a few other events too…


Last weekend saw the annual Glamour Women of the year awards and a mass of beautiful people graced the red carpet, below are our likes and dislikes of the outfits of the night.

In Addition, the weekend also saw The Governor’s Ball and a few Galas, most notably the Baby2Baby Gala. Further down are our preferred looks from both of these too.

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2016 Red Carpet…

                                                                Cara Delevinigne
Her:   I think it’s pretty, I like the cut-outs but it’s not too revealing.
Him: Well at least Cara managed to look good even if no one else did.

Then there were a lot of ‘Mhh’ outfits

Gwen Stefani
Her: I really like this dress, shame about her though.
Him: Great dress shame about the mannequin, what has happened to her face.    
Constance Wu
Her: I think it’s OK it’s not outstanding, it needed something more.
Him: It’s a nice idea and it looked quite good it just lacked that extra 10% to make it great.
Yara Shahidi
Her:  I like the tunic, but not the shirt underneath.
Him:  I don’t like this, it’s too garish and unmatching.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Her: I don’t think this is bad at all.
Him: Well I do it’s green – I hate green – and since She said it the other day, I can’t not see that JDT has a big neck and this really emphasizes that.

Demi Lovato
Her: I think this gives her a weird shape around the hips, apart from that it’s not bad.
Him: And the arms, it’s weird over the arms and the skirt poofs oddly too.

Her: I quite like this, if it didn’t have fluffy sleeve and were just sheer it would be really pretty.

Him:   I like the dress and everything, apart from the sleeves, she looks like she was in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake!

Oh No!

                                                          Ashley Grahame
Her: This is just awful, it wouldn’t be good on anyone, it just doesn’t work.
Him:   OK we get it, your a plus size model, why do you have to wear this same outfit every time you go out?

Lena Dunham
Her: On the plus side it covers a lot of flesh, on the negative side it’s showing every lump and bump.
Him: She is consistent at least, she is a complete state every time.
Jenna Lyons
Her: That is a H-I-D-E-O-U-S Outfit in every way

Rowan Blanchard
Her: Horrible material and a bad shape on her and the colour is bad and…
Him:   EEeeeuuuuerrggghghghghghhhh!

Additionally there were a couple of other events and here are the attendees of those too…
The Governor’s Awards
Elegant and sophisticated and that is just Hailee Steinfield…
Nicole Kidman

 Her: It’s pretty, it’s just I wish she had done something with her hair.

Him: It wasn’t my favourite but it was quite pretty.

Mark Wahlberg

 Her:  I liked this, the waistcoat especially. A lot of guys don’t seem to make the effort, he did and he did something with his hair too.

Him: He will always be Marky Mark to me and so to see him looking smart is a surprise, yes Well done Mr. Wahlberg.

Andrew Garlield

 Her: This is nice enough, it’s just that men tend to look much the same as each other.

Him: I do prefer a double breasted suit and this is a really nice one, but yes I agree with Her men tend to make no effort and all wear the same thing every time. 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

 Her: I like the double texture of the dress and she’s pretty!

Him:  now that’s a name – imagine the toast master announcing her to the room, but in that dress, she would make a good entrance.

Lily Collins

 Her: The creases are really off putting – I wonder what she’s been doing! – and the lipstick doesn’t go, but apart from that I don’t mind the color on her and I don’t usually think yellow/gold goes with pale skin.

Him: Please ignore the crease in the stomach, Lily is! I like this on her, it’s a good colour on her.

Greta Gerwig
Her:  It does look like she’s wearing an apron, but it’s a nice color and a good shape on her.
Him: Yes what She said and quite a sexy side boob!
Haliee Steinfeld

 Her:  She looks like quite beautiful, In the nicest way possible, she looks like an Angel Jellyfish

Him: I wrote the bit at the top, I think this is outfit of the night, or even the weekend!

Leslie Mann
Her:  Even though it makes her look short I still really like it. I like the layering.
Him: It’s always great to see someone really go for it and dress up in a proper ballgown, this is pretty and he is doing a good job holding her purse.

Then there was also the Baby2Baby Gala.
This seemed to be an excuse for lots of women to be pregnant and others to just look a mess…
Camilla Belle
Her: I think it is super pretty, I like the different patterns, the featheriness, the shoes and the detailing, I don’t think there is a bit of the outfit I don’t like.

Him: Well after that review I don’t know what to say, I am not so in love with it, but it’s good enough and one of the best looks on the night.

The Dewan-Tatum’s

 Her: That dress is hideous, why? and He just looks just the same as always.

Him: Yeah Pink satin, did she not go to her prom? It is bad, he looks ok, pretty smart.

Kelly Rowland

 Her: No it looks like an oversized onsie and what the hell is with the hair?

Him: It looks like she got a satin duvet cover and sewed up one diagonal to make a leg and then held on to the fabric. It’s a mess.
Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell
Her: Her outfit is simple but cute and of course it’s black so I’m going to like it
Him: Yes she does cute outfits and I tend to like her style, him not so much.
Rachel Bilson

 Her: Very Summery (Get it?!) I’m not sure I like the length of it though.

Him: A pretty little flower or a bouquet, she looks elegant.

Wiz Khalifa Selma Blair and Busy Phillips.
Her: I like his jacket, it looks like hundreds of tiny studs, I quite like his style. Selma Blair’s is pretty too, she seems to be doing this tailored style a lot and it works for her. As for Busy, I don’t like the neck, the rest is ok.
Him: I like Wiz’s style, I just wish he would do his shirt up – we know you have tattoos we’ve all seen them before. SB – I don’t like peplums or whatever this is and Busy, well this is a pretty busy pattern, but over all it’s quite a dramatic look and it works.

Well there you go a lot of pretty outfit and a lot more bad ones. There will be plenty more awards coming up soon and we will endeavor to cover the red carpet looks of many of them. So stayed tuned, follow or subscribe to see what we think of them all. 

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