The AMAs took place last weekend and a lot of people turned up, but not many dressed well.


The AMAs took place last weekend and a lot of people turned up, but not many dressed well.

There were very few well dressed, namely these two:

Selena Gomez

Her:  It’s very pretty, I think after she entered there wasn’t any competition for Best Dressed
Him:   Beautiful and elegant and so well deserved a winner on the night.

Nina Dobrev

Her:  It’s nice but it’s missing something, like a black belt or something to tie the bra and shorts together.
Him:  I love this, it’s so sparkly and pretty and her hair was braided with silver too.

There were a lot of mhh! outfits, neither good or bad…

Fifth Harmony

Her: I don’t mind the girl in the middle and the one on the right, but the rest just look trampy.
Him: I only like the girl on the right of the picture, the rest look a mess and trying way too hard.  


 Her:  I didn’t mind this side on because you couldn’t see the white duvet cover like section, but it looks comfy and should she get tired she’s sorted!
Him: This isn’t bad and it looks fun and squishy!

White was definitely a popular choice…

Jeannie Mei
 Her:  I quite like the mirror pieces made it look multi-dimensional and stopped it being a boring white dress.
Him:  It looked like a figure sculpture made of pieces of mirror, it was good, just not ‘WOW’

                                                                  Lady Gaga

Her:  Well it’s a suit I’m gonna like it, I just don’t like the hat.
Him: Yes trouser suits are cool and the hat is pretty dramatic, so I didn’t mind it.

                                                                     Gigi Hadid

Her:  I like the dress, but I’m not sure it suits her body, it makes her boobs look too low.
Him:  Yes it’s quite pretty, I just wish it was higher in her bust or she had some support!


Her:  I like it, she’s so pretty and she has boobs! I just don’t like the neck/shoulder it look like a straight jacket.
Him:  I don’t like it, her boobs look weird and she was clearly cold!. It could been a great spacesuit costume in some film!

                                                                 Skylar Grey

Her:  I quite like this, but again something is not quite right with it.
Him:  It looks like she’s been to the gym in a sweat suit.

                                                            Hailee Steinfeld

Her:  I like this especially as it is a Romper and not a dress.
Him: I don’t like this, it’s green, it looks pulled in at the middle like it’s too big and it looks odd, plus she could have done something with her hair.

                                                                  Rebecca Romijn

Her: I like this and she made a lot more effort than most that turned up, but it lacks that same ‘oomph’ factor like so many others.
Him:  Maybe we are already getting jaded from dress overload this awards season, but this just lacked any originality and the front length is too short.

                                                                      Jess Bauer

Her:  I don’t like the top, it give her too many bump and cuts her into too many sections. Plus the necklace is not needed.
Him: I like it, but it’s the wrong colour on her, either she or the outfit needed to be darker and the hairs a bit of a mess.

Then there were the BAD outfits…

                                                                       Heidi Klum

 Her:  I really don’t like her, so with that in mind, I really don’t like this, but at least she is covering some skin for once.
Him: It’s just too 70’s, more a fancy dress outfit and Heidi loves a costume.


 Her:  I’m not sure if it’s the dress or that the make-up and hair don’t go with the dress.
Him: She is orange and has stupid hair, the make-up could be good but not with that look. 

Noah Cyrus

 Her:  I’m not going to pick it apart, it’s just all a mess.
Him:  She looks like a packet or fruit gums, it’s too busy and too much and a mess.


Her:  This does nothing for her shape and well I think he has it right…

Him: Just saying…

And then there was the ‘Skank Possy’. The slut dressing gang of nobodies trying to get attention by wearing the worst outfit possible.

                                                                  Gigi Gorgeous

Her:  It’s probably the best of the bad, bad bunch
Him: Good body, but it’s just yuck and what’s with the name? 

                                                               Kat Graham

Her:  It just…it, what? eh? It makes her look square and the posture is, eh?
Him:  Oh dear, oh dear, go home Kat!

                                                                     Keke Palmer

Her:  She looks like more of the extras in a rap video.
Him:  *Shakes head* and No Comment.


Her: I like the boots, there that’s a positive, let’s leave it there.
Him:  Did she raid Ru Paul’s wardrobe?


Her: It looks like she’s wearing a beach cover-up.
Him: No it’s just another desperate idiot with a PR telling her to get any press she can.


Her: She looks like an extra in a 1940’s Esther Williams film and not in a good way.
Him:  Repeat last statement.

                                                                  Bella Thorne

Her:  I can’t go into why I hate this outfit without picking her to shreds.
Him: It could have been ok if the jacket did up. But it didn’t and so she looks a state.

And the Queen of the Skanks awards goes to the smooth shaven and very confident…

                                                              Chrissy Teigen

Her:  What made her think this was a good idea?
Him: Yeeeees. Riiiiight, well it proves she doesn’t have stretch marks I guess!

So there you have it.  The good, the bad and the oh dear, oh dears! What did you think?

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