Critic’s Choice Awards Red Carpet 2016

Sunday Night saw the Blue Carpet rolled out and celebrity feet marched along it for the 22nd Critic’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica. Some of those that attended looked gorgeous, others, so so and of course there were those that should really stay at home, get a stylist or even shoot the stylist…



Ariel Winter

 Her:   I don’t like her hair, but the dress is quite pretty and flatters her shape nicely.
Him:   I thought that this was really pretty, I like the hair. My only problem was the flesh netting on the back, it would have been better if it had been left bare. 

                                                            Auli’i Cravalho

Her:   I really like this, the shape, the way everything ties together and the flower in her hair is cute too.
Him:  Its pretty, its a good dramatic sort of thing for this type of awards show. I would have just preferred it to be more integrated between top and bottom.

                                                                 Busy Phillips

 Her:    Good color on her! Its actually really nice.
Him:   For Busy its remarkably un-busy. It is quite simple yet effective.  

Kaley Cuoco

 Her:    I don’t usually like pink but this is quite nice. I like the lacy top/dress with the train and the trousers, everything goes so well together.
Him: I really like this and I have said enough times that I don’t like dresses and trousers together, the train works to make it not a dress.  

Constance Wu

 Her:    Pretty and cute! It’s very fresh and summery.
Him: It’s yeahh… Pretty again.

Eriko Parrish

 Her:  I like this, its a good example of leg or boob. Plus I like the texture/material change.
Him:   This is quite smart really, I just have a small problem with the half circle on the waist band, it doesn’t match the top. It looks like the skirt has been pulled around to give a leg split. 

Evan Rachel Wood

 Her:    Oooooooo she looks soo preetttyyy. Need I say more?
Him:    ERW Can be really elegant or just really meh. This time she did elegant/handsome/stylish.

Hailee Stenfield

 Her:   She looks preeetttyyyy, such a lot of color but it works on her.
Him:    The birthday girl! She went for classic Hailee, I do wonder if she had her converse with her.

Janelle Monaé

 Her:  I like that it all ties together, the belt and the choker, plus the red lipstick and nail varnish. Plus I think she has style so it probably wouldn’t look good on most but it works on her.
Him: This wasn’t so much my favourite, it looks like she should be standing at the end of a race track.   

Kate Beckinsale

 Her:   Its like a galaxy in a dress. Pretty the only thing I don’t like is the neck.
Him:    For some reason I don’t get KB to often but this was lovely, sexy and daring without going too far.

Lily Collins

 Her:    I quite like this, its not gothic but it is very victorian? The whole looks works together well.
Him:    First off this is not goth, LC put up pictures saying ‘goth’ on her Instagram, this is not goth but that being said whatever it is sure does look good! This is probably my favourite look of the night.

Linda Cardelini

 Her:    Cute! Its simple but it works.
Him: This is cute, nice length and floaty.

Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp and Caleb McLaughlin

Her: They are all very stylish! I like Noah’s Jacket.
Him: These have to be the smartest guys in Hollywood! We have yet to see them turn up somewhere and not look incredibly dapper.

Sarah Hyland

Her: Although this doesn’t really give her much of a shape, I kind of like it. It looks comfy and everything matches.
Him:   I agree with her, it is an odd shape around the hips and either had to pick a choker or necklace cause it makes her head look like it is on back to front. 


Allison Williams

 Her:    I’m not sure about this one, I think it gives her an odd shape in the torso.
Him:    This is very art deco, I like it, its just mnnnnneh there is something not quite hitting the mark.

Sheri Appleby

 Her:   I wish this dress had either been a tiny bit longer or shorter. Its a nice dress, nice color on her but why do the shoes not match!
Him:  It makes her look a funny shape and very short. Plus red shoes with a blue dress? Why?

Bella Thorne

 Her:     ERGGGG Skank Ho Cant stand this girl! I wish this dress was on anyone else.
Him:    I knew she was going to moan about this because its BT but seriously it is a wow and she has the figure for it. Its pretty concealing for her but still allows her to show of flesh. I think it is really really nice and the only reason it is here is because we disagree so dramatically.

Jessica Biel

 Her:   At first look I liked this, but on second thought it kind of just looks like a dressing gown with a belt but still it looks a nice texture.
Him:   Meh, its green and drab and her hair looks a mess.

Carly Chalkin

 Her:    I like the mix and match of the top/dress and the trousers, its just lacking something.
Him:   Go back to what I was saying earlier about trousers and dresses. This just is wrong! pick one or the other. 

Carey Keagan

 Her:  Im not sure I like the hair but the dress is very nice and quite sexy. Very Cartoon blonde bombshell.
Him:  It’s a blonde Jessica Rabbit. She’s not bad she is just drawn that way!

Hannah Hart

 Her:    She looks smart, I always like a girl in a suit.
Him:    This was smart just the jacket is not fitted well enough. It needed a bit more fitting.

John Travolta

 Her:    He looks smart, I like this jacket.
Him:    I thought this was a nice variation on the standard black tux – I think mens clothes are soo boring.

Julie Bowen

 Her:    I quite like this, it makes her look very tall. The belt for once does tie in the whole look and matches the bag and shoes. She looks very fresh and light.
Him:   She does tend to wear the same things. That being said she knows what works on her and thus goes with what she had learnt.

Kate Micucci

 Her:    It’s nice, more of a summer dress but yeah its cute.
Him:    She is cute, she plays cute in everything and this is cute, its just not a wow.

Kathryn Winnick

 Her:   I think she looks a bit of a mess to be honest. I like the netted bit at the neckline and arms but the rest of the dress looks a bit hap hazard.
Him:    This could have worked If… a lot of things really. 

Nicole Kidman

 Her:   Again its an alrriiiggghhttt outfit, I don’t much like the midriff and the slit. Then again I’m not a big fan of show of torso dresses anyway.
Him:    I didn’t like this, the stomach is weird, the bat wings are weird and the split up the front makes her legs look wibbly-wobbly!

James Marsden

 Her:    It’s different. I think he looks quite handsome, apart from why the brown shoes?
Him:  I guess I am a traditionalist, brown shoes are wrong unless you are wearing a brown suit and it ruins this. The pocket square should have been black to match the shirt, the trousers are too short and this is the wrong material.  

Michelle Moynahan

 Her:    I really like the jacket section of this dress but I’m not a big fan of the see through/pants deal going on at the bottom. Plus whats with the white bow?
Him:   Its one of those outfits that is too much, to many aspects to it. It looks like she has been preforming in Cabaret and chucked a netted skirt on. 

Milo Ventimiglia

 Her:    He looks like he made an effort and its not blue!
Him:    Quick duck Milo, there is a sniper with a target on you!

Rachel Bloom

 Her:    I’m not liking this random flap of material/cape? However the blue section is nice.
Him:    This was the secretary look at the office party. It just didn’t do anything.  

Christian Slater

 Her:    Lets get this straight, I despise this man! However I like that jacket.
Him:    Its showtime at the Sans! With your Sinatra wannabe.

Viola Davis

Her:     This is a good color on her and a good shape on her.
Him:     This is one of those, would have looked fine on someone else. Its just bland.  


Chrissy Metz

 Her:     The colors work with her, but the brown lace detail just doesn’t do her shape any favors.
Him:    Ahh she went as a Christmas Tree, an extremely wide and busy Christmas Tree

Lucas Jade Zumann

 Her:     He could of ironed out the suit, I mean come on.
Him:    He could have pressed the suit and boy does he look like a smarmy little shit!

Natalie Portman

 Her: I get that she is pregnant but this doesn’t do anyone any favors she looks like a Christmas placemat.
Him:  She went as a present to go under the Christmas Tree.

Patrick Starr?

 Her:     Wasn’t Patrick Star the Starfish in Spongebob? I think Holland Roden wore this but with more style.
Him:    Is this a man? Patrick? Really? Too many questions for such a terrible outfit.

Sarah Paulson

Her:   This peplum bit at the hips gives her a really peculiar shape. The posture also doesn’t help.
Him:   Why does she have to wear a peplum? It just doesn’t work, it makes you aware of her hips and how big they look.     

There you go another red (or in this case blue) Carpet rundown.
What do you think of this one?
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