Coming Soon

Over the past year Climbing Moss has grown, as we are slowly getting the hang of all things blog related. In 2017 we will be updating and expanding more. Read on to find out what we have planned.

Please bare with us whilst we work on new ideas, we will still be doing some posts but they may be a bit erratic.

Things coming in 2017.

We are working on our first podcast so you can actually hear our voices.
We aim to be a bit more social being as we have been a bit closed off due to unwanted harassment.
We are considering going back to WordPress because we don’t seem to have enough of a following to have a blogger blog.
We still aim to do a post at least once a week and we want to be more interactive, we would like to hear more suggestions or recommendations.
Him: We have had enough Beyonce recommendations though, thank you.

All the best for 2017, Stay with us and follow, like and watch out for all these updates and more…

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