2017 Golden Globes and After Party

Sunday night saw the stars turn out in their droves for the Golden Globe Awards and many dressed up to their finest and some failed.
Here are our picks of those who looked gorgeous and those that looks like the Dog’s Dinner!

So here we go

The Good:

Hailee Steinfeld
Her:   Wow she looks pretty, its a really nice shape and a beautiful color on her. She looks like a princess.
Him: Wow pretty once again and purple, or lilac at least. 


Kristin Cavallari
Her:   Pretty enough, I like the pattern and the accessories are simple yet effective.
Him:  Simple, elegant and effective what more do you need.


Emma Stone
Her:   In some photos she looks very washed out, however in this picture it looks good. I like the stars and the necklace it all goes well together.
Him:  This was cool, yes it did wash out in many shots where the flash popped, but it was good in movement.


Gina Rodriguez
Her: She’s pretty, I liked this dress in movement and also the makeups great!
Him: Repeat what she said. 


Gwendoline Christie


Her:  This really works for her. Simple as that!
Him:  Classical look that suits her, the only thing is that she always wears the same sort of thing.


Evan Rachel Wood

Her:  Best outfit of the night.

Him:  Pretty smart and best tuxedo of the night – well maybe.


Kristen Bell
Her: I do like the tuxedo like front, I just feel it needed a necklace to finish off the look.
Him:  Another lovely outfit and the open neckline is sexy on her.


Mandy Moore
Her:   I like the cape, train, flowey thing, it is lovely.
Him:  Like Kristen’s above I like the open neckline and the dress is really nice, a good look for her.


Millie Bobby Brown
Her:  She has a very old fashion movie star style which is wonderful.
Him:  Seriously this girl has incredible style.
Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Gaten Matarazzo, Finn Wolfhard and  Milly Bobby Brown

Her:  Yes they are very stylish.

Him:  These guys! Wow, they a the new level of style at any awards red carpet. Best dressed men again.

Janelle Monáe
Her:   I like this. I like the short front and train back and she has a real thing for black&white.
Him:  Pretty, and poofy! It’s fun and cute too.
Maisie Williams

Her:   I’m not too keen on the hair, but the dress is a good colour and shape on her.

Him:  I love this on her, thankfully she’s worked out what style is and the colour is great, I just wish she didn’t do the Lily Collins Eyebrows.


Reece Witherspoon

Her:   In some pictures she looked washed out in this yellow dress, but here it bring out her hair.

Him:  Again yellow, I like yellow but it can make people look washed out or like they have a sun burn, thankfully Reece is neither of these and looks smokin’!
Brie Larson
Her:   This is a good color on her, the lipstick is a match and it’s a good shape.
Him:  Ditto her comments really – Well done Brie!

The Bad – ish!:

The Stallone Family

Her:   Their are alright, none of the dresses are horrible, quite stylish.

Him:  Pretty good looking family and he is really smart, just not sure what’s happened to his face!


Jessica Biel
Her:   I like the top of this and I don’t even mind the grey bit, it’s the side, detail, flowery things that ruin it for me.
Him:  Yay the open neckline again. But I don’t like the skirt.
Blake Lively

Her:   I liked the dress, I just feel the pockets ruin a great dress.

Him:  Yes it looks like a superhero costume with gilded boxing gloves. Otherwise it looked good.

Emily Ratajkowski
Her:  I legitimately do not like this woman and sure this dress could have been fine on someone else, someone who perhaps didn’t want to flash her underwear every given opportunity.
Him:  I’m not a fan of her either, but she’s pretty, the gold is a great colour on her and the back is great. Yes the opening the vent to show off flesh coloured pants wasn’t great to see though.
Lily Collins
Her:   Not too keen on the make-up and I’m not sure about the color on her. The style is very her though.
Him:  I liked this and yes, she does do this style very well, but yeah the colour was a little too strong. 
Lola Kirke
Her:   It’s alriiiight! it was nothing special, but it wasn’t horrible, it’s just the armpit hair that was disgusting.
Him:  It was the wrong colour pink for her and she needed to do something with her hair – and shave her armpits!
Amy Adams
Her:   This makes her look really broad and an odd shape.
Him:  The next Sith, she looks like she’s in part of Darth Vader’s costume. It’s too plasticy.
Chrissy Teigen
Her:   Ruffles around the neck, around the hips and the feet, no!
Him:  I HATE PEPLUMS! This would have been good otherwise.


Jessica Chastain
Her:   It kills any shape on her and it’s a bland color too.
Him:  Jessica Chest – tain, it’s big and flat on the open neckline, maybe it is the colour that make it seem so.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Her:   The dress is fine and I think the make-up is wrong.
Him:  I like this and she usually looks good, it’s just the make-up or is it the face!


Sofia Vergara
Her:   It’s ok, the gold flaking is very in right now and it isn’t too bad.
Him:  Ooo! I like this, she always wears the sweetheart neckline and a bold colour, so this is a great change. We disagree on this, otherwise I would have put this in the Good pile.


Winona Ryder
Her:   The dress is nice, it just needed accessories and a better hair-do.
Him:  Great dress, yes it needed more to make it pop.


 Zoe Saldana
Her:   Well I don’t like the bow and there is too much pink and too much frilliness.
Him:  It’s a bit of a mess, too many tassel/frills.

The Uggggglllllly!”

Caitiriona Balfe
Her:   It looks like a dress that they have stapled to make it fit her.
Him:  She brought spare tablecloths!
Chrissy Metz
Her:   It’s a nice color!
Him:  It’s a purple tent!
Felicity Jones
Her:   Urghhh! Horrible color, teas cosy , yuck.
Him:  Oh dear Rogue One! Use the force and learn what style is!


Keri Washington
Her:   Again, it’s a bad color on her, it’s see-through and there are random left over bits stuck on.
Him:  It looks like a gladiator’s outfit reworked, there are shoulder pads and half a belt left over and the chainmail is see-through and BIG KNICKERS ALERT!


Michelle Williams
Her:   It is a Mhhuckk dress and what’s around her neck?
Him:  Granny Williams can be found in the Little House on the Prairie.
Natalie Portman
Her:   I get she is pregnant and all, but this is not a good shape or color on her.
Him:  She looks like a second from the Wedgwood pottery factory, with that white detailing around her and it makes her an odd shape even for a pregnant woman!
Nicole Kidman
Her:   What’s up with the sleeves and the neck/chest area does her no favors.
Him:  Granny Kidman is to be found with Ms. Williams in the frumpy. granny department.
Olivia Spencer
Her:   It’s really not a good outfit on her, it would have been ok if it fitted her.
Him:  Really awful outfit and the award for no friends to tell you the truth, before a public event goes to Olivia.
Sarah Paulson
Her:   It makes her bulge and bump in odd places and is not the right color on her.
Him:  She is just a mess, always is and always will be.
Sophie Turner
Her:   Sophie couldn’t decide on one dress, so she cut together the five she had and wore the best bits of all of them.
Him:  Yes, it’s a mess, it could have been great, but it failed somehow.
Tracee Ellis Ross
Her:   The collar bone to the bust is very long, the hips look astronomically large and the see-through legs look awful.
Him:  Oh dear lord, why? No just no.
Mimi Valdes and Pharrell
Her:   Not much can be said, apart from it looks bad, real bad.
Him:  And the worst outfits of the night came together, WTF.He looks like a Mexican official and she looks like, well I have no words!

Then they all did it again at the party, some people changed, other didn’t, some didn’t even go to the awards and went straight to the InStyle and Warner Bros After Party…

Miranda Kerr
Her:   It’s ok, it didn’t have any oomph or shape to it!
Him:  It’s not bad or good, it’s ok, though.
Diane Kruger
Her:   It – it – it’s too Willy Wonky chocolate wrapper!
Him:  Yes well does she know Pharrell? She looks like a thrown out Christmas decoration.
Natalia Dyer
Her:   I thought this was kind of cute
Him:  Yes it’s cute, she needed better shoes, but with feet that big maybe she was limited on choice!
Shanina Shaik
Her:   I don’t like the neck, the rest however is quite pretty.
Him:  This was pretty, sexy and stylish. A good look for her.
The Hough’s
Her:   Julianna’s dress is lovely,I liked the floofiness of it.
Him:  Ooo This is gorgeous and lovely and he looks smart too.
Naomie Harris
Her:   Apart from her abysmal posture the dress is pretty.
Him:  Yeah if you look at the dress and chop off the picture at the bust it’s nice, it’s the rest that is a mess.
 Keke Palmer
Her:   I like the hair and the ombre dress, it goes well together.
Him:  This is pretty good and all matches, no more needed.
Malin Ackerman
Her:   She looks so pretty and like a swan.
Him:  Oh I did love this, a flapper girl look with feathery top half. She wind the “It’s so fluffy!” Award.
Nicola Peltz
Her:   I think loads of this dress clash but it works, I wish the bra had been another color.
Him:  I like Nicola’s style and she has that ability to pull this off where most wouldn’t be able to.
Victoria Justice
Her:   I don’t like her, let’s leave it at that.
Him:  I like VJ and this is cool in a bondage(y)/raunchy kind of kinky way.  Sexy!
Janelle Monae – Look 2
Her:   I prefer the first outfit, but it’s ok.
Him:  I prefer this look, but they were both suitable for the specific event.
Lucy Hale
Her:   I like the crackle pattern on the top and she looks pretty.
Him:  I like the single sleeve and she looks sexy.
Mr. and Mrs. Somerhalder
Her:   I obviously like this designer’s collection this season as it’s the same as Ruby Rose wore for the London Premiere of XXX. But they both look smart.
Him:  It’s not bad, I prefer his look though. He does smart when he’s dressing himself, get him on a photoshoot and suddenly looks a mess. 


Well there you go, a mass of pretty people and a fair number of pretty dresses and thanks to the Stranger Things boys for showing how a man should look at these things!

So what did you think? What did you like? Tell us.

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