The People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet 2017

Last night saw the red carpet rolled out at The Microsoft Theatre in California and the A list (and a number of B,C,D… listers too) turned up to show off their style.
Here are our choice of the best and worst looks for the night.

So let’s start with the awards for Best Dressed on a PCA Red Carpet:
Chandler Kinney

Her   I don’t know who she is, but she looks really pretty, I love the pattern and the shape of the dress and she makes it all look so effortless.

Him   This is lovely, perfect, she has great legs, an incredible figure and shows it off to perfection in this brocade dress and great accessories too

                                                                 Jaime Chung
Her   This is a great color on her and the shoes match perfectly and the hair is just right. Well done Jaime
Him I like this a lot, it is simple and delicate, she looks like a doll.
                                                                       Ruby Rose

Her  She’s beeeeeaaaauuuutiiifuuuullll! The suit is a really good color, it’s a good shape and I like the lipstick too. A perfect mix of masculine/feminine all in one.

Him    See she can do WOW, this is great, I love a trouser suit and such a great colour. If only she dressed this well all the time!
                                                                Tom Hanks

Her  Some people wear suits and look mhh! and some people wear them and look smart, he is a latter for sure.

Him    See the problem is men’s fashion is so limiting, we have to wear a suit and still most get it so wrong, but Mr. Hanks does it very well usually and last night his suit was the best of the night.

Her  This is pretty enough, the only thing I would change is her hair. That being said I like the chest area and how everything goes together.

Him J’Lo can look gorgeous or she can look a complete state, thankfully last night she turned up looking incredible in this long black dress.  

Then there were the lacking a certain something

                                                                Meg Donnelly

Her  I’m not too keen on the midriff, It would have been better if it was tucked into the skirt but other than that its ok, it just doesn’t stand out.

Him    I think this is quite cute, I didn’t have a problem with the midriff but more the strange cut outs at the arm/shoulders. 
                                                                Ali Larter

Her  Cute, summery and fresh, I think its a good outfit just not outstanding in anyway.

Him   I think she needs a necklace but the dress itself is nice, summery, brave even in Californian weather at the moment. 
                                                                Chelsea Kane

Her  Nothing to do with the dress but I don’t like her hair, however the dress is quite pretty, I like the subtle reds in the accessories and the small flower details.

Him    I am biased, I think Chelsea has great style and I love a lot of what she wears! This is no exception, at first I thought it was a bit of a let down but now seeing it in full I realise it is pretty. Really Pretty!
                                                                Emily Wickersham

Her It’s nice enough, it just doesn’t stand out. I like the trumpet sleeves.

Him  It’s cute and simple, I like the neckline, hem and sleeves there is something different.   
                                                                Jodie Sweetin

Her  I like this rocky look, however I feel like the leather jacket just looks a bit strange. The dress however looks really nice.

Him    Rock Chick! At least that’s what she wanted us to say! It’s a beautiful dress, I don’t think she needed the jacket.
                                                                Liz  Hernandez

Her  This again is one of those nice but not outstanding outfits. I think it needed a bit of detailing however its nice enough.

Him    Yeah, what she said, it’s pretty, it just needs something extra.
                                                                Melissa Peterman

Her  I’m not sure about this, I mean its nice enough. I don’t like the shoes, or the hair but the rest is ok.

Him    This is quite cute, I think her smile help with that! But it’s effective. But yes bad choice of shoes.
                                                                Peyton List

Her  Kinda cute, she looks like a little sugar plum fairy plus this color actually works on her even though she is pale.

Him    Ahh! She’s so adorably cute! Pure and simple.
                                                                Renee Bargh

Her  I like this color, but I’m just not sure about the chest area with the odd frills around the shoulder blades.

Him    She has great legs – whomever she is! – and this would look an absolute mess on anyone else. I hate the peplum/ruffles though.
                                                                Sofia Vergara

Her  Sofia seems to really like gold at the moment and its a good color on her. I think this is quite pretty and rather understated for her which is nice to see a bit of variation.

Him    This looks like Sofia took the top of her dress from the Golden Globes and added a skirt. But yes she’s found a new look and that’s a good thing.
                                                                           Victoria Justice

Her  I prefer this from the side. Granted I don’t like her but this is a decent color on her and is quite a nice design I just feel like from the front it squares her off.

Him    What she didn’t say is she doesn’t like VJ, otherwise would have been in Best Dressed, because I LOVE THIS. It is stunning and I do like her – a lot.

Then the ‘Worst Dressed’ Awards went to…

                                                                Candace Cameron Bure

Her  This is a real frumpy dress and she’s dressing far too old for her age.

Him  The ‘Granny Outfit’ Award goes to CCB for this number. Way too old.

                                                                Carly Steel

Her  This looks like a nice dress with a fishing net over the top and it makes her look very blobby.

Him  She didn’t get nominated for anything, she just has weird things on her shoulders and bad shoes.  

                                                                Fifth Harmony

Her  Every single event they turn up dressed as a collective mess. There was one redeeming member but now she’s gone, there really is no point them even trying.

Him   They should never have let the other one leave, she was the only one worth looking at, this lot win the ‘WTF Group’ Award every time!

                                                                Gwen Stefani

Her  She looks like she’s going to a fancy dress party as the Blue Fairy.

Him   The winner of the Madonna Award, aka the ‘What the F*** was she thinking’ Award.

                                                                Justin Timberlake

Her  He just didn’t even try.

Him The ‘Geography Teacher of the Year’ Award goes to this mess. – He didn’t even clean the mud off his shoes. 

                                                                Karina Smirnoff

Her  Yeah it’s just a mess!

Him She wins the ‘Russian Ballroom Dancer’ Award, good job because she is a Russian Ballroom Dancer, shame she had to wear her costume so we knew who and what she was.  

                                                                Lori Loughlin

Her  Too many clashing patterns and what’s with the pink cuff and hem?

Him  The ‘Colourblind’ Award goes to this hideous dress. Don’t you wish you could only see in Black and White?!

                                                                Melissa McCarthy

Her  Recently she’s been doing so well and then she had to turn up in this. The top would have been fine with plain black trousers.

Him Simply the winner of the “Oh Fuck!” Award goes to this awful mess.

Well there you go, A round-up the next day! Why can’t more awards happen on a Wednesday Night, then we would have them reviewed and up on Thursday for you all to see!

So what did you like?

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