The 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet

On Sunday night everyone who is anyone turned up for the 2017 SAG Awards. Here are the best through to the worst of the outfits on show during the night.

The 2017 SAG’s were a delight and a mass of colours and styles, some great, others, not so.
Below are our choices of good and bad.
This time we have picked the worst, the honourable mentions, the Almost There and the Best Dressed, because so many were ‘almost great’ but not quite and many needed mentions even though they too weren’t necessarily WOW! but were worth the mention.
So lets start at the bottom and work up…

Oh dear lord what were they thinking…

Nicole Kidman

Her:   I’m not really sure how to talk about this dress, I mean the parrots are kind of interesting but its just a bit of a mess.

Him: Oh god Parrot! She probably was squawking and  squalling all over the place. 

Jessica Pimentel

Her:  I wish this dress hadn’t been so revealing, I even liked the front but not the backless bit however I really like the color of it on her.

Him:   This is a mess! Its not like she had the figure to wear it, I don’t even know.

Hannah Hart

Her:   Why wear brown shoes? None of it matches…

Him:   This is just a mess, she looks like she was trying to fit one of those stereotypes and it just doesn’t work.

Abigail Savage

Her:   None of this matches, the shoes are all wrong, its just too mismatched.

Him:   Repeat last comment, it’s the same idea and the same problems.

Adrienne C. Moore

Her:   Badly fitting, the shoes are enormous and it just doesn’t do anything for her.

Him:  This is baaaaaad, bad, bad, bad,

Taylor Schilling

Her:   The makeup is pretty bad, but the dress is just bad. It cant decide what it wants to be and in doing so just looks mismatched and ripped.

Him:  This is the same as Emma Stone’s dress but it was a disaster on Taylor. 

Lori Petty

Her:   The skirt is fine, the makeup fine. The top however just ruins it, it looks a horrible material and the shape is all wrong.

Him:  OK we get she is quirky and weird, but she doesn’t have to dress like it, we already know.

Then there were the ‘It’s bad, but not as bad as those above’

Gwendoline Christie
Her:   I like the top area on her, it really suits all the way to the waist. Then this outfit becomes too much black sequin no shaped meh.
Him:  It looks like one of those plastic running, sweat suits.
Emily Althaus
Her:   The dress itself isn’t bad, however I am not a big fan of the shorts showing through (though its better than nothing underneath) and the chest area is not great for someone with a larger bust and needed some support.
Him:   This almost worked, it is just too big and the knickers are too granny-fied.
Judith Light
Her:   No. I can’t think of anything apart from it looks like something Sue Sylvester would wear.
Him:  I think it looks like a statue – something awards to the worst dressed of the night maybe!
Alan Aisenberg

Her:   Too tight in places, needs ironing and its blue!
Him:   Yes, what she said.

                                                                Alexandra Billings

Her:   Fluffy tea cosy dress, looks like something out of hairspray.
Him:   It’s the American Bald Eagle Muppet!

                                                            Amy Landeker
Her:   Two people wore this same outfit and it didn’t work on either of them. It just proves that its a bad suit. However the nails, shoes and bag go really well together.
Him:  Yeah it’s a bad pattern, too busy and badly cut. Not good.
                                                            Angela Saryfan

Her:   Bad material, pattern and shape, the peplum poofy bit makes her hips look really wide.
Him:   Again bad material and it’s a peplum isn’t it, it’s not even quite anything.

                                                            Annie Golden

Her:   The makeup doesn’t go with this dress. I also don’t like the jacket, the dress is fine though.

Him:  They let granny out the retirement home and she raided the lost and found!

                                                            Dascha Polanco

Her:   What is going on with the hair? The outfit again does her no favors, the pockets and the way it falls makes her a really odd shape and its really saggy in places.

Him:   I know she is a strange shape, but try to help yourself at least. This is odd.

                                                            Kathy Connell

Her:   Boring nothing dress, but also looks like she made no effort.
Him:  Bad posture, bad, bad colour and she is scary too.

                                                            Jonelle Monae

Her:   Normally I like what she wears, this however… too much is going on!
Him:   Frills, frills and more frills.

 Then there were the ‘It’s OK but it…” section

                                                            Bryce Dallas Howard
Her:  I don’t like this color on her, and it gives her really wide hips and lumps and bumps where she doesn’t have any usually.
Him:  Yeah perfect example of ‘It’s ok but’ it makes her an odd shape.
                                                  Chrissy Teigan and John Legend

Her:   This outfit isn’t bad its just that she wears it all the time! Ditto for him.
Him:   They wear the same thing EVERY TIME.

                                                            Liam Cunnigham

Her:   Did you know he is British? He had to wear a blue suit to prove it. Its not that it’s a bad look on him its just what is it with blue suits?
Him:  Marks and Spenser sponsored the BAFTAs a couple of years ago and gave the men blue suits, I think this proves how often these guys buy something new for these awards.

                                                            Matthew and Ruby Modine

Her:   His suit doesn’t fit properly and needed to be pressed and so did her dress. Plus I hate when people wear sunglasses.
Him:   She looks good except for the bad accessories – namely Matthew.

                                                            Michael Hulsman

Her:   Meh.
Him:   It’s green and all velvet. Too much.

Next up are the Honourable and not so Honourable Mentions.

                                                            James Marsden

Her:   I like the rose, The suit however is a miss match.
Him:   Blue tux, black trousers, almost had it, but not quite!

                                                            Stranger Things lot

Her:    They are still stylish but I agree with him.
Him:   We always mention them, but this wasn’t their best looks.

                                                            Julie Bowen

Her:   Its ookkkaaayyy but not wow.
Him:   Usual colour for Modern Family’s Clare, but a prettier style, she’s pretty and this works, but it’s just not great.

                                                            Laurence Fishburn

Her:   It is different and I like that he has matched things.
Him:   Yes a man doing something different. It’s not great, but it was a bold choice and that has to count for something.

                                                            Maisie Williams

Her:   The makeup is awful! The dress is a bad color and material on her, all in all its not a good look.
Him:   People raved over this, I don’t get it, she used a chunky tagging permanent marker to put her make-up on.

                                                            Mamrie Hart

Her:   Its not bad, its just not great.
Him:   It’s pretty and interesting, a good first showing, she could have gone full ball gown though.

                                                       Matt Smith and Clare Foy

Her:   Too much going on with her dress and meh to him.
Him:   Liked his jacket, it was more Frock Coat length. 

                                                            Millie Bobby-Brown

Her:   I usually think she oozes style this however didn’t work, the headband seemed odd too.
Him:   Not her best outfit and this was Armani too.

                                                            Sophia Bush

Her:   I don’t like the cluster thing at the hip.
Him:   I liked the Make-up, that was the best thing and the reason we included her here.

                                                            Sophie Turner

Her:   Blonde doesn’t suit her. The dress is ok but its just lacking that oomph.
Him:  She really liked her bum in this (apparently), it’s not bad, it’s just not great.

Next come the ‘Almost’ brigade, marching on to near victory, but falling at the last hurdle. Something just wasn’t ‘right’.

                                                            Annalise Basso

Her:   This is kinda nice, I like the cape, train thingy and the color even works on her.
Him:   Yeah good but not 100%, more 95%. maybe a necklace was needed.

                                                            Brad Goreski

Her:   I like this, simple, smart and stylish but not outstanding.
Him:   Socks, did someone steal his socks?

                                                            Clarissa Thompson

Her:   I like the chest area, it’s just not outstanding.
Him:   Ooo this is pretty, don’t know who she is, but it’s good apart from the hair and make-up.


Her:   It’s nice enough, it’s just not a WOW!
Him:   It’s standard really.

                                                            Emma Myles

Her:   Again it’s pretty enough, it’s just missing that certain something.
Him:  Who knew there was a pretty person in there! She looks good, but it just needed something to make it pop!

                                                            Gina Rodriguez

Her:   I agree she needed a necklace, but other than that she’s pretty!
Him:   Again a necklace and a little bit more effort and it would have been great.

                                                            Jackie Cruz

Her:  I don’t like the earrings.
Him:  I think it’s her posture that’s ruining it. but that’s all.

                                           Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergra

Her:   At least it’s different for her and the only reason it is here is because it is nice to see her wearing something different.
Him:  Someone clearly told her to keep the boobs under cover this season and it’s working. She could have done with another leg though! 

                                                            Kathryn Hahn

Her:   The dress is decent, she just needed to do something with her hair.
Him:   Yes a hair stylist would have been a good idea.

                                                            Michelle Dockery

Her:   I think it’s a decent enough dress, I just think it makes her look too pale.
Him:   “Joseph, Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat’. But it’s cool.

                                                            Michelle Williams

Her:   I really don’t like her, so yeah mhh!
Him:   You had to see this move, because those stripes changed colour and she looked pretty.

                                                            Missi Pyle

Her:   The dress isn’t bad, it just gives her no shape.
Him:   Ooo this is pretty, 

                                                            Natalie Emmanuel

Her:   I like it, the coloring on her is good.
Him:  It’s not bad, it’s just a bit too straight up and down for me.

                                                            Peter Dinkalage

Her:   He looks smart, you can either get a suit right or wrong, He got it right.
Him:   Yes good things in small packages I guess, he always looks smart.

                                                            Renee Bargh

Her:   I like the dress and the color and the shape, maybe it was the missing necklace again.
Him:   I don’t like the colour, but I like the shape.

                                                            Samira Wiley

Her:   I like that everything matches and the color works on her, I just think she needed more fullness in the shape.
Him:   This was too ordinary for my liking.

                                                            Sharon Lawerence

Her:   Again it’s smart enough it’s just missing that something to make it WOW!
Him:   It’s a good look for an office party.

                                                            Taryn Manning

Her:   This is a similar dress to Taylor Shilling, but this works on her.
Him: This is good and she looks good, I just don’t like the lipstick – But I love the hair.

                                                            Thandi Newton

Her:   I like the dress, I don’t mind the shoulder, I hate the shoes.
Him:   I don’t like the shoulder, it’s not in-keeping with the pattern.

                                                            Tituss Burgess

Her:   It is so bright. At least it’s more daring than the norm.
Him:   Well if you have to wear a blue suit, then wear a BLUE SUIT!

                                                            Uzo Aduba

Her:   I like this. It really suits her. I like the train.
Him:   Yeah these women certainly scrub up well don’t they. Good look on Uzo.

Then were the good, better than good, pretty great really.

                                                            Kimiko Glen

Her:   The shape suits her and the color suits her and all without her looking like she made too much effort.
Him:  That’s the thing, she looks casual yet still stunning. 

                                                      Kunal Navyar and Nehandra

Her:   They win the award for most stylish couple.
Him:   They compliment each other and she looks stunning.

                                                            Talulah Riley

Her:  Again another nice shape and good pattern for her.
Him:  Simple and elegant, just what is needed.

                                                            Teresa Palmer

Her: I like the metallic sequin effect. It’s a good look for her, often she cannot dress well.
Him:   Yeah we are getting into the same comments, because what more is there to say when it works it works.

                                                            Kerry Washington

Her:   I like the dress itself and the white really suits her.
Him:   I just have a problem with the waist, but it’s good other than that.

                                                            Mahershala Ali

Her:   He looks very, very smart.He’s probably the best dressed man of the night.
Him:   I like he went with the All white suit. It works really well.

                                                                   Clea Duvall

Her:   Ooooooo Sooo pretty.
Him:   Best trouser suit look of the night.

                                                            Kaley Cuoco

Her:   It’s pretty, I think the side view was better, as there was no fluffy-floo-floo!!
Him:   I loved this, the ‘Rainbow Unicorn Dress’.

                                                            Michael Harney

Her:   Hmm! He cleans up well.
Him:   Mr. Healey looks gooooood!

                                                            Taraji P Henson

Her:   I like everything about this, apart from the two random black bows, which seem pointless.
Him:  Pretty and well yes pretty!

                                                            Felicity Hoffman

Her:   It’s a good dress for her, it’s stylish.
Him:   Good shape on her and she seems comfortable. 

                                                            Dianne Guerrero

Her:   I like the fluffy-floof on this and it’s a nice shape on her.
Him:  I love this, it flowed so pretty.

                                                            Ariel Winter

Her:   It is very pretty and gold is a good color on her
Him:  Gorgeous and stunning and the dress is pretty great too.

Last but not least come the best, the great, the smartest, those that didn’t scrimp on the style, didn’t spare us the glam, pulled out all the stops and added that extra splash of WOW!

                                                            Natalie Dyer

Her:   It very much suits her – the floral cuteness and all that!

Him:   Sooooo Preeeeeeeetttttyyyyyyy!

                                                            Barb – Shannon Purser

Her:   Pretty! Very Old Hollywood
Him:   Christine Siriano’s dress made Barb the shining princess of the night. 

So there you have it a lot of clothes and a lot of style and most of that from just the last few stars, the rest were a little suspect and some deserve to be shot! But what did you think. Who did you like, what was your favourite?

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