The Grammys Vs The BAFTAs

Last Sunday the great and the good had two choices of awards ceremonies to attend, there were the British Arts, Film and Television Awards in London, or the Grammy’s in Hollywood.

Of course the usual suspects turned up and some even dressed up, but many more turned up in some odd and awful ensembles.
Below are our picks of the best and a lot of WTFs too.

First up let’s take a look at the BAFTAs .
There was no shockingly good outfits of the night, mostly just oh dear or ok outfits.


Thandi Newton
 Her:  I like the makeup and I don’t mind the dress, however the peplum bit ruins it, from the side it gave her bumps in the wrong places.
Him:  Probably one of the best looks of the night, although the bust seemed to have slipped down and was daring to reveal those often seen boobs once more.
Emily Blunt
 Her:  I quite like this, I don’t even mind the see through skirt thing that everybody seems to be wearing. It just didn’t have that special something.
Him:  I liked the skirt more than I like the top. In the right circumstances (like the PCA’s) it could have been a good look
Felicity Jones
 Her:  I don’t mind the top however from there it just makes her look frumpy and poofy.
Him:  I quite like this, I think she looked pretty. She just didn’t need the extra ring of whatever around the bottom.


Anna Taylor-Joy
   Her:   Oh dear! What a mess!
Him:    Ahh the alien… Yes she hasn’t quite learnt the ways of the humans when it comes to dressing.
Eddie Redmayne
  Her: He looks alright nothing standoutish though.
Him:  My lord he didn’t wear a blue suit! He actually looked smart, he still looks like a jockey though.
Emma Stone
 Her:   The dress was a meh to begin with, Then for some bizarre reason they added trousers?
Him:  Please see previous red carpets where I go into rants about dresses and trousers worn at the same time!


Huge Grant and Anna Eberstein
Her:  They both look good but again nothing outstanding.
Him:  He looks ok, she looks better. He does seem to know when to let the women shine.


Jaime Dornan and Amelia Warner
  Her:   I am going to ignore him but oooo I like her dress! Its pretty!
Him:  I didn’t think much of this, its a trendy bloke in a beard and her’s is okkkaayy…
Noomi Repace
  Her:   Cruella DeVille
Him:  I liked this, the sort of gothic flapper look.
Daisy Ridley
 Her:   She is pretty! The dress was meh but I like her nail varnish and the jacket was ok.
Him:  We only saved the top of this because the top was better than the dress. It wasn’t horrible though.
Amy Adams
 Her:   I feel like they had some extra material and just decided to drape the back rather than finish it off.
Him:  This was ok, it just needed pulling in to give her shape and also I hate the colour green.

At the same time over in Hollywood the Music industry gathered for the Grammy’s and here are the Oh My Good Lord Outfits that turned up there.


Betsey Johnson and John Cale
 Her:   The only positive about this is, if he was just popping round to the shops it would be ok.
Him: Oh dear (long sighhh) 


Big Fredia
 Her:   Its different….
Him:  Oh-my-dear-lord!


Ceelo Greene
 Her:  Righhhttt?
Him:  I am just going to say this BOX from Logan’s run.


Chance the Rapper
 Her:  The other Mario Brother who is scared of loosing what’s between his legs.
Him:  He really had a tight grip on his groin and probably found it once and never let go as for the outfit…


Lady Gaga
 Her:   I don’t know why but she looks like a horse pulling a royal carriage.
Him:  It is Lady Gaga after all, If people are going to try to out dress her then they will have to try a damn sight harder.


Girl Crush
 Her:   BALL PIT!
Him: The blonde bimbo thing is kinda cute and sure someone offered to play in the ball pit.


 Her:  Why?
Him:  So Halsey lost her luggage, stole a parachute and still didn’t have enough material to make a top? :s


Joy Villa
 Her: Well the make-up is ok, is that enough?
Him:  Yes, OK Miss Alternative America Pageant is next door dear!


Juliette Larthe
 Her: *Shakes Head*
Him: There are bits of this that could be good, like the starry top, but the rest – like the boots, skirt, make-up, hair… that just look wrong.


 Her: Eeeeeeeeeerrr
Him: They look like some sort of female wrestling gang.


Katy Perry
 Her: This gives her a peculiar shape, the hair is wrong, the color is wrong and everything is – well wrong.
Him: I did not recognise her and that was before the Lamé Llama outfit. 


Nick Jonas
 Her: He looks like he’s making the new Village People.
Him: Nick just came from the set of his latest film, Big Boys do it in studs! (He just looks like a gay Porn Star)


Rose McGowen
 Her: It just looks a mess.
Him: Pass on him. Her – It’s kind of The Borg Queen covered in old film reels. 


 Her: There comes a point where there are no more words, It’s err – Mess!
Him: I – just – don’t – know


Solange Knowles
 Her: Such a mess. I can’t, Why would you leave the house like that, she could have brushed her hair or…
Him: WTF?

Then there were the ‘Well it was alright, except for…’


Anderson Pak
 Her:  At least he looks different.
Him: OK I like this, it’s different, I even own a pair of these Kendo Trousers. It’s just the top half that is too much.


Andra Day
 Her:   She looks like Star Wars Ambassador.
Him: I think she went for the Grecian Goddess look and ended up with Star Trek extra.


Demi Lovato
 Her: Given that her performance outfits were really nice, this is such a let down.
Him: This is exactly what this category is. It’s OK but it’s just not great on her, it makes her look an odd shape.


Celine Dion
 Her:  It reminds me of Wicked!
Him: It’s Green


Hilary Scott
 Her: The dress makes her look pretty it’s just not phenomenal (De-Der-Da-Der Derr)
Him:  This is OK, again, nothing special


James Corden and Julia Carey
 Her:  At least it’s a different color on a dude. Her – It’s not outstanding in any way.
Him:  Nice matching outfits and I like his Tux, it’s just her dress is *Squirmy face*


Jason Derulo
 Her: He was trying to copy The Weekend
Him:  Well he looks good, but you just know that it had JASON DERULO written in gold all over the back or something!


 Her: I think he wore similar before in a differnt color, but you have to give dredit to any guy that doesn’t wear the standard outfit.
Him:  He is a Doctor on Star Trek The Motion Picture (The Pyjama film) isn’t he?


Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph
 Her:  The one with yellow hair looks smart.
Him:  She would say that, she loves anyone in a waistcoat. Well they clean up well don’t they?


Kat Graham
 Her:  The dress is OK it just doesn’t flatter her shape. It makes her look wonky!
Him:  This is cool, pretty and colourful, it’s just her and her make-up/hair that ruin it for me.


Kelsea Ballerini
 Her:  I agree with him, her hair and her posture.
Him:  This is a pretty dress, I wish she had done something with her hair though.


Lea Michele
 Her: The make-up is bad, the dress is bad, it’s just…bad
Him:  I don’t mind the pattern, I don’t like her make-up etc, I don’t even mind the exposed mid-drift


 Her:  It would have been fine as a jacket, but the non-existant, stappy top ruined it.
Him: She’s going to Studio 54 for Disco Night.


Paulino Rubio
 Her:  I honestly don’t know.
Him:  I think this is one of those looks that it depends who wore it, someone with a little poise and demure, would have looked pretty in it, she however can’t keep her mouth shut and she ruined the look.


Sophie Been
 Her:  I don’t mind it, it’s not bad.
Him: I like this, I’m just not a fan of the flare shape, if they had been flared from the top of the leg it would have been better, but that is a small detail.


Tariji P Henson
 Her:  This is just a mess, it gives her bumps and lumps and a weird shape.
Him: Purple blancmange 


Then there was the OK but not amazing…..


Trace Lysette
 Her: Could have done with a necklace, but it’s ‘Alright’
Him: Case in point, this is exactly what this category is about.


Heidi Klum
 Her:  I do not like her and I wish she would wear longer dresses.
Him: I think however she still has a great figure and isn’t Madonna-ing it just yet. This is simple and ok, it’s just not right for the night. 


Jane Zhang
 Her:   I’m not sure the color was right for her, but the dress was ok.
Him: This was pretty, I agree with her, the colour washed her out too much.


Katherine McPhee
 Her:  I agree with him.
Him:  Simple, effective and smart, it just needed a necklace.


Laverne Cox
 Her: It’s not bad, I just feel she just tries too hard.
Him: The problem is, she still dresses like a female impersonator, she over ‘eggs the pudding’ It’s all too much.


Rick Ross
 Her:   I like the jacket, the rest is kind of Mhh
Him: I’m sure it’s not his fault, but he looks really odd around the feet and ankles, like he has false legs or something!  Is this Jacket from Favourbrooks?

Oh wow some people actually made an effort.

Camilla Cabello
 Her: I think she looks very pretty!
Him:  Ooo thank you for leaving Fifth Harmony, no longer do we have to post the other four looking a state, just so we can say ‘Camilla looks pretty though’. Yes Camilla looks pretty.


Carrie Underwood
 Her: I like this color on her, the design is good and I like the pattern, it’s all good.
Him: Yes the Devil leave Tennessee, Hot!
Cassadee Pope
 Her:  I think it just makes her look a little bit broad at the top, But apart from that it’s pretty good.
Him: Oh thank the lord Cass hired a Stylist, I like Ms.Pope but her style never was great. Wow she looks gorgeous. No wonder Rian Dawson proposed to her after this.


Charlie XCX
 Her: It’s not bad, not sure about the fabric though.
Him: Simply – Yay she didn’t dress like a state, see she does have style when she isn’t trying too hard. 
Ellie King
 Her: She looks quite cute and all the accessories all match.
Him: She looks adorable and so happy. My look of the night (Sorry Cass!)
Chrissy Teigan
 Her:  it’s not bad, it’s different for her.
Him: Please take a moment and appreciate this outfit, she isn’t falling out of it, it’s not too short and it is really pretty – shame the husband looked a state!

WOW that was a long post!
But there you have it! Our best and worst of both of the events, who was your favourite?
Check out our Red Carpet Pinterest board for more

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