Brit Awards 2017 Red Carpet

Last night London’s 02 saw the best of the British Music Industry, a number of International Artists and a mass of random celebrities amass for the 2017 Britannia Music Awards aka The Brits….

We have decided to make a change from our usual Red Carpet mass posts and instead give you just our best and worst Red Carpet looks of the night.
Her comments are in Blue
His comments are in Purple

Her Best Dressed

                                                                         Katy Perry
Katy Perry recently has been failing at every single red carpet, however this time she looked really pretty. The colors compliment each other and her. I like the material and the shape and style all in all a good look.

This was a clear winner of the night, it was simple and smart a real return to form for Ms. Perry.

                                                         Chloe Lloyd and Date
I have never heard of these people, that being said they really made an effort. 
Ignore the length of his trousers but look at how the material matches, they are perfectly dressed to match. 
Neelam Gill
I think she looks really smart, accessories and shoes perfectly match. However why is there a really small hole in both the front and back?
This was a smart look too, not a usual look for a red carpet but if it’s good, it’s good.

(Apart from the hole)

Lilah Parsons

Ooooo pretty! I really like this look, the dress is pretty, the makeup is good. Yeah pretty!

A play on the LBD dress and a kind of cape sleeve. It’s cool.
Clara Paget
She looks good, it’s a sexy number for the Black Sails Pirate and the biker jacket is a smart addition.
Mollie King
This is a simple little number, that so many others tried to wear on the night but failed to get right. Plus great coat!

Then there were the trash, the states and the WTFs. There were a lot of these so these are the worst of a really bad bunch.

Ellie Goulding
This is just the wrong shape for her. She has no boobs, her hair needs a brush, it gives her a bulging tummy and in general makes her look really wide and a mess.

The split is too high and showed something we didn’t (or I didn’t) want to see. Other than that all what she said. 

                                                                 Naomi Campbell
Why? This is not a good look at all, the color doesn’t suit her and it looks like a swimsuit?

This proves my usual statement, that you either have it or you don’t, this woman has more money than she knows what to do with, she models for the best designers in the world and yet still looks an absolute state most of the time. This look was one of the worst ever.

                                                                     Charlie XCX
This looks like she went and bought some really cheap material and scrunched it up and held it together with broken elastic bands. A complete mess!
I like her but she is a real hit or miss kind of celebrity. This looks like a mauve pillowcase with some of the stuffing still in it.
Firstly, trendy wankers! Secondly what the fuck? This goes beyond bad, there is not even a word for how bad it is.

See this is why we need Style Police, they would be allowed to shoot this bunch of wankers and then we wouldn’t have to suffer them any more. Please shoot them and all those that follow their awful outfits.

                                                                     Little Mix
Well they are consistent aren’t they? Literally every single time they go anywhere they look a mess! How is it not one of them can look good? Even with the sheer amount of red carpets they go to, even by accident you would have thought that one of them could wear a decent outfit.
Yay Little Mix. They give us a base level every time they turn up, they are always hideous and need to be imprisoned by the aforementioned Style Police.
This is garish! If it had just been a jacket it could have been fine but like this, its just too much!
There is a term ‘a la page’ for when your shirt and tie match. This however is ‘a la branluer’ or in English a wanker!
                                                                     Talia Storm
OK I think she looks awful too, this outfit is Gucci (all of it), what the hell are Gucci thinking? But I do think she looks pretty excluding the outfit (Hey Talia out of the dress would have looked great!)
There you have it, a review of an award’s Red Carpet the next day! If only the rest would be courteous and have their awards on a Wednesday night we would be sorted.
So what did you think of the looks. Who did you like? Comments make us know what you like to read on our blog (Nice comments that is, spiteful and stupid comments don’t get responses!).

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