Met Gala 2017


The Met Gala previously known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s, Costume Gala, is a benefit at the Met on the first Monday in May and every year there is a theme which coincides with the latest exhibition.

This year we saw the great and the good attending with the theme of Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons. To those that were unclear on the meaning, it was the perfect excuse to dress in an Avant Gardé style, that means, over the top and bordering on unwearable. It’s a shame many of the attendees didn’t understand this.

Below are our pick of the best outfits on the night, as well as Honourable Mentions (That is to say those that did their research or actually wore something daring or Avant Gardé)

First up Her choice of Best Dressed

her sq
Cara Delevingne – Zoe Kravitz – Halle Berry – Lala Anthony – Janelle Monae – Emmy Rossum

I am not sure there were any really strange or bizarre outfits on the night, but these are among the best. I loved Cara’s silver everything!

Mutually agreed upon

Riley Keough – Rihanna – Katy Perry (Headwear) – Haley Bennett – Nicki Minaj – Katy Perry – Maxwell – Gigi Hadid – Amy Fine Collins

These were the most Avant Garde outfits and the only people who seemed to know what they were meant to wear.

His Best

his sq
Pryanka Chopra – Lena Dunham – Kylie Jenner – Stella Maxwell – Puff ‘P’ Diddy Daddy Combs

I have to say all of these are usually my least favourite people, yet they were in my opinion some of the best dressed.

Honourable Mentions

Rila Fukushima – Dakota Johnson – Lily Aldridge – Hailee Steinfeld

These four weren’t the best or worst dressed of the night, but all were worth a mention in brief.

I liked Rila’s little Anime number  – Dakota looked great, given her usual attempts at fashion –  Lily’s outfit was unusual and fun and Hailee as always was stylish and dramatic.

Best Dressed Couples

Keri Russell & Shane Deary – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Then there were the bad, the ‘Oh Dear’ and the WTF’s…

Solange Knowles – Kendall Jenner – Bella Hadid – Pharrell & Helen Lasichanh

So we had a sleeping bag, a fishing net, chainmail(which I didn’t think was that bad in comparison) and one of those sumo suits but red?

I usually like Kendall so for me to say this was bad then this must be really bad.


Well there you go, another night of glam and ‘good grief’! What did you think? What were your preferred outfits? Did we miss any? Let us know.

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