Hopeless Fountain Kingdom – Halsey Review.


Halsey is back and with her brand new album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Being as She is a Halsey fan (and has been since before Ghost) We thought that we would review the album track by track.

Track listing

The Prologue
She: I know that Halsey likes Romeo and Juliet and the video for Now or Never was a homage to Baz Luhrmann’s movie version but I am not sure what this had to do with the rest of the album (audio wise, maybe visually it may make more sense) The singing bit was very Imogen Heap-esque.
He: I am not a massive fan of Shakespeare, but I do think that Romeo and Juliet is over used. It wasn’t like there wasn’t better ones to pick from, like Merchant of Venice or Twelfth Night. The singing section could tie in the Shakespeare idea and lead into the start of Macbeth with the witches.
100 Letters
She: The problem I am having is that I can hear who she has listened to or is heavily influenced by. That being said I like the lyrics being relatable for a breakup.
He: The chorus and the backing vocals kicking in, isn’t bad…. I don’t know its just a bit mhh overall. It’s not the first track of a new album.
 Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 17.19.12
Eyes Closed
She: I like this song, as far as a second choice for singles. I actually cannot see any parallels with any other artist for this, its all her and the lyrics are very raw. 
He: I miss hear the lyrics every single time… ‘If fucky keep my eyes closed, he feels justice for you.’ It’s clear she is aiming for a more clubbing remix (Ibiza summer anthem)
Heaven In Hiding
She: There are some really good lyrics in this, I really like the chorus with ‘The crimson headache’ section.
He: This track on the first listen was the one that stood out for me. It has real elements of Sia, the way it builds and then ebbs then explodes with a fast crescendo.
She: I can see this being music to play whilst walking down the boardwalk or at the beginning of a movie as the main characters get introduced.
He: In the 1970’s when rock lost out to disco and bands started coming out with genre crossover albums, trying to get chart success. This song sounds like one of those, its not necessarily bad it just sounds like its trying to hard. 
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 17.18.53
Now Or Never
She: Probably one of the best songs of the album, I think it’s catchy and the video was really pretty! Plus the artwork is cool. 
He: ‘Hold me down’ From the first album, always gets in my head. This will be another one of these ear-worms that get stuck in my head and resurface as a hum or a whistle, three days later. 
She: There is a song called ‘My almost Lover’ by Fine Frenzy which was out about 8 years ago, I am not saying she is copying but it is very similar. Her lyrics are the only thing that changes it.
He: Its ok again.. I think this is the problem I had with the last album. The songs are good separately  however when played one after the other it all fades into one. This, 100 letters and Hopeless feel like filler.
Good Mourning
She: I think the story is cool, however the singing section seems unnecessary. 
He: The story feels like it’s going to fade into Lauren Hill singing about growing up in the city, then it actually kicks in and sounds like the munchkins in Wizard of Oz.
Lie (feat. Quavo)
She: I like Halsey’s section but I don’t like Quavo’s bit, He sounds too much like Kanye.
He: We are back to Sia again but the cover of Kanye which was just kinda crap.
Walls Could Talk
She: It’s very 90’s boybandish, its not bad but it just doesn’t stand out.
He: This sound’s like Toxic (Britney)
Bad At Love
She: My favorite of the whole album, not necessary for the melody but certainly the lyrics. It’s nice to hear some Bisexual representation and not in an over sexualized way but in a truthful relationship kinda way.
He: This where I have changed my opinion on Halsey, This is very like the first album in tune. I think I have got used to the sound and so its catchy where as it used to be irritating. With that it stands out as one of the better tracks.
Don’t Play
She: This is one of the weaker tracks, I don’t mind it when its playing but as soon as it stops I forget it.
He: Parmesan is not white! It’s Yellow!!!! I don’t usually hear lyrics the first time through, but I heard that. The song fits that, its kind of annoying.
Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 17.19.01
She: I like the fact its a song about a girl sung by a girl (which there should be more of btw) I like the fact that both her and Lauren Jauregui are both bisexual and that its not about a perfect relationship but instead of a breakup. I get it stuck in my head a lot.
He: Its got that 80’s electric beat and its not bad, I can see it being the montage music in a film.
Angel On Fire
She: I think this is one of the songs that has to be playing for me to remember it.
He: This sounds like a James Bond song, it almost feels like a repeat of the last comment.
Devil In Me
She: I like the lyrics and I see a lot of the last album in this one track. I guess it also ties in the Romeo and Juliet theme.
He: Apart from the fact there is still miss heard lyrics, I can hear the lyrics (which is near impossible on the first listen) but they are quite clever “I went tumbling down to reach your high’ jumped out at me.
Hopeless (feat. Cashmere Cat)
She: There is a very clear breakup vibe to this whole album but not in the vengeful way, which is kind of cemented by this song. It seems to be a truthful tale of love and how it ebbs and flows, like this album. 
He: The first minute is alright but then it goes down hill. It doesn’t get any better.


In Conclusion:

She: This will probably be played a couple of hundred times, much like the last album. Sure there are some really good songs namely ‘ Eyes closed, Strangers, Now or never and Bad at Love’ but there are also some that fade into the background which I may, over time take off my playlist but all in all its a good album. 

He: In all I prefer this album to the last, I may not delete this one. Well not all of it! But there are still too many bland tracks, too many ‘Sounds like’ moments and too many near misses to be a great and classic of our time.  


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