Happy Holidays

We will be going on break for a little bit and start up again in the new year. 

First off we hope you all have/had a wonderful break from the daily grind and got all you wished for this holiday season and may you all have a special and wonderful New Year.

As for us in 2018, what are we planning? Well, we hope in the new year to continue our weekly post, a new one to be posted every Thursday (where possible). 

We also intend to…

Go to some more interesting places*.

Drink some more coffee*.

Maybe start a youtube Channel*. 

& Film/Edit some Go-pro videos*.

Interview some more people*.

Take some more day trips*.

Go on Holiday*

Be more active on social media.

So stay tuned for updates. 
Subscribe to get it straight to your email, check out our Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (all of which can be linked to via the right hand side) and (nice) comments are always welcomed (nasty one will just be deleted). 

More than anything else we want to say one thing.

Have a Happy Holiday. See you in 2018.

Ash & Bob

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