2018 Here we go!

2018 has started and we are back! For our first entry of this year we thought we might give you a summary of what we have been doing these past weeks.

We celebrated Christmas! Time with friends and family, stuffing yourself full to the brim with food and of course presents. 

Ash’s Reviews.

Well what did I get? Well seeing as the evil creature that used to live in my place (the alien known only as Dusty the Cat), pee’d in my last printer, thus making it explode, I got a funky and stylish new Epson XP345

I like the sleek, classic style and scanner is so simple and quick.

The Body Shop Coconut Hair Tonic applied to your hair a minimum of 5 minutes before washing it and then Body Shop Banana Hair Mask for the same duration after washing, then rinse off for smooth, knot free hair.

The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour Multi-Purpose Balm, aka Tattoo Moisturiser. This actually works, it’s really weird it’s like the sponge tool in Photoshop! You rub some over a tattoo and instantly it brightens the colours again, sure it fades a bit again as the balm sinks in, but after just 4 or 5 treatments I think the colour and sharpness of tattoos does seems to show up better.

The Adonit Pixel, is a stylus for the iPad to help with digital drawing. I will be reviewing this next week along with a number of other products, so stay tuned for that!

The rest of my presents were not relatable to this blog or I can’t remember them!

Bob’s Reviews.

I know Christmas isn’t all about presents but It is a good opportunity to show you the products that I love!

Beauty product galore! Can you tell I like The Body Shop?

I got boots heeled and not.

Skulls (to add to my collection) aren’t they pretty!

Candle holder and Duvet set.

Coloring books – Oksana Nalyvaiko’s Only Girls (LGBTQ for the lady lovers like me) and Nightmare before christmas by Jessie Ward (It wouldn’t be Christmas without it) and a Posh word search because I love my puzzles!

A brand new Petzl Grigri + for climbing and belaying as I didn’t have my very own (it is purple not pink!) Neutrogena light therapy stick for my skin (I am prone to breakouts when I am stressed.)  A second Pandora bracelet with charms, as my first one was so packed I couldn’t fit anymore on it. 

Last but not least TEA! So many different types 🙂

Though there was probably much more, this is all I could think of for the moment. I am thankful for each and every gift that I did receive.



Additionally the dogs got plenty of toys, treats and posh new coats too.

One gift worth mentioning is the Ruffer and Tuffer indestructible pet’s toy – yeah right! A certain Little Miss Destructo has been set a mission and she is up to the task.

Shop version

Our version after two days.

Then New year happened, a new year and a new you and all that jazz. We went to a favorite pub of ours – The Rosemary Branch – and counted down the seconds.


Bob’s birthday came next where we went to drink at

The Kings Head as we previously promised we would go and check it out again (purely for you) We found out that they have a magical theatre in the back that holds hundreds of people but in a deceivingly small room, maybe it’s a portal.



 Then we headed on to our favorite little cocktail bar in Islington, The Little Bat.


Brilliant service, a welcome Gin punch and spiced popcorn! We both got a new cocktail and though we cant remember exactly what they were we know they were delicious!


Then we started to resume our day to day. 

We had coffee at Foyles Bookshop and let us tell you it’s a good thing they aren’t known for their coffee! Bland but burnt at the same time and since it was a mocha the chocolate hadn’t been mixed so it was all powder at the bottom.


The food wasn’t bad though.

Also side note – what is Children’s Erotica? We found it in a book and are kind of…


New Year’s Resolutions.

We like everyone it seems ours is to hit the Gym, more reluctantly for Ash then Bob.

How does anyone actually enjoy the Gym?

Bob went to her first gym session of the year  at the Better Gym at Highbury Pool, which as it is being renovated is starting to look really good! It’s still under construction but there is so much more equipment!


Ash has been last week, but still reserves judgement!

As stated we have some big plans for this year and hopefully will follow through on at least some of them. 

So stay tuned and subscribe, like or comment. Let us know what content you would like to see or what you would like us to review or try?

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