Trench – Twenty One Pilots


It’s been a while since we’ve done a Album Review and with the eagerly awaited (by Bob) release of Twenty one Pilots, Trench we felt a perfect excuse to share with you what we think.

Now as we said Bob is a Fan and a lyricists so she can break down the track and give more detail, while Ash is, well not really a fan! But I’ll give it a chance and hope to be converted – maybe! So at the worst you’ll get a split opinion. So lets start

1. Jumpsuit 

Ash: Really not the way to win a sceptic over, singing ‘Jonsull, jonsull’ over and over, who or what is Jonsull? It’s very mhh and nondescript.

Bob: This feels it only gets going in the last 30 seconds of the track, but in all it’s nothing special or stand out, especially for the first track on the album.

    2. Levitate  

Ash: I’m glad didn’t like it, I was very annoying, I felt infuriated at this.

Bob: Erm, mhh, this is one of the weaker tracks on the album.

3. Morph  

Ash: It starts off like a cheesy kid’s tune and then goes into a rap/singing that is like something from a John Hughes film, but without any catch and all the mhh once more and more mumbled background lyrics!


The first album had a lot more complex changes, each song seemed to fluctuate between genres making for a more diverse listen. This song I had hoped would be the first of those changes and though it is different from the first two tracks. It didn’t stand out as being different enough.


3. My Blood

Ash: OK I don’t like his voice, that’s what the problem is, he sounds like it’s a mission to be there, see the backing track of this is ok, but he sounds like a kid being made to sing in detention when he’d rather be anywhere else but here.


This sounds more like the Pilots first album. I do feel the lyrics are a little more clubby and are following this new trend of just repeating the same words over and over. I am used to their complex lyrics but this is more a focus on melody. With a kind of disco feel but that may just be me.

4.  Chlorine

Ash: No change here, Tyler Joseph (lead singer) just sounds so flat and I’m more a rhythm rather than lyrics kind of person, but seriously what is he even singing about. OK the bridge (the ska bit) is ok, then it just goes back to bland and sombre, whininess.


When I first heard this I could hear echos of their past hit, Heathens. For that reason it may not have the oomph that that song had but you can definitely hear that it is them so it proves that they have a sound. It’ ok but it seems a bit lackluster and needed a bit more passion. Also the last minute seems to go off on a detour that seems a bit random.

5. Smithereens

Ash: OK help me out here, this sounds like someone else, but I can’t place who. It’s the best sound so far on the first five tracks. but who does he sound like, does the whole sound, sound like? 


I am actually unsure of this song, I like the lyrics and the whole vibe of jealousy but it again seems to lack something.

6.  Neon Gravestones

Ash: OK I’ve heard this one earlier in the week and was very’ WTF this is dull’ and on hearing it a second time I am no it’s not dull, it’s dismal, like a grey, wet day, stuck in a graveyard.


Yay! Lyrics! See this is why I like this band. This is one of the better tracks of the whole album in my opinion.

8. The Hype

Ash: I’m sat here trying to find things that make this redeemable but this track isn’t helping me here, it’s all so dreary and sure It’s his voice that is causing problems, but the overall sounds are lacklustre and predictable.


I like this sound, it is a song that will feature on a lot of soundtracks in the future. It does sound like another song but from late 90’s I just cannot place it.

9.   Nico and the Niners 

Ash: Ooo, that intro sounded different ( a tiny bit), but 30 seconds in, it’s going back to bland again. He’s trying to tie in the previous songs, – see he can say Jumpsuit when he tries, instead of jonsull – still the lyrics make no sense. But the chorus is a bit better.


Ok this song has been stuck in my head since it first played. I actually really like it and surprisingly it’s not because of the lyrics. Though ‘I’m lighter when I’m lower and I’m higher when I’m heavy.’ seems to be what I have taken from the whole album. It takes a lot for me to like a song just for the sound so that is saying something.

10. Cut my lip

Ash: You know when you got classical pieces that were ‘Variations on a theme’ this is that, variations on the theme of grey and sombre, but not in cool Tom Waits or a Wainwright kind of way. It feels like it needs to be Dubstep remixed.


This an extremely relatable song being that I am so bruised and battered now a days. So yes I am hearing mostly lyrics but I actually like this song. No it’s not a million miles away from any other song on this album but it’s ok.

11. Bandito

Ash: Oh no he’s talking, he’s reading his poetry. Noooo. Bob probably likes this, because it reminds me of Forgive Durdan. Oh scrub that it’s gone all experimental jazz now. 


This is one of the worst songs on the album, boring and really nothing, background noise.

12. Pet Cheetah

Ash: He has a ‘betchedah’ apparently, He has a moment doing his best Eminem rap impression and sinks into drab, slow singing about singing slow and stopping time. Which feels like he’s feeling the same as me listening to this album.


The beginning needed to different after the last song you need something to get your attention back. However after the 1st minute it is actually pretty good but then it goes back to the chorus again, going all dull. Everything surrounding that chorus is pretty good if a little random.

13.  Legend

Ash: Jamiroquai is in ‘his own mind’. At least it doesn’t sound like Tyler Joseph, which is a good thing.


Sounds kinda Jamiroqai-esqe  (No Idea how to spell his name) I couldn’t stand him so this is an improvement but it still hasn’t grabbed me.

14. Leave the city

Ash: Oh no, five seconds in and it’s already a bad sign, soo slow. Fifteen seconds and it got worse. 1 min, where are the razorblades. 2 mins Seriously? He’s saying ‘they know it’s almost over’, it will be soon, please let it be over soon. pleeeeeeeeeaase!

Bob: Yes this is almost over, I really don’t like this song.

Well there you go Trench what are the overall impression and leaving thoughts of the album?

Ash: Well I know what album i’d play if ever I wanted to get into the mood to kill someone. There are 2 tracks which are alright, the Jamiroquai track and Smithereens both of which don’t sound like the rest of the album or like them.


I really was excited about this album since I really Really liked the last one but though it was ok, it wasn’t up to the usual standard. They have lost the diversity, lost some of their oomph and seem to be more than a little depressed this time. Though some of the tracks have got some good lyrics and some catchy tunes it hasn’t grabbed me as an album. I am still a fan but probably won’t be recommending this album, listen to the second one or the first but this is a bit of a let down.


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