Craft Beer Hammersmith

We finally got to the pub last week, it seems we don’t get out as much these days! This time we headed over to Hammersmith and the Craft Beer Company in the Broadway for one of our friend’s birthday and this is what we found…

Beer and Burgers at The Lord Clyde

We went to the @lord.clyde.9 recently for the #matesordates offer on #burgers see what we thought of the #food and #drink at the #pub here… … More Beer and Burgers at The Lord Clyde

Beers, Operas and Burgers

The other night we went out for an evening with the intention of ticking off a few of the things we have been meaning to all in one go.  Beers, Burgers and then a little bit of Culture.  We started out the evening at one of our favorites – The Craft Beer Company in Islington. … More Beers, Operas and Burgers

Seven Seasons of Beer.

Beer, needless to say but we love it! However we are rather fussy and have a lot of taste preferences. Plus we don’t much like Lager. That is where Seven Seasons come in. Craft beer has become rather trendy over the last few years and suddenly it’s normal for every pub and club to have at … More Seven Seasons of Beer.

God’s Own Junkyard

We have been finding ourselves in Walthamstow more and more recently – with both our walks and the visits to the Wetlands for various reasons. One thing that we have had written down to do (for a long time) has been God’s Own Junkyard. So last weekend we got on the bikes and headed East … More God’s Own Junkyard

Dining Out During a Pandemic

Have you been out for a meal recently? Since this whole Lockdown and overall chaos, we have not been dining out. But last weekend it was a friend and some times creative input to this Blog, Colstar’s Birthday and we were heading to a restaurant. This is our experience.

Tiny Rebel – The Takeover at Fox On The Green

We noticed a sign the other day on the Window of Fox On The Green – Tiny Rebel Takeover and if you know this blog you know that Ash is the biggest fan of all things TR! So we just had to go and check it out. So on Saturday night we made the trip … More Tiny Rebel – The Takeover at Fox On The Green


If you know us you know we like our beers, Bob with her sours and Ash with his love of Stouts and Porters as well as our shared liking of an IPA or more accurately a NEPA or WCPA and the occasional random. We have posted about the Great British Beer Festival and occasionally about … More Untapped


We went to the @greatbritishbeerfestival #GBBF at @Olympialondon to sample some #Beers and #Cider. Here’s what we thought #Camra #Craftbeer … More Beeeeeeeeer