TV Shows (A-M)


We have watched A Lot of TV over the years and quite a lot of that together… We thought we would have a trip down memory lane and do a bit of a review of both old and new TV shows. We may  come back and add more (Never realized quite how many shows we have watched together WOW!)


Lets get started….





Her: Baby Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Harry with his random phrases. Everybody should watch it!
Him: If you like, a classic dysfunctional family situation with the added bonus of ‘aliens next door’  then watch 3rd Rock. 
Her: Why is there a 40 yo playing 16? I started off ok but got too predictable and unrealistic.
Him: Ditto the age comments and does anyone ever pay for anything, seriously they have no concept of money, more than they are meant to as rich kids.
Her: Ok sometimes if your just watching the tv with your brain switched off its cool but most of the time it made no sense!
Him: WTF? Some times at least, the rest of the time, why, just, why this doesn’t even make sense!
Her: I like it, but like the rest you know it’s the same thing with a sexier accent. The only thing is Grant Fowler can you get any more bored/flat/monotone? I bet you can’t.
Him: More of the same but different accent. Less competitive and mean than america but not as nice as Canada. Oh my god what a boring voice that presenter person has, how is he an actor with that little emotion.
Her: After watching the USA one its so nice to see friendly competition and manners! Also to see places in Canada and learn a bit about it.
Him: Only watched one season so far but my god they are so considerate!
Her: Wow some people are so stupid! and annoying! The more seasons that I watch,  I think its fixed. There should be a drinking game for how many times people say “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”
Him: When this started it used to be great, thrilling and great to guess what was going to happen, but now it’s so rigged!
Her: I don’t get what all the fuss its about! it was ok but we stopped after season 2 and I’ve not thought about going back to it.
Him: Yeah it’s got some odd looking people, not being scary and just moaning a lot.
Her: I I I I I I I I I found it really odd and kinda boring.
Him: Great acting and great story, bit dated now.
Her: How can you not know that, that is Oliver Queen in a tiny mask. For an island he spent five years alone on, he seemed to have met a lot of people there. ‘Alone – really? Also he has gone from being The Arrow to being The Green Arrow, like that’ll make a difference. Can we please bring Sin back.
Him: I only watched a few episodes and it didn’t catch me, there were too many inconsistencies with the comic book and the realm of possibilities is ignored
Her: We didn’t make it all the way through the season, I was watching it mostly for the lovely Claire Holt (whom you didn’t really see much of) So we quit.
Him: This was too slow, it had the potential but failed to deliver.
Her: I don’t remember much of it to be honest.. It was ok though, we just got side tracked by other shows and ended up dropping it.
Him: Oh this, it was ok, but can I remember anything other than a red haired friend in A line mini skirts, that didn’t work, No!
Her: I want therapy like this. I was an alternative look at therapy, the past and a reality check. Out of most of the shows on this list, for me this is a must watch for everyone!
Him: Such a reference point for us, Like -‘Being Erica moment, you know if you could go back and do it again, like Erica”.
Her: I don’t really remember a lot of it ( I know I’m saying this a lot but it was a long time ago!) The kid was cute and  could scream like she was singer in a screamo band, Unfortunately it got cancelled before it could conclude.
Him: Cute kid, shame it got cancelled and mid way through a show too.
Her: She’s Preeeeeetttttyyyyyyy (Jamie Alexander) and cool tattoos. That dude that died midway through, that was a shame. Im intrigued to see where its going to go.
Him: It’s good but I end up doing something else while listening to the show instead of watching it.
Her: If you know me and haven’t watched this then why are you my friend? I’m not going to say too much, but Its the one show I completely Geek out for.
Him: It was never one I religiously watched (except series 6). I have to point out She is a total Buffyanatic (if that’s a real word. Oh maybe its a Scooby!)
Her: I watched this when I was younger and really loved it. I wasn’t sure when one of the main characters was replaced by another, I kinda went off of it.
Him: Shannon Doherty, goo! Yum! then Rose McGowan yum! In fact all the girls were cute and it had witchy poo stuff!
Her:  She’s so Handsome (Luvia Petersen) ! It has my attention (We are only on season 2) I look forward to seeing where this goes. Though I’m more on Garza and Travis’s side to be honest.
Him: I wish she would get the mole removed under her eye but all the Tech stuff is really cool! I suspect a big twist later on in the series.
Her: Wow she is pretty (Marie Avergopoulos!) I was really liking the storyline but it sucks that it got cancelled. I want to know what happened! We had invested time in working out the clues with Matt Davis.
Him: This was cancelled? Why? It was going so well and we wanted to find all the clues in the titles, we will never know now!
Her: He so pretty (Tom Riley), she so pretty (Laura Haddock) and oh those nipples! I know its not historically accurate but it has hooked me more than any other period drama and actually most UK TV.
Him: It’s a bit of a stretch, I mean do we ever think Leonardo DaVinci was the greatest swordsman in Florence?! But it’s a good romp and shows a romp or two.
Her:  Hey it’s that the girl from Twilight! It wasn’t bad, not great either. It really did pick up about half way through the series, as I was unsure weather to continue with the first few episodes.
Him:  I liked this more than she did. It was clever, for the most part only seven cast in a simple environment. Simple and effective.
Her: Considering I pretty much hate all but one of the cast ( Joshua Jackson) and I hate hate the theme song… Wait no thats it….
Him: Great title song  NOT!— And Katie Holmes being all cheeky grins. But seriously Pacy and Joey on a boat for an entire summer and they didn’t have sex, REALLY!
Her: Pretty much the whole cast looks better as an alien than human, but I’m glad it ended where it did. There was also the bonus of one character that just should have died!
Him: I like the steam punk aspect and some pretty aliens, ditto her.
Her: Meh it was boring and slow and not at all as bloody as i thought it would be, we didn’t even get pass episode 4.
Him: Ohhhh tthiiis waaas sooooo boooorriiiiiinnnn———————g!
Her: Silly! Kinda sexual but kinda fun, not to be taken seriously.
Him: Fun and quirky, silly humour, and cute cast well  Lindsay Price mainly. 
Her: Aaah Dr. Abbott (Yes she’s serious). It’s one of those shows that made a lot of people into who they are today (Chris Pratt, Emily Van Camp) I can say that when we finished it, we were sad to see it go.
Him: Cool location, fun show that I don’t really remember too well apart from a lot of trees, motorbikes and rivers, I think.
Her: It represents all sexualities/ gender-scapes and everything that’s not the ‘Norm’. But in this show it’s always a positive and never negative, Ditto with his comment about wring an entire review (Maybe we shall?).
Him: This is so full of stuff! I’d write an entire review on it, I like this but the 2nd series is better than the 1st.
Her: I think seasons 1,2,3 and 5 Were good, 4 just seemed pointless and really cheesy! I want a spiky glowing back.
Him: I’m writing this for both of us. So she fancied the two main young male leads and the main females too! The skitters were cute she says. I liked the jokes and the 1st series was quite good on the alien front and weird too for mainstream TV.
Her: The accent was really off putting! It was ok, I didn’t really have much of a reference as I never saw the movie. The second season seems a bit slower which is a bit off putting.
Him: Ya it’s up on da hill yah and they ver in de car, da? All in a Minnesota accent It was fun and a great add on to the film.
Her: It’s got Alex Saxon in it (The guy in The Fosters with the amazing hair!) Its a complex issue dealt with in a fun way. However after 1 season that was enough! The story line is stupid and its almost predictable to the point of tears.
Him: I was the one who found this, I always liked Kathryn Prescott (In skins) She is still cute! It started off good, interesting and surprising. Now mid way through the second season its just repeating the same story line over and over.Now its almost a kids show with guessing who is at the door.
Her: Who the hell hasn’t seen Friends!? I never liked Monica or Ross though.
Him: Sure I watched it at the time, but can never watch it again. Plus my dad watches this ALL THE TIME and it’s on, on repeat and it drives me crazy.
Her: Apart from the fact I still can’t tell the difference between some of the beardy blokes and the fact I couldn’t see that fire (In joke) its pretty good. I defiantly have some characters I like and some I really don’t care about.
Him: Liked the books, until the last one then got bored, the TV show gets past a lot of the boring stuff and is taking over where GRRM got to before he became a lazy oaf and didn’t write any more.
Her: Coffee! I think its one of the shows that at some point we will probably re-watch all over again.
Him: Lauren Graham! We loved this show and binge watched 7 seasons.
Her: At first It was an interesting new plot, but it quickly became very samey and dull.
Him: It was better than I thought it was going to be, but we only lasted 1 season in all.
Her: The last season was pointless! However it was a good show for parts and some catchy songs too.
Him: It was filler TV, never anything so enthralling but a lot of good songs and Lea Michelle is great (and there were some other people in it too!)
Her: There was just way to many seasons to this. I loved the Blair/Chuck dynamic plus they were just such a stylish couple. It also got to the point where they were repeating the on again/off again thing not to mention the story lines. We gave up before the last season.
Him: Its been a while since I’ve watched this, but what is not to love Blair, Serena, Vanessa and of course Little J. All dressed impeccably may I add. Oh and of course there was always Chuck Bass with the Dandy style!
Her: I just kind of found this boring. It just seemed like the same story line each episode and didn’t seem to grow as show.
Him:This had nothing to do with Batman! I have friends that love it however I just found it hard work.
Her: I was late to the party on this show. I did like it but again another it didn’t need the last season.
I still don’t like Ethan Chambers but do miss Cappy.
Him: Go Cappy! go! 
Her: Ooo Trubel she’s badass! (I have to not say pretty apparently!) At some points it drags but most of the time its entertaining. I think its getting better as time goes on. 
Him: I am binge watching this at the moment. She told me and told me I’d like it, but I didn’t think I would, then I watched one episode and I haven’t stopped since. Cool concept, fun names and weird creatures and cute dimples (Bitsie Tulloch’s). We do now walk past people and go “Ice Beaver, Fuchsbau.
Her: It has Lee Pace in it, he has really big eyebrow and is tall! It was a lot of stuff about computers and it was a bit baffling, but I still followed it and it wasn’t boring. And Cameron is pretty!
Him: This was serious, dramatic, quiet and slow, yet it wasn’t boring. It follows the story of making the first portable computer and had references to the first home computers and all that revolution that I remember from when I was young.
Her: “You get the best of both worlds”. Back in the days when Miley Cyrus didn’t look like a crazy drug addict, porn star.You know it was a kid’s show and it was fun and past the time of day.
Him: I really wouldn’t have watched this if it wasn’t for Her. But it became a big thing between us and the moment we started writing this review we both sang ‘The best of Best worlds’.
Her: The last season was stupid and a waste of time. It was similar to Everwood but with more style and shirtless men.
Him: It was fun, it was silly and it had pretty people in it, but it was basically Doc Hollywood remade.
Her: Horses! It has a young Tatiana Maslany in it, It’s one of ‘those shows’, a starting ground for so many Canadian actors. There are moments where it becomes unrealistic and the same story is replayed time and again and you sit there saying “How would she not realize”. Especially with Lou.
Him: It’s really pretty and has some pretty people, Mallory (Jessica Amlee) has all the best lines and yet she doesn’t get credit in with the other main actors (this irritates me). It can get repetitive and you’d think these people would remember ‘that happened last year’. 
Her: I spent the whole season trying to work out who did it but not once did I guess who it actually was. Katie Findlay’s character had such style and was the only one I was overly rooting for. 
Him: She’s scary.! Through the whole first series I constantly thought Annalise Keaton was frightening, it was good, but I’m not bothered to watch the second series.
Her: I agree with the randomness. You know its good fun, just switch off and relax viewing but we do still use random things from it. Such as Freddie’s mum putting the bleeper in his brain.
Him: Another weird and random Nickelodeon show. Spencer’s random creations, strange and how did they get away with so much adult humor and content. 
In the Night Garden
Her: He recommended this show to me. Are kids on crack now a days?
Him: Kids show that would appear at 6am, it is full of strange creations and clearly developed by a drug addled mind.
Her: Season 2 has become far too OTT with trying to be extra funny, which only counteracts the humor. Also it goes on break every 2 weeks, so that you forget the continuing plot lines that run through the series.
Him: First series was a lot better than the second is turning out. Its quirky and making a good joke about being a zombie and going on with normal day to day life. Liv should have her own cooking show as so many of those meals look yum! I’m sure you could switch brains for something.
Her: This was boring! It had Daniel Gillies in it for one episode thats all I remember.
Him: I watched this first time round but only remember the basics, so we watched it again recently and I still don’t remember it after a second viewing. It had a good idea and it’s kind of like the basis of The 100, but without the catch.
Her: I quite like it, I don’t remember very much of it, I just didn’t like the main guy (Skeet Ulrich) but I like the rest of the characters.
Him: I too don’t remember a lot of it, that said I know we enjoyed it and it got us talking at the end of each episode as to what would happen next and who we didn’t like. All in all it was ok.
Her: When I first started watching this I thought ‘Oh no, a show all about God’, but it didn’t end up being so Gung-Ho religion, There wasn’t enough of punk God as there should have been and why was it that when the police were on screen was the light blue? 
Him: For a show about God (and as someone who isn’t that into him/her/them) it’s good fun. Some of God’s manifestations are quite surprising, especially the Goth!
Her: He liked Kevin even though he won’t admit it! I probably wouldn’t have watched this if I didn’t think one of them was attractive. It was ok, there were some decent musical numbers in there.
Him: Who’s she kidding She fancied Two of them and I liked Kevin’s guitar skills that’s all, thank you very much. It had Chelsea Straub in it (Now Chelsea Kane) and Nicole (Gail) Andersson – she’s so cute! It was silly but it was fun, I seem to remember that the 1st series was more funny and the 2nd was random.


Her: I liked the concept, I don’t know if it was played out to it’s full potential and then it got cancelled after series, so it never got to be anything as good as it could have.
Him: It worked as an idea, it just lacked that hook, but in all I was sad to see it go.
Her: 1st season was good, 2nd season was crap and Nate being gay with no kissing and good plan get a very religious guy to play a gay dude.
Him: We gave up on it halfway through the 2nd series because it got so ‘samey’.  I’m not a boxing/fighting fan so that just went over my head more than her, but I liked some of the storylines, but I couldn’t stand Ryan and Keith’s storyline, why did they have to keep going into that, it was stupid!
Her: I liked Victory Ford and that was about it really. I couldn’t stand Andrew McCarthy’s character though.
Him: I liked the fashion and the style elements but it was a bit predictable, but it was a shame to see it end so soon.
Her: I liked that Bo was Bisexual, well who doesn’t want a pretty lady to suck the life out of you? It was silly from time to time, but you could watch it, it was good to have on in the background, or not studying it, because it was too silly at times.
Him: We loved this, then it went on break and when we finally went back to it, it was like the spell (cast by the faeries) had been broken, it was overly silly and cheesy. But it did have Ksenia Solo in it and (thankfully with a fringe!)
Her: I can’t remember much, as far as I can remember it was good, you know there was a lot of gymnastics and it was around the time of the Olympics so it was in keeping with the times, but no I don’t really remember.
Him: Pretty girls, doing Gymnastics! Even the evil bitch queen (Nicole Andersson) was pretty good to watch. It had typical storylines, you know teenage love, pregnancies and betrayal, but it was worthwhile.  
Her: I don’t really know what to say about this. It annoys me how they keep trying to make you watch every single Marvel show in order to follow a simple plot line, in this case you had to watch The Avengers just to understand what was going on and then you realized Carlson was delusional!
Him: Agent Carlson was friends with Thor, don’t you know! Well technically he was dying in a room at the same time that Thor walked through it, somehow that made them best bud in Carlson’s mind. Other than that it was alright, Skye was pretty and some of the storylines were a bit convoluted and weak, in the end we gave up watching. 
Her: The problem I had was that it was very much like Sleepy Hollow, which is aired on the same network – There is a cop and a out of place (or time) sidekick who helped solve a crime each week that said this now seems the ‘norm’ for a lot of shows. 
Him: I liked this and was sad to see it curtailed in favour of other shows. It kept the film’s integrity and visual style which I didn’t think a TV Show would do. 
Her: It’s a more interesting approach than your usual cop show. All filmed in Vancouver (Yay!) and you can play the Canadian Actor and which other Canadian shows they have been in, eventually they all show up in all the other shows.
Him: A whydunnit not whodunnit. It is a more realistic style, a lot of rain and greyness that you would get in Canada. The fading and scene changes starts to get a little irritating after 3 seasons, but it shows a good eye and idea of every storyline.
So there you go, part one of our complete list of TV shows that we have watched. 
What have we missed? 
Give us recommendations for more to watch.
Stay tuned for part two (N-Z) coming soon…

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