Our Favourite Blogs

Our Favourite Blogs

In the world of bloggers sharing what you like and what you don’t like is what its all about. With that in mind, we thought we would share with you some of our favourite blogs that we reference or look at all the time for inspiration and even guidance.

Below are the blogs we follow, there are separate sections because we don’t like the same things.
We may add more over time as there are not that many to begin with.

His Choices.

Lots of fashion, lifestyle and sewing.

Before we started this blog, our ‘Blog Experience’ was mostly confined to Tumblr, multitudes of photo blogs of pretty people, gifs and the occasional funny post. But not the real substance you get from Blogger and WordPress blogs.
I started a blog on my own, but it didn’t go too far and I closed it, but I did discover a few pointers and I found Bloglovin’ an easy way to follow and view other people’s blogs and now you can follow us on it too (link on the right).


Helene in Between used to be great and she really helped me when I first started my blog, but now she seems intent on making everyone pay for her advice. But that said it’s still a fun blog, from a Texas Blogger who has recently moved to Nashville and makes a lot of money from just blogging.

KAYTURE – What’s not to love, a sexy Suisse girl with way too much money, who flies around the world working with Lancome, Givenchy, Versace, etc and buying homes, like she’s a cast member of a US teen drama.

Male Pattern Boldness – Clever title! I sew, I try to make clothes and Peter has been a great help, his tutorials make sense (which is more than can be said for a lot of blogs), the down side is there are some ugly people in New York and a lot of them are his clients!

OliviaEmily – A Redheaded goth, that likes pictures of herself and posts them with links to where to buy the clothes, that’s basically it.

Coco + Kelley  – A Lifestyle blog with lots of recipes, decorating ideas and general craftiness. The only problem I have is there is no page breaks, so you get the entire post on one page instead of a read more button.

And the best is saved for last…

The Londoner – Rosie Thomas made it into my top 100 woman last year, just by being a sexy blogger. She is a professional blogger, that doesn’t seem to spend a week in the UK, but she is fun, full of great ideas and actually down to earth, I wish I could be her (at least have her life) and she is great at helping with new blogs too.


Her Choices

I don’t tend to read blogs as such, I am more of a Tumblr addict or I go on specific people’s blogs.
However I guess there a few that I look at quite often and these are them.
Mostly Fitness, Lifestyle, Healthy Eating and Animals that is what sums up what I need in a blog.
Your Zen Life  Actors Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer started this website a few years ago and over time it has become more of a open contribution blog. People write, youtube, podcast etc on everything from Health and Wellness to Animals, from Eco Living to Yoga. Theres so much on this site to help and inspire like minded people.
Mind Body Green Another Lifestyle blog. There are multiple contributors, from yoga teachers, fitness gurus, to psychologists, doctors and the occasional celebrity. Its very similar to Zen life but on a much wider range of topics.
I am pretty sure that there are more but I cannot think of them now, not only that but a lot of the blog’s I look at are old and no longer updated.

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