Hundred Years Gallery Review

As we haven’t done a Coffee Shop review in a while, we thought we would share with you our experience of the Hundred Years Gallery.  Nestled between a pawn brokers and a council block  sits this gallery/coffee shop so here’s what we thought.

On a wet and windy Friday afternoon, we stumbled across the Hundred Years Gallery whilst trying to find some cover from the rain. Like so many other galleries around Shoreditch, this is a former newsagents, launderette or something, long left abandoned and repurposed as an art space.

At first it doesn’t really look like much, it looks more like a shut down business you could almost walk past, as you walk down the side street towards the train station. There isn’t much in the way of space, or seating but I suppose that is to be expected for a predominant Gallery.

As we walked in there was an exhibit/performance going on down stairs, so all of the audience had left their belongings unguarded upstairs placed on the table or on the chairs (Bags, coats, Laptops, iPads, wallets, anything and everything you would think you would keep on your person just left strewn about).

The price list for the coffee’s were ridiculous! We spent 11 pound on two coffees! The obligatory Avocado on toast was £5.60. We begrudgingly handed over the cash and were presented with two very cold thimbles of froth with a bit of coffee at the bottom (Which tasted more like soured dirt)

The general decor was run down chic, with terrible art if you can call it that, random hose pipe with blood red paint thrown at it, you get the picture.

With the random shouting droning on downstairs and the temptation to teach the overly trusting audience a lesson in not leaving valuables around unattended, we very quickly drank the poor excuse for coffee and left to walk in the rain.


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