Her Top 100 Women

Its that time of year again folks, 2016 is almost over and with that comes our round up of the sexiest women of the year. Since we did the round up of 2015 we have marked the ups and downs from then and also marked the new entries.

       First up is Her Top 50 Men, Then His Top 100 Women and then Her top 100 Women.
You can also check out last years Top 100 Men and Top 100 Women.


Top 10

10. Allison Scagliotti – Actor in Stitchers.
Spagetti as we call her, has finally made the top 10! What with her role in Stitchers, her style and now her band Nice Enough People’s EP she has justifiably risen into my Top 10.
Last Year 29

9. Alycia Debnam-Carey – Actor in The 100

ADC got my attention as Lexa in The 100 and I tried watching Fear of the walking dead, endured 20 mins just to see her and then gave up. But she still made a credible number.
Last Year 40


8. Jenna Dewan Tatum – Actor in No Tomorrow 
JDT dropped this year because of her lack of roles and her Instagram is just filled with selfies, that is always going to mark you down a bit.
Last Year 5

7. Demi Lovato – Singer
Demi hasn’t really done very much this year, apart from join Nick Jonas on tour. So she is not really doing the publicity circuit therefore she slipped 5 places, I’m sure she will probably rise again when new music comes out.
Last Year 2

6. Emily Bett Rickards – Actor in Arrow.
EBR is that rare mix of sexy, dorky and cute. What with her role as Felicity Smoke she has risen all the way to top 10 material.
Last Year 12

5. Claire Holt – Actor in Originals.
Claire Holt has always been top 10 material, With her down to earth personality, her sporty nature and her general prettiness she has climbed and probably will remain somewhere around her for quite some time!
Last Year 8


4. Margot Robbie – Actor in Suicide Squad
How could you not, Margot Robbie is gorgeous! I mean with her style, her effortless sexyness how could I not put her here.

3. Ruby Rose – Actor in Orange Is The New Black
Ruby Rose has amazing style, she’s incredibly pretty but can also do masculine quite well with her rise in popularity the past few years and after her role as Stella on OITNB she has been offered a fair amount of Movie roles and modeling jobs. I can’t wait to see what she has to offer.
Last Year 4


2. Marie Avgeropoulos – Actor in The 100
Avgeropoulos is beautiful, sexy and has a badass attitude. With most of her roles showing she is a strong independent woman what is there not to Like?
Last Year 3


1. Bex Taylor-Klaus – Actor in Scream (MTV) 
What can I say about this beautiful human being?
It is hard for me to pin point why exactly she is number one, because to be quite frank there are just so many reasons.
This year she has been in MTV’s Scream, as the bicurious Audrey Jensen and been the voice behind Pidge in Voltron, she is an active advocate for LGBTQ rights and human rights in general.
Bex came out a few months ago herself, which seems to have boosted her confidence and happiness dramatically and has even helped others come out or offered them a safe place without judgement.
There aren’t many people who are caring enough to do some of the things she does, let alone have fame not go to her head.
With her quirkiness, style, humor, beauty, personality and general nerdyness she will probably never be knocked off the top list.
Last Year 1

So that was my perfect list, there were people that didn’t make it because there are just so many beautiful women in the world, don’t you agree? 

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