The Little Bat, Cocktail Bar.

 The other week we popped out for a few drinks around Islington’s Upper St.
We happened across a little bar called The Little Bat, cool name we thought and so we figured it would be rude to not go in!
Here is what we thought.

The bar is just off Upper St, in Islington Park St, just past a Japanese restaurant and opposite the Hope and Anchor, we think it used to be another of the hundreds of restaurants in the area, but now The Little Bat is a swanky cocktail bar. We entered late on a Saturday night (well 12midnight, not really that late, but terribly so for London these days), so only time for one.

The interior was swanky, leather chairs, plush velvet curtains and dark wood everywhere, we were greeted at the door, by friendly staff, shown to a table and presented with a drinks menu.We ordered, picking the best we could find from the cocktails available.

I ordered a Market Daisy.
And this is where this little Bat went from ok to pretty good, not because the drink was glorious, but more because it was disgusting!One sip of the Market Daisy and I was almost sick!But as I took my first sip the waiter appeared to check on us and noticed my face.Rather than simply do the usual of ‘Well you picked it!’ He swiped up the drink and then asked me a series of questions, what do I like, what don’t I like, creamy, sour, spicy? He returned a few minutes later with a Gardener’s Tea-break (above).Hendricks Gin, 5 Island Rum, Lime, cordial and Absinthe, bitter cucumber, whisked in with egg whites. A much better drink, in fact it was delicious!

I always have a problem with cocktails, there is always something in them that ruins the drink, Tequila or apricot schnapps, something to kill what could be great.I was saying this to the waiter and he tried to help, I wasn’t sure what Chipotle Liqueur was, he rushed off and returned with a taster.(It is disgusting!) So with help I settled for a Franklin Whey (Above)Bombay Sapphire Gin, Whey Spirits and Cocoa.It wasn’t the best cocktail ever, but it wasn’t her first choice either.So though it was a short visit it was an eventful one.We were impressed with the attention the staff gave, from a hearty welcome to a great waiter, even at the end of a long night to a pair of customers who only had time for one drink.We will go back and will have to try some more of the menu.And we would recommend you pop in for one or two if you are in the area.

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