More Coffee Anyone?


It’s been a while since we reviewed a coffee shop, that because we’ve been busy with other things and also because well, we haven’t been drinking as much coffee.


Yeah well that isn’t exactly true, sure we still drink it, but a lot of coffee shops seem to have changed what they are selling and so we have been avoiding our regular haunts.

We always like Pret a Manger’s filter coffee, it’s simple, effective and not too bitter, but now go into any one of the 10,000 Pret in London, order a simple filter and receive a sour, smelly, bitter fake liquid, that they still claim is coffee. Trust us it isn’t. It may be chicory, it may be sawdust and floor scrapings for all we can tell, but it’s disgusting no matter what it is.

This is just one of the numerous things set to change over the coming years as Brexit hits us and the UK is unable or unwilling to buy decent products.

So with that said we have tried a few new places and here is a round up of what we have recently found in and around London.


Mockapot – Charlton Place

Tiny, artsy, trendy old dilapidated furniture, steep stairs, small beakers/thimbles of sour, cold coffee.

Eat Barbican

Piss Coffee, a special mention for one of this chain of eateries, for the disgusting coffee they make, separate from the rest of the chain, their coffee is truly the worst in London. Honestly it tastes like Piss (not that we have actually drank piss, but you get what we mean, it is apparently (according to the staff) because they make the coffee wetter than usual!) WTF does that mean?

HWBP’s serve Coffee?

We only mention this because we have had a bit of a chill out after our climbs at the HWBP and the coffee was not bad, not great, but alright. They don’t claim to make Mochas but if you ask nicely they will. The Chocolate is a bit suspect though! The wall does seems to sell a lot of coffee to local business clientele who pop in and get a flat white, as it seems the only alternative is a food truck opposite, selling ‘worker’s cafe’ coffee (You know frothy white, tasteless stuff).

Sorry we didn’t take a photo of the sign

The Elk in the Woods

We have walked past the Deer in the Highlights (as we call it), many times and it is always busy, but we thought it more restaurant than coffee shop, but recently we dared to enter! It was that hot day recently, you know the one. So we didn’t have our usual Mocha and Hot chocolate and instead had two Iced Mochas and they were yummy!

The Elk is more a food place and we did peruse the menu, but we didn’t partake – this time, but have vowed to return for dinner one day soon, so watch this space for a review.

Well there you go a little round up of some coffee shops to visit (or not), in North London.

Do you have any recommendations? Any for us to try? let us know.

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