Seven Dials Spotlight

You may have seen our Tweets and Instagram pictures last Saturday from our time at Spotlight Festival but why not write a blog about it too?

We heard that there was a festival going on at Seven Dials last weekend, there was music, samples and discounts galore, so why not we thought?

Granted it wasn’t the nicest of days (weather wise) to attend an outdoor event but then again it is London after all and so weather is unpredictable!

Surprisingly there was quite a lot of people around, doing mostly what Londoners do best…

You guessed it, Queueing! 

The Monmouth Kitchen were giving away a free signature cocktail and that proved rather popular and quite nice, if a bit sour for me!

The Fashion Illustrator had a long queue and surprisingly the ‘Glitter Booth‘ aka the children’s face painter (who spent the day painting glitter on adult’s faces and making them all sparkly!) was also very popular.

The Seven Dials Roundabout was closed off and covered in astroturf and deck chairs, then a stage was filled with musicians and bands who played all day long. 

We wandered about a bit picking up the freebies, the best being from Fresh – which was a great selection of sample moisturisers, cleansers, exfoliator and other bits, even a lolly.

A lot of the shops had discounts of 20% or more and most of the restaurants and cafés had tables set up outside in anticipation of the sun, that fought with the clouds all day.

 Of course all that walking around made us thirsty and wanting a coffee and as we were in Monmouth Street we thought we really should sample the famous Monmouth Coffee Company’s offerings.

We ordered a couple of Cappuccino – as they don’t make Mocha’s. The queue was long and they took ages to make it, but after a long, long wait in another queue we were handed two small cup of tepid froth, that was so sour that we had to go back and add lots of sugar to take away some of the…


In all it wasn’t worth £6.20 and we may be philistines but we just don’t get it and won’t be back.

In all it was pleasant afternoon in Covent Garden, something different and something we would like to do more of. So if there are more events like this that you know of or are organising then please remember to let us know and we will pop along to try it out.

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Until next time, 

He is Ash and She is Bob and together we are 

Climbing Moss

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