Columbia Road Flower Market

Everyone’s heard of it and it would seem everyone has written about it, but we haven’t and so we figured we would.

A great place to get your Mother’s Day Plant, a Valentine’s Day bunch of Roses, a Wedding Bouquet or just something for that corner of the room where the damp patch is coming through. Whatever your reason for wanting a plant or some flora in your life, Columbia Road’s Sunday Flower Market has it all.

Nearest station Hoxton, Silverlink

We popped over to Tower Hamlets a few weeks back on a glorious sunny Sunday and found the street just as packed as it always is on market day.

Funny because if you ever visit the street during the week you’d think you were back in the 1950’s, there are no cars, no people and everything is shut. Yet at 4am on Sunday morning all hell breaks loose and with florists and stall holders setting up stalls and carts ready for the 6am start.

We weren’t that adventurous, no! We managed about 1pm, but it was still a slow shuffling crawl along the 300m of street, between vendors selling Orchids, Lilies, Houseplants, Bulbs, Herbs, Ferns, Grasses, you name it, they have it.

And of course we needed coffee to sustain us and we found a great one, there are a couple down the side rd of Ezra St, but they were packed and had 20 minute queues.

Instead we found an open window at the side of a shop and some unique coffees and hot chocolates.

Chocolate on a stick, dropped in the coffee and tons of flavours, White, Dark, Caramel, Peppermint, Orange, Hazelnut and the list goes on.

On we have to say, it was pretty good, it could have been hotter but in all it wasn’t bad.

With our plants in one hand and a coffee in the other we set off home. All in all it’s a pleasant day, yes some flowers/plants are ridiculously expensive (The bird of paradise is £15 for one stem/flower!) but you can normally get a bargain towards the end of the day or if you are brave enough to be there right at the beginning.

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