Dinner at Carluccio’s

It’s not often that we dine out in London but when the occasion takes us we go for it! This time we went to Carluccio’s at Angel for a meal, we went with a guest reviewer Bruffin. So without further ado what was it like?

From the outside you can see all the delicacies in the window and peruse the section of takeaway options and extras.

Their deli has a large selection of pastas, oils, cakes, pastries and everything you’d need for a good meal at home, just a little bit more expensive than Sainsbury’s down the road

We were seated at a small table near the front, we would suggest that you try to get a seat in the back if you can, it’s a more cosy and pleasant way to enjoy your meal.

The wait staff were very attentive, appearing to take our drink orders, though he didn’t know much about what each of them were.

So we each tried something different so we could have a taste of each others to give more of a varied review.

Ash tried – Bionda Trentina – Which was the only craft style beer on the menu – It was more a blonde lager than my usual beer, but it was refreshing and zesty. I just wouldn’t make it my first choice.

Bob tried – Biava Blanche – A white craft beer with elderflower and orange peel – It appealed to me because it sounded fruity and in the taste test it was ok but it didn’t stand out in anyway.

Bruffin tried – Angioletti – A craft apple cider – I was surprised by how big the bottle was! It didn’t stand out though.

All in all the drinks we alright but nothing special and a pretty decent price.

Then on to the food, there wasn’t a huge amount of food on offer for Vegetarian or Vegan so Bob was rather limited. 

Bob – There wasn’t really much of a choice for me due to allergies etc but I had my usual – Penne Giardiniera – A pasta with crispy spinach and chilli and courgette (Though I am allergic to courgette) It is always tasty, the spinach balls are what make it truly memorable though!

Bruffin -Chicken Milanese – The dish on a whole was quite dry but tasty, however he persuaded me to have a side of potatoes which I didn’t really want and found at the end of the meal I was charged for it.

Ash – I had the Seafood Linguine – I always like a good Linguine, it’s a shame this wasn’t a good Linguine! It lacked much flavour, there wasn’t a lot of seafood (a lot of mussel shells mostly) and a pretty small portion, the dish (seen above) is mostly that check pattern, the actual bowl wasn’t as big as my hand. 

Then on to dessert.

Bob – I love! love! love! This desert.  Meringue with a passion fruit cream, fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulis. My gosh its yum! The right amount of sweet and sour all in one.

Ash – I ordered the Chocolate Fudge thingy! I have to say  (as you probably already surmised), I have a sweet tooth and the best bit of the meal is the dessert and thankfully this was true this time, The portion was large, really rich, really yummy and the ice cream was delicious. Next time I’m just ordering dessert, sod the meal! 

Bruffin – I had a chocolate dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – It was good, extremely rich so much so I couldn’t finish it!

But don’t worry I did!!

All in all the bill came to about £79.00 which is extortionate! It wasn’t that good!  The staff really do try to push extras on to your order, like asking Bruffin if she wanted potatoes, he made it sound like it was part of the order and not a £5 extra. The moments drinks were empty they were there asking if we wanted another and generally not being very knowledgable about the dishes, the waiter’s only comments when we asked about food and drink was ‘It’s a very good, you have this?’

Well that was our experience, what are yours? Do you love Carluccio’s? Do you hate it? Let us know in the comments.

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