Beer at first sight – Brewdog Angel (Closed)

Today is one of those wonderful days where we have the most perfect excuse to go and drink beer in the afternoon. Since the beginning of the year we have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Angel Brewdog – Because you know we like our Brewdog! Well today Tiny Rebel had a special Showcase there. Brewdog + Tiny Rebel = Love at first Beer. 

The Angel Brewdog is much like any other Brewdog that we have been to however the staff here seem somewhat more happy and really friendly! Thank you to Kane for dealing with us continuously asking questions, sampling beer and taking a ton of pictures/videos. He even let us sample his own brew – Sketchy Saisson (yet to be fully named though we liked the Gin Morrison – puns <3)

This will probably be the fastest turn around on a blog post that we have ever done, being that we are currently typing this in Brewdog, with the beers in front of us.

Tiny rebel have gone full pelt today launching a number of new beers, as well as a few tried and tested. Each Brewdog branch was offered 4 beers to choose from out of the entire range.  We sampled a little of each. The selection that we were given at the Angel branch was pretty decent however they had a minor glitch with the temperature of the beer and therefore there was more froth than there usually would be. However that didn’t hold us back, the bar staff were very happy to let us sample the selection before we even ordered.

Lychee Lager

A – I don’t like Lager so it was a bad start, I tasted it blind though and still was not impressed. One sip and knew I didn’t like it.

B – A strange taste, it had a really odd tang to it that maybe in one half would be fine but certainly not more than that.

CLWB Tropicana –

A – Drinks aren’t free – Like the song says! I struggled with this, Its okay, I could drink it but not for too long. It’s just not my cup of beer. I like the smell though.

B- I got two pints so I think that answers the question.

Sonic Boom Typhoon –

A- I like the texture I just don’t like the immediate aftertaste plus it smells plasticy.

B- I like the smell, the taste would be ok but after drinking CLWB Tropicana it’s too sickly sweet.

Imperial Chocolate Puft –

A- Before I answer this

Image result for cheesy grin gif

Yummmmmmmmmm! I loved stay puft, then they came out with imperial puft and now …. swoon.

B- You know how I feel about the Puft, sickly sweet but actually not necessarily bad I just couldn’t drink it that much.

Given our four beers weren’t overly impressive today , Tiny Rebel still is one of the best breweries in the UK, it has such an eclectic range  and always mixing it up. Thinking up new crazy concoctions and improving on the old, continuously! There is something for their outreach to the public what with their competition for label designs and their open polls, they rely on the public’s opinion which surely proves their openness. We look forward to more Tiny rebel sessions hopefully there will be more in London itself rather than somewhere less accessible to us. 

As for Brewdog Angel during our visit we got to talking to a member of staff – Kane who let us sample his own brew, which is being brewed on the property – Sketchy Saisson – Nutty, flowery, fruity and quite strong, could do with a little more fizz but interesting all the same – well done Kane! Look forward to tasting more.

So were going to leave when we had tasted the Tiny rebel but we ended up staying for another because of the welcome and the comfort of this pub. We came with one of our dogs, who was welcomed and even became a bit of a celebrity for the time we stayed.

We can clearly see that we will be coming back for more.

By the way I have to add that the ladies toilet has a selection of tampons from regular to large and pad! I mean what other pub do you know to do that!!!!!

The mens Toilets – are equally plush, no tampon equivalent but then again we don’t have any problems that can’t be solved by beer do we? It does have hair wax and deodorant should you be lucky enough to find yourself on the pull.

So if you find yourself in Angel and in need of a drink. Go find Brewdog on Essex road, Angel.

If you have been to Brewdog or know anywhere else for us to try let us know. 

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